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    Resolved Crashing when joining a kingdom as a vassal

    Hello, @donkeydong. Did you use any mods before that add new items to the game? If so, did you remove it at some point later?
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    BL Coding Language Traduction from 1.6.0 to 1.6.1

    You need to turn on the development mode.
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    What to do with high tier prisoners??

    Lol there you go. It probably build up xp/conformity from before the conformity system.
    The current code does not allow for top tier troops to gain xp/conformity.
    See for yourself:
        private void ClampXp(int index)
          CharacterObject character =[index].Character;
          if (!character.IsHero)
            int num1 = 0;
            for (int index1 = 0; index1 < character.UpgradeTargets.Length; ++index1)
              int upgradeXpCost = character.GetUpgradeXpCost(this.OwnerParty, index1);
              if (num1 < upgradeXpCost)
                num1 = upgradeXpCost;
            int num2 = MBMath.ClampInt([index].Xp, 0,[index].Number * num1);
  [index].Xp = num2;
  [index].Xp = Math.Max([index].Xp, 0);

    Yes, this is a valid bug - will be fixed and sent via hotfix ASAP.
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    BL Coding Bandit/looter party speed

    You'll need to create a custom party speed calculating model that derives from the DefaultPartySpeedCalculatingModel. Something like that should work.

    using TaleWorlds.Localization;
    using TaleWorlds.CampaignSystem;
    using TaleWorlds.CampaignSystem.SandBox.GameComponents.Map;
    public class CustomPartySpeedCalculatingModel : DefaultPartySpeedCalculatingModel
            public override ExplainedNumber CalculateFinalSpeed(MobileParty mobileParty, ExplainedNumber finalSpeed)
                if (mobileParty.IsBandit)
                    finalSpeed.Add(3f, new TextObject("{=*}Increased Bandit Speed"));
                return finalSpeed;

    Then add this model to the CampaignGameStarter object on your MBSubModuleBase.

    protected override void OnGameStart(Game game, IGameStarter gameStarter)
                if (game.GameType is Campaign campaign)
                    CampaignGameStarter campaignStarter = (CampaignGameStarter)gameStarter;
                    campaignStarter.AddModel(new CustomPartySpeedCalculatingModel());
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    BL Other How to set the individual upgrade costs and XP reward for killing for troops in bannerlord?


    You'll have to override PartyTroopUpgradeModel's GetXpCostForUpgrade() function(also GetGoldCostForUpgrade can be useful) for upgrade cost and PartyTrainingModel's GetXpReward() function for rewards.
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    Best practice'd way to attach named heros to specific lords?

    So you want to spawn them right before battles and then send them to the settlements they belong to?

    I think you need to do that manually. But you don't need to set bazillions of different variables. I'm not 100% sure this is what you need but here we go:

    Before the battle:
    (1) Use
    MemberRoster.AddToCounts(hero.CharacterObject, 1)
    to add him/her to the party

    After the battle:
    (2) use
    to remove them from the party

    (3) Use
    TeleportHeroAction.ApplyForCharacter(hero, settlement)
    to send them back to settlement.

    those characters still manage to exist outside of the party.
    About this, you can try setting their state with Hero.ChangeState() between events.
    Let me know if this works for you.
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    What is the -security of "renowned marksmen" and similar perks supposed to convey to me? Security questions

    This was a bug and also happened for other security related perks. I believe all of them are fixed in 1.5.8. I'm not sure about 1.5.7.
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    Resolved e1.5.8 Exploit on ransoming captured lords (eleftheroi leader)

    Hi @beybi123, I am pretty sure when it happened i went to the city straight after the battle, no loading was involved.
    EDIT: FYI: Problem was just on the provided screen with "Ransom your prisoners ()" button, i could have sold him properly through "Choose prisoner to be ransomed" option eventually.

    Kind Regards
    Thanks a lot for the answer. I'll look into it.
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    Resolved e1.5.8 Exploit on ransoming captured lords (eleftheroi leader)

    Hello @Nodice83. When you encountered with the bug, do you remember if you loaded the game after battle?
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    Character Bodyweight & Build Testing

    As you can see the character starts losing build the moment they get on a horse (which is fine). But they gain weight for 2 days before they start to lose weight - meaning at the end of day 3, the weight loss hasn't yet balanced the weight gained on the first 2 days of the trip.

    Because most towns and cities are less than 2 days travel apart, if one was to travel from town to town - for example to trade - one would put on weight every journey, and while in towns, but might never have a journey long enough to lose weight, and even if they did, that journey would have to be of substantial length (weeks of game time) to balance the passive weight gain from shorter trips.

    Does this sound correct? If so I might suggest that this is leading to a systemic bias in the game in favour of weight gain?

    Yes, all of this seems correct. System was always similar to this, but due to a bug(see the edit on first post), it wasn't really noticeable.

    Because most towns and cities are less than 2 days travel apart, if one was to travel from town to town - for example to trade - one would put on weight every journey.
    Hmm yeah, this is not the ideal.

    More info of the current system:
    -0.1 weight when starving, -0.025 weight when not starving but away from towns for at least 2 days as you said, in other cases gain 0.05 weight. Yeah i see this may need some balancing.

    -0.025 build if you haven't encountered any "event", such as raid - siege - battles - hideout, for at least 2 days. +0.025 build otherwise. You don't have to be dismounted btw.

    Long sieges might get you buffed :smile:
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    Character Bodyweight & Build Testing

    Hello, you'll gain mass by participating in battles. You gain weight by spending time in settlements. You'll start to lose weight after spending 2 days away from any settlement. Let me know if that doesn't work for you.
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    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.7

    crafted items are still on the market...

    They should disappear within days, not instantly. Is result the same when you check back after few weeks?
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    Patch Notes e1.5.6

    what are the console commands to unlock crafting parts? I want to make some gaudy two handers

    I think "campaign.unlock_all_crafting_pieces" is what you are looking for.
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    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.6

    Hey guys, did your character get fatter and fatter? No matter what my char eat, he turn into a balloon in no time.

    Is it just me or some kind of new bug? I install no mod. And i roll back to 1.5.5, the body weight thing work smoothly, you only gain weight while you idle in town, and you can keep the weight under control if you watch your diet, like only eat grain.

    Now? No matter what food my character eat, the body weight raise like 0.1 everyday, it's quite annoying. I know this is not important, but any information is apperciated.

    You gain weight while you are in a settlement and not starving. To lose weight, you have to avoid staying in settlements for a long time or starve yourself :smile:
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