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    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    real talk:

    has Taleworlds completely forgotten their community?

    I feel like we get one update a year on M&B II and no alpha/beta...

    Compared to other developers I feel like they have entirely lost touch with me as a fan. It's kind of disappointing.
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    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    Haven't posted on this forum in years and years. I will post just to say the Denuvo rumors are horrifying. Please don't screw up M&B II. :sad:
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    Paradox's Project: War of the Roses - War of the Vikings

    Egads... the graphics on this game. Simply phenomenal.

    I really love the fact that Mount & Blade has competition. It's surprising their own publisher is the one bringing it, but who cares.

    Now while M&B has kind of languished the gauntlet is thrown down to step it up on every level. That's good news.
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    With fire and sword

    Sadly this game looks like a joke to me. It should take a substantial leap forward and not look like such a first-time game still on the third major release. Yet this looks like a mod... Call me when they've moved forward.
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    multiplayer is awful?

    I haven't played M&B in a long time, finally bought Warband and started it up on my new system. I'll probably get into the SP again, but what is up with multiplayer? There's really no way to say it other than it has no polish at all. I played a Siege and you spawn on a horse in this badly...
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    Polished Landscapes - Mipmap Mod 2 [Test version released]

    Wow those look professional. Do you do similar work for a living?

    I wonder if someone can make a seasons change mod if you do more... something I've always dreamed of in M&B.
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    Mount&Blade 2 on Unreal Engine 3 ?

    I don't think it's a versatile enough engine for M&B. You want big outdoor battles with 100's of people? Well then why do it in an engine optimized around tiny corridors, high poly, lots of effects... Sorry but engine's aren't really one size fits all. M&B is different than first person shooters and needs to have it's own tech, or a tech made around huge battles, and outdoors.
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    M&B Warband Beta Servers Open

    No invite, and in the US. Must... not... let... head explode.
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    the Commercialization of mods

    Since mod makers spend so much time working on quality mods, I think it's fair. Look at the bright side, you're not going to see free mods disappear. Before they can sell them they have to be giving you free versions for some time to prove their mettle.
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    M&B Warband Beta Testing Invitation

    Oh man I hope I get in.
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    Warband at E3

    Man I haven't paid attention to M&B in awhile... one thing I realize is people are really right when they call the graphics outdated. Especially the castles, they just need to be redone completely and more professionally... they're like boxes with textures slapped on. I kind of wish Taleworlds could get the money to do a really polished version I could play on my 360... kind of sick of PC gaming anyway.
  12. bravesirknight in god's name do i take their **** castles?

    TatteredBanners said:
    Get a big shield run up the the ramp. Than pull out a massive two handed weapon with good reach and swing like hell to cause a wall of death.

    ^^^This. It's so easy. Also don't ignore that even in plate armor YOU can jump over the choke area at the top of the wall, while your men can't. So jump over, slaughter from behind, and your men will soon go up. If it's a very good defensive area inside (like archers spawning against you from 3 ways) lead your men carefully using the hold command behind cover. In general sieges are easy if you're willing to take the heat on yourself to get it done, but don't expect miracles with the dumb ass AI to do things for you.
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    Depends what you're running for. Maybe you just want to get 10 feet away from a mob but not throw your weapons away. Anyway this is design overkill. What would the point be of a feature where the player drops all his stuff and runs? Sometimes you need to let the player do much more than is realistic or the features aren't very useful.
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    The Wedding Dance (Beta Download v.92)

    NinjaKiwi said:
    Well, some of it is done already in a mod, but not the stuff like adding wrinkles in clothing and muscled horses...

    That's just a normal map, which you can already add. Except they've put one new shader it looks like, something that has normal map and specular support. If they released that shader we could do stuff like that there's many programs to 'sculpt' hi poly and make the normal map.

    The online support is the biggest possible thing imo. No way in HELL modders can add that on their own but now it'll be there to make what you want, SP or MP.
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    The Wedding Dance (Beta Download v.92)

    Still looking great. Can't wait for the beta.
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