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  1. Beta Patch Notes e1.6.4

    Modders fixed the siege tower in 34 hour lolololol
  2. Beta Patch Notes e1.6.2

    I rather have a small patch every 2 weeks than big patch every 1/2 month. Keep em coming taleworlds.
  3. Are TaleWorlds bad at programming?

    What saddens me the most is what a game we could've had.

    And it's not lack of manpower, it's horrible project management and trying to cater to a casual audience instead of your long-term fans. After all M&B Original was made by 2 people ? And Warband less than 10?

    Also looking at old footage there was a lot of stuff which has since been removed (minor faction settlements, each village being it's own independant fief with upgrades, gang system). I think at some point Armagan just said "Screw it! things are taking too long, lets just make it streamlined and have modders do the work for us".
    Man reading that makes me sad. They could make a masterpiece out of that idea. I am genuinely a new MB fan but this makes me sad bro.
  4. Are TaleWorlds bad at programming?

    Some of the code is interesting, some of it is unnecessarely complicated for what it does (at least given what we can observe) and some of it is genuine spaghetti.
    Like mexxico said, Taleworld is lacking manpower. Maybe the devs are a bunch of internship guys that don't know how to code (I mean the real implementation of code not just tests or exams in university or college). This happens to cyberpunk too where the experienced devs leave the company and what is left is the internship dev and they just ****ed up the game. I am a programmer myself but I am not a game dev. (CMIIW) Modding and developing a game are somewhat similar. The difference between modding and developing a game is at the start. Game dev needs to build the fundamental framework, so in the future, it is easier to implement things and the rest is the same as modding or developing. They just need to write a code.

    Spaghetti code is caused by inexperienced devs. Experienced devs could minimize spaghetti code by a lot because they have the experience.
  5. Need More Info Random Crash

    Reasons Source: TaleWorlds.CampaignSystem Inner Exception Source: No module at TaleWorlds.CampaignSystem.SandBox.GameComponents.Map.DefaultMobilePartyFoodConsumptionModel.CalculateDailyFoodConsumptionf(MobileParty party, Boolean includeDescription) at...
  6. BL Coding Crashing when creating a submodule

    Hey, can someone help me? I just add a new submodule and it keeps crashing. I don't know why. This is my folder. It should be fine but I don't know.
  7. More Banner and Sigil Color

    Maybe the title already explained it. I think the color selection when we are making a clan is too little. On the other hand, the sigil is quite many, which is good.
  8. AI Lords party is 90% Recruit

    This should help.
    Wow, you save the day. Thanks.
  9. AI Lords party is 90% Recruit

    Just want to ask if anyone has the same experience as me. I've experienced AI Lords have 90% recruit in the mid-game even with everything set on very hard (bannerlord except recruitment difficulty, I am too lazy to play the quest lol). It is kinda boring to fight recruits over and over again. I...
  10. Mod Request (Inspired by Slime anime)

    A mod request inspired by slime anime. U can call me weeb or anything but I think it would be cool to have a kingdom based on their race and their unique equipment. Maybe we can have more than 1 human kingdom. - Lizard glaive/spear/medium armor - Goblin fast/low tier equipment/weak armor - Orc...
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