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    How do you increase the number of men in a party ?

    AI campaign map level determines party size - so set it to hard  :smile:
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    Best place to start a new kingdom from?

    I normally try and take Genoa if I can - pretty good spot overall and two nice villages come with it.  :smile:
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    Acre, and Teutonic Marriage

    You can marry cross-faction in the "proper" way (i.e. not eloping). Just scope out any faction you may want sway in down the line and get a good relationship with the father / brother. Make sure you have a higher renown than any potential suitors to make it easier to get their permission to see the lady.

    I've got a wife from the Kingdom of France as ruler of Repubblica di Genova (Ianuensis) through gaining permission to visit her after a while and then getting permission to marry her. Pretty sure this works as a vassal as well but helps a lot if you can spam gifts to the father and lady. :razz:
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    The new Subversion.

    Not sure if this has been flagged up but you get an obscene amount of renown for clearing villages / regional manors of bandits at the moment (getting ~47 each time for a relatively easy battle with just my 8 retainers vs ~20 odd).

    rev 101
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    The new Subversion.

    Ritter Dummbatz said:
    There is no voting screen in native. All you can do is to tell other what your opinion on the matter is and whether you propose yourself or the guy the one you are talking to likes.

    There was a marshal voting system in Native like JohnT says.
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    The new Subversion.

    On latest revision and I can't seem to create the "Fund Rich Farmer" manor for my village. I could create 2 other types but clicking on farm doesn't do anything (I have more than enough to fund it!). The village in question is Ordu Alagh-Chinua (village of Sarai).
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    ANYONE SEEN Lucy?!

    If you are an impoverished noble like me (aka a cheap *******) you can buy lame horses from the merchant and let them heal to normal. They cost about 1/4 of the normal price and it only takes a few days to heal.
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    Lords are stuck in the cities with no troops

    LIke Hawk1975 I've been seeing quite a few factions with most if not all of their vassals sitting in towns / castles for months while they are attacked (seen it most recently with Mamluks, Granada, Novogrod, Golden Horde, al Hafsi and English). When you ask "What is the realm doing"  they answer "[Somewhere] is under attack and we must ride to its defense". When you ask "What are you doing" they answer "I don't have enough men so I need to raise them before I do anything else...". Point is all of them have normal troop numbers (100+).

    (I've checked and they aren't gathering for feasts / tournaments).

    Edit: I'm on rev 46
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    The new Subversion.

    Just try to use your old savegame on a new subversion... if its broke decide either to start a new game or revert to the previous version...
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    The new Subversion.

    Othienka said:
    So DrThomas is planning to add more towns/castles/villages?

    *drools  :cool:

    This looks very interesting if it is what I think it is (the name of the "fief" kinda gives it away)
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    Where can I get "Baltische Dorfbewohner"?

    Don't know how it works currently but it used to be once you joined the faction (as a vassal not merc) you could recruit them after about a week in Teutonic fiefs.
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    The new Subversion.

    DrTomas said:
    biscuits said:
    I like the new recruiting workaround for Crusader states...though wouldn't it be more interesting to recruit the "base" units to train up instead of fully* upgraded (and very expensive) units?

    There no longer are any "base" units for those orders. So prepare you're wallet as the crusaders need alot of wine to do there stuff!

    Ha okey. Guess the poor Crusader will need to supplement his force with the normal recruitable locals then.  :mrgreen:
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    The new Subversion.

    I like the new recruiting workaround for Crusader states...though wouldn't it be more interesting to recruit the "base" units to train up instead of fulling upgraded (and very expensive) units?
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    The new Subversion.

    St3f4n0 said:
    Hope this is the right thread, anyway i have a script error spammed all the time. Script error on opencode 542.
    It showed up suddenly after i loaded a save game, and now seems there are no way to make it go away.

    This continuing a save game after a revision? You might need to start a new game but sometimes if you go to Camp > Mod Options it'll apply fix(es) that allow you continue with your saved game without error.
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    The new Subversion.

    DrTomas said:
    Basicly successfully sieging and destroying the fortress would stop spawning the warbands. Good stuff for anyone wanting to roleplay a Baltic Crusader.

    Yes but all that lovely renown, loot, valuable prisoners and very though bandit spawn(s) would be gone.  :lol:
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