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    How will skins work?

    Based on that post from a while ago, I think you'll be able to grind generic points for skins from any mode. If there's some premium skins for getting high ranks, whatever, I'm fine with that. However, selling skins that players have a 20% of getting every 10-25 mins isn't gonna work well...
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    Why are captain and skirmish balanced together
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    The model of noble bow is wrong

    Keep the thread on topic.
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    Rank 1 Gamer Thoughts on Bannerlord PvP

    There's a reason why major esports don't have 20+ abilities at the same time and why WoW PvP is unpopular despite its titanic tryhard fanbase. M&B is more like Rocket League or CSGO than League of Legends or WoW. Also, if we're stroking e-peens, the games I do well at are complex: I've gotten...
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    Ranked mode + Imbalanced Factions are a bad idea

    Faction and Spawn Swap is the only way to have balanced ranked. For example, let's say that Khuzait and Sturgia each have exactly 50.0% winrate in the highest tier of ranked (the equivalent to Challenger or Grandmaster except queue times are 2+ hours lol). It still comes down to who gets the...
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    Captain mode and classes.

    TW hasn't balanced categorically broken factions or classes for months. Balancing individual equipment just isn't going to happen.
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    Wishlist item: DeathCam

    Death cam would be nice.
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    I finally did it, I finally Uninstalled the game.

    Haven't played for weeks but it's been longer than that since an actual update.
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    I uninstalled Bannerlord today.

    I had to google that so I guess I'm in the clear for weebism.
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    I uninstalled Bannerlord today.

    Teamfight Tactics, it's an autochess so most people probably will find it boring. The comparison isn't 1:1 for TW since the devs have most assets and (the majority of) the engine from League, while TW build their own assets and engine. But as a consumer, I can still list the differences. BL...
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    I uninstalled Bannerlord today.

    I uninstalled a couple weeks ago because I kept having graphics errors in MP that verify/deleteshaders/ect didn't fix, and I couldn't think of a reason to reinstall. Instead I opted to play a game that: in no exaggeration, is a quintillion times more complex more than Bannerlord, and better...
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    Disable Stacks for Now Except for Clan Battles/Allow Opt out

    Like 95% of players do the wrong stuff. That's part of the reason why people form groups to begin with. In Captain solo queue you have to turn your brain completely off. I don't think VOIP would make it much better.
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    Need More Info Invisible People

    Yep, still have this :(
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    And for that I paid ??

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