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    How are You Feeling About Bannerlord and TaleWorlds for the Future?

    I am just waiting for mods, just like when I hit 200 hours on WB and put another 300+ into it with mods, but this time it took quicker pace, as vanilla is not worthy of time investment. And by decision making of Dev team , I hardly think vanilla will be worthy any time soon. Vanilla is like tutorial before u get yourself to mods, as mods offer deeper playstyle.
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    Statement regarding Singleplayer IV

    Bit off-topic, but I love that you (@Duh_TaleWorlds) (its not just u) are willing to respond at "too late a clock" and not at work. Makes my day

    On-topic now, Will we get more feature breakdowns for these planned features, in near future? They sound really great.
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    In Progress Troops change their formation

    Don't they change rows when they get reinforcement. At least that's when I noticed change in number of rows in my game
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    Resolved Few mods and crashed in the first 10 min of playthrough

    try this load order of main mods u do not need betterexceptionwindow
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    This game is literal ass.

    This is brilliant
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    In Progress Cannot gain XP

    6 attribute and 5 focus has always capped out at 274 here's an old reddit post on this:
    So glad you found it now I can stop this non-modded playthrough :grin:
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    Nvidia DLSS causes game to be black screen except for User Interfaces

    I had the impression that RTX and DLSS is something that games must support and be optimized for in order for it to work properly?
    It mainly depends what DLSS version game is running
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    Resolved Hardwood turned to Charcoal issue

    Summary:Hardwood that I have turned into charcoal for better profits if sold doesn't count to my trade skill. Is this intended design or bug? Even tho I am in city that needs that resource. How to Reproduce: Buy hardwood in Amprela (plenty of metal and hardwood ), Travel to Myzea (need of...
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    Need More Info Weird things with 1.7.0 singleplayer : crashes

    Would be nice to see your mod list with proper load order.
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    In Progress Loss/Gain of incorrect denars

    Do you got any clan parties? If so they may be upgrading/recruiting troops.
    I think even cities can be doing that but not sure as I am not playing non-modded game.
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    With moral changes in 1.7 are moral damage perks better or worse? Tech check request

    Generally, men hold together until the fear sets in with their comrades around them falling a part. So...for instance likely if the commander of a group dies I would expect an increased rate of surrender due to the line being destroyed due to loss of command
    Yea just like in Total war, if you kill general you weaken their morale significantly and re easier to break. Tbh I was always killing general in warband :grin: .
    More like force of habit, but here in Bannerlord its useless.
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    Do the simulations take into account captain's bonuses?

    I mean its not about expecting is more like, Investigating
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    Do the simulations take into account captain's bonuses?

    Thats nice research u got here. Keep it up.

    May I suggest you report it as bug and ask if it is intended.
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