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  1. Arena Practice

    There have been a couple mods I've tried that let you adjust experience earned in practice/tourneys and it is pretty nice being able to grab an early perk through practice.
  2. Am I the only one who doesn't like the huge battles?

    I don't mind the army battles occasionally but I wish they would bring back having a marshal and having them being the only ones who could organize a big army, while other lords could skirmirsh/raid/etc in smaller battles
  3. Want Man-Hunters, Less bandits, Less hideouts, want Auto resolve changed for player, want control of parties, Rant

    I'd like to see looter and bandit numbers cut down and deserters make a return instead of just being part of a quest.
  4. How many battles do you lose?

    I don't often do playthroughs anymore for conquest, but during them I don't often lose due to focusing more on winning. The last few hundred hours I usually pick a gimmick for a character and join AI armies so losing happens quite a bit more
  5. Beta Patch Notes e1.6.1

    Happy to see a new update this week since I start a new job next week and won't have tons of time to play anymore, but I was really hoping to see armor value tweaks, AI vs AI death and adjustment to death rates, and/or maybe some troop tree revisions so I'm a little disappointed.
  6. Sturgian default battle behavior needs a change

    I believe there's only one set of AI for all factions. It would be really cool if each faction had their own that tried to play to their troop trees strengths/weaknesses.
  7. Low Tier units vs High Tier units

    Maybe not all the troops who escaped but a percentage of them and have it increase with your leadership skill.
  8. Low Tier units vs High Tier units

    I remember seeing a security video of a couple guys jumping a guy who turned out to be a pro boxer and he dealt with them pretty handily but that video stands out because that situation rarely works out in the outnumbered guys favor. I think even a few conscripts would be able to surround and push a knight to the ground where they could stab him in a lot of circumstances. That said, real life and game balance are two different things and I think a t5 should be able to survive 2-3 t2 by virtue of better gear/higher skill values a decent amount of the time.
  9. Just nerf ranged damage by 30%

    I think your idea is possible, just not probable
  10. Just nerf ranged damage by 30%

    In my own experience, the best way to level cavalry has been to dismount them and send them in as infantry against bandits. Otherwise they have issues getting kills while also surviving, whereas as foot troops they still have good enough gear to consistently welp bandits without taking losses.
    I typically just hammer and anvil and let them kill routers after but I agree if you leave them to their own devices they'll only get themselves killed. A real shame they've done the same now to horse archers as well.
  11. Just nerf ranged damage by 30%

    They do good in a vacuum but in real battles I see too many things like they miss their first swing and then get staggered to death, distracted by far off enemies and constantly changing targets so they're never attacking while being killed and the low defensive value of armor makes those constant hiccups pretty deadly

    Infantry is also pretty easy to replace and upgrading troops in Bannerlord is also pretty easy.
    I wouldn't say it's hard but relative to every other role it's the worst in my opinion. The hardest part of replacing ranged units is getting them to the tier they get their bow, then it's a safe bet most of them get to t5. Cav will suicide themselves if not managed but can level reasonably easy if done. With infantry it's a constant revolving door of recruits because the biggest jump in their survivability is getting a shield at tier 2.
  12. Just nerf ranged damage by 30%

    The in-game cataphracts mostly shrug it off as well. I get like 10 damage on their horses with Bow skill 200+ and a Noble Bow.
    Stationary on an Elite Cataphract I get 20-22 for a body shot and 63 for a headshot with a light crossbow and 0 skill, I can't check what it would be with speed bonus of them traveling towards you.
  13. Just nerf ranged damage by 30%

    Armor piercing technology has come a long way since the Battle of Pendraic it seems.
  14. Just nerf ranged damage by 30%

    As I always say: I do not know the best way to fix this issue, I just would like to see it fixed.
    Agreed. I always loved infantry heavy armies in warband but they're just not satisfying to use in bannerlord. I waste so much time just recruiting and training new ones because they drop dead constantly on their path to t5.
  15. War... War never changes

    I'm for it once they implement more to do during peace time.
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