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  1. Bannerlord's lazy way of balancing through limiting player

    I like the fact things are capped, the only cap I dont like is the clan tier, why 6? Seems so low and is way to easily attained and then reputation is worthless
  2. Castles can't be stopped from starving (prosperity mechanic issues)

    When we reach a certain population (prosperity) we should send out homesteaders , decreasing the prosperity/population significantly and spawning a new village that of course feeds new food to the town. Assuming you couldn't set up better trade routes or just make more local farms, that what you would have to do right? Entice the abundant population to move out to a new prospect.

    Unless TW intends for prosperity to not represent population and rather it's just the same people eating more and more food, a whole town full of mukbang ladies, gobbling up the food and starving the garrison.
    It would be cooler to be able to upgrade villages like we could in WB.

    Moving the amount of food produced higher from the maximum of +12 to something higher.

    It used to be gun to be given a tiny village and work your way up, looking after your village and improving it.
  3. Clan Rank & Renown

    I kinda dislike the clan-tiers overall and the limits it sets. A would like a far more open setup where the clan boosts it´s members rather than limits them.
    The current hard limit is what I think the problem is, they really need to go higher than 6, even 10 or 12 seems low to me considering the things you need to do with companions... even if you dont have them in your party doing a function you need them to run towns / act as caravans / command parties...

    While the ability to create a clan with one is a good fix for the party limits on the players kingdoms, the limit really needs to be raised, with the same exponential need for more renown each time as they currently have.
  4. The real current problem of this game in terms of balance

    Some of these issues are actually caused by the fact individual wars are way too short right now. You have wars that last a single season and it’s over, then there is a single season peace, and then another war.

    This feeds into the fact that all your captives go to waste and there is no time to actually take some territory, and then because there is an understandable system in place allowing for fast replenishment to help prevent snowballing, they rearm and immediately declare war again.

    Wars could be programmed to not come to votes for peace until 2 months after they started and force a 2 month minimal cease fire period before the war can be reignited. Maybe there is something like that at play, but I can’t really notice.

    Wars are short and sporadic right now, and my best guess is that sweeping changes to prevent snowballing have some collateral damage that needs to be cleaned up
    I agree some hard coded lockouts in terms of war declarations and cessation of hostility would be good.
  5. The real current problem of this game in terms of balance

    Could be helped if the ai was more weighted to care about bandits as well as just declaring endless wars. As it seems there isnt enough clearing large bands of lots at times to allow yours and the ai caravans to function unmolested.
  6. Please fix being taken prisoner.

    When I take prisoners, they randomly disappear... and they spawn with a full army back at their settlement/castle.
    When I'm taken prisoner, I break away from that specific point, with no men, no health... nothing. I ride slowly, and I instantly get captured again.

    It's unplayable for me, yet not even a hindrance to the AI.

    Either spawn both back at a settlement when breaking free so its fair, or make all have to run off so you can go back and capture escapees. It's ridiculous that as the player you're quadruple penalised by the prisoner system.

    EDIT: Further to this BS...
    The cost to release me in ransom is 57,000 gold for a "Very rich" clan (470,000 gold) - not a ruler clan.
    For a ruler clan's leader (i.e. the king) equally a "Very rich" clan, with 385,000 gold in the barter screen (before the war), they demand to pay 9,000 gold for their release.
    So there's an insane imbalance in getting free as well.
    I agree, also you should be able to negotiate your release as soon as you are taken prisoner.

    It would be nice if instead of spawning next to the party you spawned at the nearest town to reduce the escape, recapture, escape loop.
  7. Please fix being taken prisoner.

    They don't spawn with a full army, they spawn with few units so they don't get stuck in a loop of being captured by looters when they are trying to rebuild their army. It is true that the recovery rate is insane right now. I hope it is a temporary measure to counter snowballing till they find a better solution.
    There is an escape % that apply to both you and the AI, it is not random disappearance. There are 2 perks that makes it impossible for them to run away when they are being held captive in your party. Put them in towns/castle asap to increase the chance of them staying captive (Donate them even).
    See they should spawn with none at a town, and sit there and recruit from it till they get a suitable no. E.g. 20 and then leave to recruit from villages.

    This would slow the lords recuperation a little, and make it more realistic.

    Hell even make them spawn at thier fief and pull troops from the garrison.
  8. "Footmen on horses" should be as fast as cavalry and be able to carry one more animal.

    Have you ever ridden a horse irl
    There is a huge difference between an experienced horseman and a newbie
    This, while I agree that they should use a horse and still be able to herd the same amount as cavalry, I dont think they should travel as fast. Riding is a skill, cross country riding isnt easy especially for long periods if your not used to it on your legs. Let alone some people just cant tell a horse what to do to begin with.
  9. Prisons Full

    I don't know.
    They don't get recruited by the player's garrisons. I don't know if the AI has other abilities for them.

    If they did become recruitable and you and the ai could eventually recruit them that would be incredibly useful. As dragging around your high level prisoners to recruit is a drag literally (as prisoners reduce speed), and makes it more likely that you will lose prisoners after a massive battle (as some of your prisoner slots are already in use...)

    I get the cold storage to sell later, but really its easier just to sell them straight away (unless they are looters / bandit prisoners who have a use for the needs labourers quest).
  10. Prisons Full

    Yes but what does the ai benefit from dropping off non-noble prisoners?

    Also do they become recruitable by staying in a prison, in the same manner as when you run around with them?
  11. Prisons Full

    What really is the point of depositing troops in a dungeon, I understand nobles so they cant raise another warband, but the troops? Do they slowly get recruited into the garrison? I always just sell mine.
  12. Hmmm, I really really want to target troops at other troop groups, I want to feel in COMMAND, I hate the AI

    The funny thing is that I'm pretty sure the rts mod just uses the commands that the ai uses, it just makes them available to player.

    It would be nice to be able to give commands like the ai does to your sergeants like they do, like attack archers, skirmish, protect the flank. Anyone that says that's not what this game is about is crazy, especially as it's already in the code for the ai commanders (it needs a certain leadership or tactics level I cant remember)
  13. influence to money

    Would be nice to be able to convert x influence per day to y gold via the clan tab.

    Currently sitting at 6k influence and nothing really to spend it on.
  14. Fine, Masterwork, Legendary Weapons?

    You should be able to type over the name where it says crafted xxxx
  15. Ideas for Improving Immersion of Wanderers and Nobles.

    You can promote companions to clans now, you just need seed money and a fief to give them. Which is awesome.

    I like you ideas though that clans should recruit wanderers as well, would be interesting and would make their groups harder at times as they would have more captains giving more perks to troops.
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