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  1. [Poll-Debate] Blood needs to be spilled in the Arena?

    Yeah I miss old tournaments with wooden weapons. Felt more real as a tournament. But now that I think about it, A colosseum in the empire area with real weapons might be cool.
  2. Statement regarding Singleplayer IV

    Lotta dope stuff here
  3. New Armağan Yavuz Interview

    If the game is being held back due to console release/updates that is really disappointing to me as an already full paying customer. This is an awesome game in my opinion I’m amost to year 1100 on my gameplay so far. I’ve really started to stretch what I can do pretty thin. I’m not gonna stop but I almost don’t want to make a legacy because it’s so easy and. Well. That feels too easy. And it would be nice to be able to ask nobles questions.

    I’d think it’s safe to say that a majority of people who already purchased the game don’t care 1 bit about console so I can understand why that would cause a lot to become upset.
  4. Is the game considered done?

    What's wrong with a game that has ongoing and indefinite iteration cycles?

    It worked for Minecraft for a decade. It started out very lowbrow, with an empty world devoid of life... but has ended up full of life.

    I'm happy for the development to remain TBC. It keeps the game fresh.
  5. Is the dynasty mechanic wasted feature and is it also the reason fast paced combat agenda pushed by TW?

    I absolutely love it, I had a mod for it for warband and am so glad they added it for BL. I can’t wait to see how far I can get into a playthrough. Wonder if I’ll ever make it to the 1200s o.0
  6. I’m having fun

    Will definitely try and update at 20 years! (Can’t quite figure out how to reply to specific replies on mobile) but I will definitely try iron man mode on my next play through. I cannot decide which culture I wanna play next.
  7. I’m having fun

    Let me just preface this with: I’ve been playing M&B for a very long and time mostly warband and when bannerlord came out I figured I’d let the game marinate for a bit before trying it as I consider myself a “hardcore” fan. Well, I finally got Bannerlord and boy am I having a lot of fun. No the...
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