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    Vad är din "survival plan" när zombie apocalypsen börjar?

    hoe12moe said:
    BlodsHammar said:
    Ryggsäck som är lätt att både ta av och ta på

    om du har problem att ta av och ta på en ryggsäck så tror jag inte att du har stora förutsättningar at överleva en zombie attack...



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    Vad är din "survival plan" när zombie apocalypsen börjar?

    Pilbåge & pilar
    Terräng skor
    Ryggsäck som är lätt att både ta av och ta på
    Proviant och vatten flaskor

    Allt man behöver till fots i jakt på bättre "boende".
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    The Shieldings: Sister Clan to the Einhärjar Clan

    Turanien said:
    You... won't even come back for Vikingr?  :cry:

    Actively, no. Can't swear it but I'll definitely try it.
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    The Shieldings: Sister Clan to the Einhärjar Clan


    OMG he's back! :shock:

    Hello :wink:

    Sorry for being majorly non-present but real-life issues have forced me to reject M&B for a while. That and the fact that the gravity of M&B has been fading for me.. :/
    I'm just dropping by to say hello, hello (also refering to statement above), and I'll see you later.
    I'll be playing Diablo III and Knight of the old Republic: Online later on. Hope you'll join me.
    I would be playing Diablo II right now if it would ever work for me, it doesn't how ever.. I'm quite mad about that.. Any tip to get it work would be greatly appreciated.

    Sought aid on an Diablo forum looking like this:

    My issue is the all too well known "Error 22"..

    I'll lay it out for you.

    System Information:
    Operative system: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (6.1, build 7600)
    System manufacture: Gigabyte Tech, Co. Ltd
    System model: PSS-US83 (or B3, nor using a computer screen..)
    BIOS: Awards Modular BIOS v6.00PG
    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) iS CPU 750 @ 2.67GHz (4 CPUs) ~1.75GHz
    Memory: 4096MB RAM
    DirectX-version: DirectX 11

    ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series
    ATI Tech. Inc.
    ATI display adapter (0x68BE)
    Internal DAC(400MHz)
    2293 MB
    Version: 8.791.0.0
    DDI-version: 10.1
    Drive model: WDDM 1.1

    I've got the CD's and the keys, done the "video run test" which tells me "No video modes found". I think you know the drill. So I've upgraded the graphics to 10.5 (still it it says "8"-something..) and installed the latest DriectX.
    Comparabilities are set for Windows XP SP2 as well.
    When I try so start the game a small black box appears in the top left corner of my screen and randomly shows me various signs and letters every second too. What's up with that?

    Please help me..

    Edit: Oh, and I've installed the latest patch as well.

    I'll mail you some cookies with some herbal spice if you get the game up and running for me :wink: Haha!

    See you!
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    Hall of Mercenary's - Clan aid

    Well, your info's all wrong and we're not mercing for any of the RPG servers since clans doesn't exist there.

    Also, since this thing hasn't been used since.., ever, I'd approve this to be quite dead and if you don't want to be on the list any more, fine.
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    The Shieldings: Sister Clan to the Einhärjar Clan

    Came here to brag with a mighty fresh print-screen in all it's glory. Sadly, all I got was a print-screen of my desktop.. *sobs*
    Played Swadia, crossbow, got me 58 kills, 8 deaths.
    I have now improved my crossbow skills. If I'm allowed to say so myself.. Also, first time I played since the beginning of July..
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    The Shieldings: Sister Clan to the Einhärjar Clan

    I'm baaack! *End of Independence day crazy kinda way*

    Vacation in Bosnia is over, now I'm home till Saturday then I'll leave again for a week at my parents.
    See you all in the server. (If my silly girlfriend don't have other plans for me..)
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    Einherjar Duel Tournament!

    No deaths, just vacation.
    I'm not in Sweden, doing what I do best, so the tournament has been postponed. I think I did mention that somewhere in the back..
    I'm not sure, but I have to check my schedule when I get home so that I don't work late shift next tournament. In that case we'll have to move it till Saturday or even Sunday.
    Tournament is not dead, next Tournament will be held (hopefully) 27/08 and the faction will be Nords, Weapons will be axes (one-/two handed) and the rules will remain as they are.

    Now, I know about the new dueling system, just because you can't hurt anyone without accepting to a duel, people not dueling will have to restrain from silly fistfights and just form a circle..
    And if we use the Einherjar server, we'll probably use either Ruin map or the official Einherjar Arena map. There the tournament will be held in the melee dueling pit.

    Sign up now for the most epic tournament so far!
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    The Shieldings: Sister Clan to the Einhärjar Clan

    I always back up CW. She brings me the bloodier fights.
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    Einherjar Duel Server

    Good Gule. You will be pleased to know I've sent you a hooker to your last known address.
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    [CoR] Corporation of Radicalization

    There's only one youtube clip worth watching. The Ape and the Frog.

    You know it.
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    Lag Sverige - Nations Cup

    Jag jobbar eftermiddag hela veckan ochm det lär bli en hel del övertid resten av veckan förutspår jag också. Dessutom åker jag utomlands på Söndag så jag lär missa resten av allt detta trevliga.. Kämpa hårt så syns vi in-game nån dag!
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    Vad är din "survival plan" när zombie apocalypsen börjar?

    Bra app!
    Det finns en app nu till iPod Touch/iPhone där de har över 300 zombie filmer och de har även betygsatt dom (var ifrån de hittat betygen vet jag inte). Jag tycker att det var värt sju spänn. Mest för att jag hittade små guld korn. Appen tipsar även om asiatiska filmer samt andra språk än alla engelsktalande filmer.
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    Lag Sverige - Nations Cup

    Se till att ta bort informationen efter att matchen börjat/är klar.

    Det är sagt i vår klan att vår information skall icke vare tillgänglig för någon annan, även om vi har adminer och dylikt..
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