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  1. General Questions

    As I was playing this game I kind of notice there is no trade caravan going to Praven. There no trade leaving Praven too, but you can ask the guild master for a job and he tell you to take a trade caravan to Suno. This quest can be repeat many times. What i wanna know is this a bug or something?
  2. General Questions

    Eee... Where do i download the new patch? or do i need to re download the whole game again?
  3. General Questions

    Alright the morale of this game is pretty confusing to me in this game, but is there a way to counter the recent event morale?
  4. Crashes

    Nevermind. The crashes went away when I chose a banner for my party, but there is another crashes that seems to happen to me quite a lot and I wanna know why. There is a part of 0 deserters and when i engage the deserters it crashes my game. Is that a bug or something?
  5. Crashes

    Can someone tell me why my game crash after I pick my banner?
  6. Freelance

    I hire the freelance guy and he say he say he is in my castle, but where is he? I can't find him in my castle/town.
  7. Enemies

    Soo, i started playing this, a message keep popping up saying enemy is on horizon. What does that mean? It's kinda scaring
  8. Imperial

    Is it just me or is the Imperial soo god damn strong?
  9. Ladies

    Okay this is going be out of the blue or whatever, but i just wanna ask who is your favorite female npc lady? Just out of curiously here.
  10. Brutality

    Does anyone know what feature does Brutality enable?? I can't seem to find any information on the forum.
  11. Lair

    Hi, anyone know what the point of building a lair?? i dont wanna spent my hard earn 20k gold on it...
  12. ->Sword of Damocles: Warlords | Download Here!<-

    Is there any other way to download sod other then M&B Repository? M&B Repository is very slow...
  13. [S] 81 New Units

    Hi does the war cleric actually heal unit in battle?
  14. ->Sword of Damocles: Warlords | Download Here!<-

    Soo this mod cant be play with 1.143?
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