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    Nations Cup or Fantasy League?

    Hello, I've got a huge ego too, not as big as Fietta though. Indeed Ascarion, you can be sure it's the only reason Thorr decided not to take part in your tournament. It is well known that native players who are the elite of the elite, the cream of the crop, the upper class, the Aristocracy of Warband,... prefer to play with their friends rather than with no-names who smell bad. Keep in mind we're secretly talking behind your back and sh*tting on all of you whenever we can. Peasants.
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    [WRC] Statistics

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    [WRC] Division A - Week 3

    How did Sho get 8 deaths in one set, is that even possible? Did you get like 3 draws
    It was tense
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    [WRC] Statistics

    Don't steal my girlfriend
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    What did they change ?

    After a few more hours poured into the game, I can see small adjustments, but the main issues could still be fixed.

    The main issues in my eyes are the next ones :

    - Hip rotation speed, in Warband when you want to turn around, you can do it immediately, there's no delay required in order for your character be able to " follow " your mouse movement. It's maybe more realistic but you feel less in control. Even though it has been reduced drastically, there's still a feeling of ice skating when you're fighting.

    - Still a problem with archery, projectiles seem to be too slow, and it seems like there's a little delay when you release, makes the whole thing feels arcady and unatural. Warband nailed it. The ugly crosshair doesn't help :razz:

    - Feints are hard to read mostly because of the lack of sound design.

    - Shield directional blocking system, I still think it's a bad idea it makes the whole thing counter intuitive and more difficult especially in 1 vs 2, 3 fights,... but, if you want to keep it that way, increase the size of the shields, it's too easy to get f**ked and overrun because you can easily get hit on the side,... It would also considerably help the infantry to block projectiles which too often end up in your feet, elbows,... because of both the shield directional blocking system which makes you block in the wrong direction allowing you to get shot and the " size of the shields " which are too little.

    - Seems like there's also a big problem with how wide the swings are, combined with your realistic collision system, it makes team fights and fights in small areas a pain in the a**. I get it's intentional to make it more realistic etc,... and I get why it's satisfying in a way when you feel like your sword gets stuck in enemies when you land a hit,... but it's a big issue and it should be reduced in order to make the experience more fun and reduce the frustration players can feel when they are struggling to land simple hits.

    - The most important issue right now, is the fact that there are no dedicated servers. Aside from everything else, I think what's killing your game right now, gameplay aside, is the fact there are no dedicated servers. Dedicated servers combined with modding, map editors,... could save the game, I'm serious. It's the most important thing you should do right now. I'm conscious most people playing the game, even in multiplayer are not big tryhards,... who want everything to be on point, they just want to have fun on great maps and be able to play with their friends, in order for them to be able to enjoy the multiplayer, you have to give them a platform, servers they can add to their favourites, with maps created by the community, infinite possibilities. The multiplayer population would increase considerably I'm sure of it. I swear, this has to be done asap.

    - Removing the class system for a system closer to the one we had in Warband is also a great idea, and it would be the second most important thing you could do with adding dedicated servers,... It would save you a precious amount of time, you wouldn't have to balance anything anymore except for weapons,... people would feel more free,... I know I'm dreaming but...

    I'll keep playing to see if there are other things I notice and I'll come back to make adjustments later for sure.

    Edit :

    - After playing a few matches of Skirmish, I feel like the competitive potential of the game is dead. Should just allow custom servers, modding tools and map editor to the players, get rid of the class system and allow some more customization in the character editor and just make it a fun sandbox game with a lot of servers, sieges, battles,... and people having fun in massive battles on a huge amount of maps, allowing them to choose the pieces of equipment they like,...

    Don't think anything is going to change gameplay wise, at least, not anything that could fix the core mechanics and bring the native competitive community back to the game. I think that the game is highly unbalanced and that there are too many mechanics that have to be changed in order to make it a balanced and comfortable experience. Some people are having fun though and I get it, I'm having fun too, I just think that we're hoping for things that will most likely never happen and competitive possibilities are close to non-existent. There are some really strong players out there I've ended up against, players far better than myself but let's be honest, for the same skill gap, on Warband, those guys would've at least been able to clutch rounds against multiple infantries/archers or dismount 2 - 3 cavs by themselves without getting stuck and all that sh*t,... here it's simply impossible, except if you're playing against a bunch of people who are braindead.

    Anyway, good luck for the ones who are hoping for more competitively speaking but for the future of the game though, I strongly suggest the devs to just get rid of the class system / allow players to own their own servers / give modding tools - map editor to the players / bring back battle and game modes built around teamplay in order to encourage massive battles,... and there you'll get more players to have fun on your game and spend hours with friends playing around and roleplaying in big battles while having fun customizing their characters,...

    Multiplayer could look like that right now :

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    Lets not sit around and act like the game hasnt improved from balance changes.

    The weird pulsing at the start of the shot make it really weird, and you're standing there completely open for so long, you're an easy target. Same goes for skirmisher, headshotting them while they throw was abit tricky in warband, its pretty much free in bannerlord.
    Archery is still really strong but its less fun to play.

    I agree with you, the more I'm playing the more I can notice small improvements in melee fighting, still those are minor improvements although they are very welcome. On the other hand though, throwing and shooting ( Xbows/bows ) still feels like sh*t. Projectiles seem too slow, it doesn't feel natural.

    Melee feels a little bit more natural but, I still think the rotation speed of the character is too slow and the hip doesn't turn fast enough. If you try rotating too fast, you're just getting stuck there and you feel heavy if you know what I mean, almost feels like playing Red Dead Redemption II.
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    Lets not sit around and act like the game hasnt improved from balance changes.

    In my opinion i had more fun using the archer class during the beta and in the first few months than now, feels slow and bad, and the throwing weapons are garbage to use... they used to be so fun to use.
    And I thought I was the only one, don't get me wrong, Archery overall wasn't really enjoyable at the beginning but people saying it's better now ? It's worse imo.

    Especially the strange delay locking the crosshair until a certain point, strange decision imo. Same issue with throwing weapons.
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    What did they change ?

    Good stay in warband then.
    Can we already ****ing stop this "this isnt Warband 2.0 so its bad" bull**** please?
    You know what the ****ing warband "boomers" are causing more harm to this game than they help it.
    "Warband has more players" go ****ing play Warband then legit no one is ****ing forcing your ass to play this game like come on. If you don't like it ****ing don't play it.
    You find Warband more balanced and more enjoying? It's fine go play Warband but you spent money for a game that was not finished yet(for god knows what reason) and you agreed that the game will be broken at some parts, there will be bugs, combat will be not fine-tuned etc etc and yet most people here are *****ing that this game is inferior to Warband and "they're returning to Warband" good **** off to Warband you can touch your willy pete there if you want.
    How old is Warband? 11 years. Maybe like 9 years of development? I also heard from a lot of warband boomers that Warband had trash balance at first and they fine-tuned the game overtime, like they're going to do to this game. I understand the rage for no custom servers but **** off with that Warband 2.0 idea just slap some ENB or texture packs to Warband and go ****ing play it if you want to.
    I know the production has been slow like a ****ing truck but we agreed to give money to an unfinished game did we? No one ****ing forced you.
    Did I insult your mom in my previous message or something ?

    You should take a deep breath man, also, unfortunately for you, I didn't pay for the game, Taleworlds kindly sent it to us for free because we took part in a tournament back in 2017 in Bucharest. We also took part in the Alpha of the game in order to give feedbacks so that we could try to enhance the experience for everybody.

    Also, going back to Warband is exactly what most people are doing right now.

    If you enjoy the game, good for you, still you've got a big problem if you think this game lives up to the expectations of the players.

    Anyway, I didn't specifically wanted a " Warband 2.0 " I don't give a f**k about the name of the game, but what I wanted, like most people, was a better game in every aspect, which is not the case and which is a shame though because it's visually a great game and there are good ideas. For example the first time I played a siege in Bannerlord, I was mesmerized by the map, the catapults, throwing rocks,... for a few minutes I felt like a kid again, but a few hours later the gameplay/collision problems/lack of control in melee fights, the arcady feeling you have when playing archer/xbow, the awkward character movements, the class system and its lack of balance,... completely ruined the experience for me.
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    What did they change ?

    Custom servers would be huge and make the game a lot more fun and accessible for casual and competitive alike I agree.

    I also agree the class system hasn't really achieved their goals, they have obviously backtracked in a few key ways with added equipment perks, redesigns of aesthetic, aesthetics now not obviously matching armour, and differences across game modes, which was always going to be necessary but they held off on for too long. It was highlighted as an issue when announced, which honestly must be like 4 years ago now? lol

    The movement is better, I do agree there is still something "off" about it but some of that comes from the differences between classes and also stuff like pushing people around, very small capsules etc, but there is a sense of progression here. If you think back to early beta, when it super sluggish, turning while running made you spin on the spot for a second, etc. Ofc it should still be improved.

    The very off-putting feints and animations are a very odd thing as surely this must have been a top consideration after people's thoughts on Warband, where the majority of people trying it thought it looked bad. But the combat system now allows for more manipulation and the timings are more confused, both with stances and with a much freer turncap. It is worth saying it's possible to become good at this, and if anything blocking is easier now than Warband, but it can't be considered approachable or clean imo. More tweaks are needed here as well especially with combat timings and ideally, animations.

    I'm not sure what you mean by cancelling animations mid rotation, the turncap is extremely free, but the collisions I think is due to how wide the arcs of swings are (something I continue to harp on about for a year+ now). You frequently catch friends shields behind you, chamber attacks nowhere near you, friends and foes can walk into your swings from the side completely blocking your attack. It's messy, and the worst thing is, it's messy in singleplayer as well as close units of bots all do the same! Maddening.

    For me the problem isn't necessarily they didn't make Warband 2.0, I mean I would have liked that but I understand they wanted to make their own game and also that much of the community wanted something else as well. My problem is that they completely disregarded many of the lessons from Warband, which to me is just a baffling decision. We are constantly seeing issues that were solved or not present in Warband, a game very similar in some core ways, yet whose answers are consistently ignored. Most good balance changes gradually end up moving the game towards something Warband had or similar to.

    It's like the entire team was ordered to never start Warband up from the day they started Bannerlord, to completely start from scratch. Is it kind of admirable in a design purity way? On paper I guess, but in practice it's just made development slow and frustrating for everyone. I'm sure the devs don't like being constantly told that X was better in Warband any more than we enjoy knowing it.
    I agree with you even though it's really hard for me to notice any major improvements.
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    What did they change ?

    Probably not entirely fair, movement is a bit better and blocking is improved, both through the community parameters.

    There are some balance improvements made such as nerfed kicking, some archer nerfs, recently some cav nerfs which seem ok.

    It's been slow progress but progress nonetheless. There is little excuse for the lack of action during the first year of beta and first half of release but they seem set up for more frequent updates and are listening, albeit still selectively.
    I don't know man, I don't really want to sound like a kid but to me at this point and knowing the direction it's been heading since the beginning I doubt the game will change.

    Custom server list is empty, let's be honest. Only dedicated servers could save the game rn.

    Class system was a bad idea, it's been told many times, I don't know who in the developement team thought it would make things easier, it absolutely didn't, just look at all the tweaks they have to make to balance the whole thing.

    The movements are still sluggish tbh I don't see any improvements, feints are still way too hard to read and way too fast, from what I've seen being on the Duel server for a while the meta is to chain attack spam and to cancel chain attacks in order to confuse your opponent which is incredibly confusing I have to say. People were saying duels on Warband looked retar*** but it's the same thing here except you feel less in control. The winner is usually the one with the more confusing style ( backpedalling, cancelling chain attacks,... ). People are random spamming when they're getting hit and it's easy to do, so I started doing the same thing,... Of course I could get better by getting used to it but I don't see that as an exciting way to play the game.

    Hip rotation is still a disaster, when you're a bit too fast it's cancelling animations mid-rotation and preventing you to do what you really intend to do during 1 vs 2, 1 vs 3 and even in 1 vs 1. Let's not talk about character movement which is still a big issue.

    Collisions are still f**ked up ( hittings walls, hitting friend shields,... ). I'm not even talking about archery which still feels bad tbh, archery in Warband felt so much more natural and less "arcady",... same thing for the javs, seems like there's always that feeling that there's a delay for some strange reason.

    It could've been a masterpiece, Warband 2.0 with polished animations, great character customization,... but they f**ked up the game roots imo.

    Anyway, I can understand why people are having fun especially when they're playing with friends,... maybe my opinion is biased because I've been tryharding on Warband for years too,... but I don't know, it doesn't feel right man.

    Edit : Completely forgot to talk about chambers, almost forgot they were in the game which says a lot about the actual state of chambering.
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    What did they change ?

    I came back to play yesterday and today too, what did they change in the past months ? Feels like the experience is the same than when I stopped playing like one/two months after the release and it feels like it's even worse in some aspects. Javs, shooting mechanics, cavs feel sluggish yet...
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    [ECS4] Masters Group (Time Travelers Masters Champion)

    Punishing a whole team and giving a default win to the other because one of their players used another name is clearly ***. Especially that it was a draw and that everybody gave their best.

    Rules are rules, whatever, it's still pretty pathetic. Some guys here are talking *** on the forums everyday and talking *** during matches,... yet you suspend someone ( and his whole team in this case ) cause he used another name. Great. -> " Yeaaah but you know it's to make an example blablabla,... " I know the drill.

    Also Xerxes, with Brian the results of our match would've been different, no one can deny the fact that suspending Brian because he changed his name didn't have an impact on the match, it clearly had one, he is not some average player, he can make a difference and he always does. Although, it was a great match and I loved every second of it and your team played incredibly well. No one can deny that either.
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    [WRL] General Discussion

    Just a general remark, I suspect this isn't the doing of the tournament admins but I find it very weird that this subboard is in groups, and can't be found when just going through the multiplayer forums. Or atleast I didn't. Makes the tournament as a whole alot less visible, which is a shame.

    I was also thinking about it a few days ago. Don't know why they did that.
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