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    Why do some people want Bannerlord with Crusader Kings 3 Features/Diplomacy?

    We need good and in-depth diplomacy options to make the battle between kingdoms that do happen feel impactful, as a part of greater events, not just aimless battles.

    More context around wars would fill out the currently empty feeling matters of kingdom rule and diplomacy
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    Future Plans

    Those little cutscenes being added for events makes me very happy. I love these things that make the world feel more alive and immersive.
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    Modding tools

    Here is a video on mod tools and their expected release window
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    Had i known development was going to be this slow for the single-player experience, i wouldn't have bought Bannerlord.

    I won´t compare a 49€ 2020 game to a 15€ (not sure, but something between 10-20€) game from 2012.

    It launched at $30 (Warband that is)
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    I want to buy bannerlord. But not with steam

    It will be available on the Epic Games Store at some point if you would like to avoid Steam. I am not sure if it will ever be available like OG M&B or Warband and be free from any launcher
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    So I bought a RAM

    thanks for the clarification.
    thats a majestic mouflon. Where can i download it?

    You're in luck! You can click on the image and then right click and choose the 'save image as' option. You'll have your own Mouflon in no time at all
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    Poll to bring attention on dialect

    I don't really understand what is being said here, and as such, have no clue what the results of this poll indicate.

    Could someone please clarify?
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    My thoughts on the Faction Snowball effect. Campaigns should go on forever!

    Thanks for this! These are really quite neat to see
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    Does the Bannerlord map make sense, when compared to that of Warband?

    I don't mind at all. I played for the stories that evolved during my game, not the vague and pretty much non-existent lore of a low-fantasy world
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    "...sold over a million copies in less than 7hours..." is this true?

    You should probably use the full quote,

    "In fact, it wouldn't be a surprise if Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord has already sold over a million copies in less than 7 hours after its launch."

    Less a claim that it has sold over a million, and more a statement about the insane sales and how well it is doing so far
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    When you fight a siege the map is not true to the place?

    Lots of places reuse scenes. Their goal is to continue adding unique locations to different cities and so on as the game continues in Early Access.
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    Who else is excited as f***? What are you looking forward to?

    I am interested in looking at all the cities and towns (even if numerous scenes will be reused until the game is fully released). I really like the work that has been put into the sounds and sights of cities, no more will we have weirdly quiet cities.
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    The steam countdown is now incorrect

    Don't worry about the steam timer, it can some times be off by hours/day

    Hi i was wondering where i can buy the game directly from taleworlds because till now i didnt find anything maybe im stupid thank you (:

    You can buy one from the Taleworlds store. It won't be available for purchase until EA lanuches, but if you get a key there you can redeem the CD-Key on Steam.

    I can't even register for a taleworlds account or even login.

    Why not? Are you getting the 404, or some other error?
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    Bannerlord beta key

    Callum posted the last of the beta keys here, there might be some still usable, but most have probably been snagged already.

    Like Sheamoran said though, the game does come out in the next few days anyway
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    Modding Inspiration Thread (Brainstorm with me)

    . . .
    Advanced diplomacy mod: Adds lots of political influence tools, such as using assassination, using enemy lord's wife/husband to persuade him/her, being able to talk with other lords' children to get a good relation with them so friendship with those clans will be guaranteed in future, deep bribery system where merchant playthrough will let player do as many thing as one could do with military playthrough, Senate (where we need to interact with a dozen or so senate members if government type of faction is senate) etc. Factions will be able to become tributary of another faction after a war, until they rebel and win against overlord faction.
    Family dispute mod: Adds possible war within clan if there are more than one children in family and one of them disagrees with other one's rule.
    . . .
    Absolutely this. Anything that can reasonably flesh out character interactions is a huge plus in my eyes.
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