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    [BEAST 7] Suggestions

    Why not just take a break for Christmas then? Like play first 3 weeks then a nice break and then the remaining matches etc.
    Agree +1
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    [BEAST 6] Division C - Weekly Matchups

    match confirmed

    rosters updated, op updated, div updated

    High Five TheGiodude played as TheGiomandude
    We should be green not red ☝️ :oops:
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    [BEAST 6] Division C - Weekly Matchups

    High Five MatadoR (8 ) 2 : 2 (10 ) The Resolute.
    GG, wp.
    1 set

    2 set


    3 set

    4 set
    I've crashed twice on the first map.
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    EU Duel Completed 🐎ABCD - A Bannerlord Cavalry Duel (Tournament)🐎

    I have read and agreed the rules
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    Different approach on limits

    The limits are not hard enough, it should be only inf and because of bad weapon balance without any weapon.
    We all want to know who are the best in the game, or no?
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    [Res] The Resolute (RU/EU)


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    [Beast #2] Rosters

    Player Removal

    Team Name: The Resolute 2
    Name of player(s):
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    [BEAST#1] Group D

    So what's the problem? Why didn't you just tell us "No" and continue to play?
    So you blaming us for our kindness? Yes, it has huge influents on the match result, much more than 3 cav in the last round. It is all about good manners. We have the same accidental 3 cav situation against DM, they were ok with it. It was understandable if you lose because of this, but you can not even win without complaining.
    You have destroyed the good atmosphere of the tournament.

    You posted that you accepted you player accidentally took 3 cav. the rule applies whether it is intentonal or not.
    Why did you deduct 4 points (VW 6-7 RT, for VW 8-5 RT) for one round with 3 cav (accidentally
    taken, and not in the same moment - video) ?
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