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  1. Thank you TW for breaking all the mods again, sigh...

    What mods? Is there a prophesy of pendor like mod for bannerlord already?
  2. Is it just me or...

    It's more like 90% completed. People have blown things out of proportion I've no idea what they're expecting. Bannerlord even in early access has around twice the content warband did.
  3. Bannerlord is mis-advertised by the devs on Steam (yes, even taking into account Early Access)

    Yes, I do indeed. These are just the problems reportet in the technical support section, if you want to hear about things that make the game "unplayable", I suggest reading through this thread a bit.

    Many released games have far bigger issues than that list. In game development there are always bugs and it's near impossible to fix them all.
    For early access, the issues are perfectly normal and ordinary.
  4. Bannerlord is mis-advertised by the devs on Steam (yes, even taking into account Early Access)

    battania_village_j_winter map has particle problems.
    In some rare cases, the Hideout Boss party might go missing.
    Bannerlord icon does not appear on the taskbar after launcher got closed.
    Using balista sometimes can show wrong animations for the user.
    The wrong number might be shown when prisoner ransoming.
    When we talk with NPC named Tacteos in the tutorial, he can be taken as a prisoner.
    Some of the sliders does not have text inputs.
    Some banner icons are incorrect in the banner selection screen.
    Combat AI difficulty settings will be added to character creation difficulty tab.
    Sometime, when after loading a campaign save, UI might show different names.
    Particles can bug out when player changes an option and hits done.
    Weaponsmith animation has issues.
    Scene bugs for vlandia_dungean_a.
    Some texts and some variables are still missing from the game.
    Loading a save file resets the party troop formations.
    Some of the torches are not lit at night on empire_village_003 map.
    Training for Retainers quest not ending because some of the troops are dead. This is not the intended design.
    Some of the character creation child animations are bugged.
    Some of the villages have spawn points problems.
    Shop labels might be shown as duplicate.
    Defend wall behaviour on AI has problems.
    Borrowed troops are counting in party size. This is not the intended design.
    In Rival Gang Quest, vlandia_town_a loads as it is in Siege.
    Aserai faction bonus doesn't affect every caravan.
    Rarely, debacle shout triggers indefinitely.
    Villiage of Armonac has wrong production icon on campaign map.
    Stuttering camera movement on Campaign Map.
    Some of the troop skills are unfinished.
    There are some problems with smithing ingredients.
    The prices in stores sometimes can be very much off from the value of items.
    While attacking a hideout if you hit F7 for transfer troops and then accept. you can't lead any of your troops anymore. (No troops under your command)
    Some of the sea parts of the campaign map is accesible. This should not be happening.
    Can't reassign or unassign a key that's already assigned.
    Main character is not rendered with some tattoos
    Player shouting "Infantry!" to cavalry formations with a companion
    You cannot recruit Aserai Recruits from Aserai Settlements
    AI sometimes can not find a settlement to patrol
    Some weapons can be shown as twohanders twice in UI.
    Issues regarding rival gang issue is known.
    Intel GPUs sometimes shows wrong memory ammount in the performance tab.
    If you open "Donate prisoners" from settlement menu before making your companion handles Rival Gang Moving issue, party screen will only show prisoners. Opening "Donate Troops" screen from settlement menu and re-taking the issue should fix the problem.
    If you make your companion handles the Nearby Bandit Base issue, the gold amount that you gain after the quest may not be shown in the notifications which are placed at the left-bottom of the screen
    Sometimes lord parties decrease to 0 soldiers with financlai problems.
    While taking the Escort Caravan quest, you may not see the possible reward in the conversation text.
    Sometimes, after loading save, crossing swords might not disappear on the campaign map
    Some objects may be misplaced in the air in some Vlandian towns.
    Food consumption problem causes party stuck
    You may see some harnesses' reins are not holded by player.
    Vlandia culture boardgame has broken visuals.
    Main Hero and his brother's ages in the logs are not logical.
    Battle_terrain_021 scene has issues on winter season
    Voting relation effects were not applied fix
    No mercenary leave option on lords
    Char creation name resets everytime that screen opens
    Companions should be shown be shown in civil equiiments on thumbnails
    Cant sit on the throne in empire_caslte_keep_a_l2_interior scene.
    Cant sit on the throne in empire_caslte_keep_a_l1_interior scene.
    Cant sit on the throne in empire_caslte_keep_a_l3_interior scene.
    When player captured sometimes his army is not disbanded
    Train Troop and Rival Gang bug
    battania_noble_bracers and battania_warlord_bracers can shine absurdly.
    Sometimes siege defenders can be aggressive.
    Caravan party should avoid attacks and get cover if enemy is harrasing the party with missiles
    Clipping issues on child and youth civilian costumes
    Lighting quality setting in Medium is better than low
    Khuzait darkhan looks weird in party screen
    Traders should stand behind the table
    Facekey range of the bodyguards should be increased
    Companions that create army exceed the party size limit which causes his troops to desert constantly.
    Banner on the settlement menu does not get updated after the settlement is taken by other faction
    Lance flips like a javelin
    Wrong menu appears after militia fight in village raid
    If we decide to change side in the quest Rival Gang Moving In, our troops does not change side with us.
    Even after peace through barter, lords may declare war on the player. This is not the intened design.
    Kingdom we create is not shown on Kingdom tab of the encyclopedia. This will be fixed.
    On Battle Scoreboards, sometimes companions are stated as killed while they did not get killed. This issue is under investigation.
    Sneak into town menu texts will be updated.
    Sometimes corpses can stay afloat if the surface is destroyed by fire pots.
    Spamming the raid village button continuously reduces relation each time, should reduce only once.
    Wrong menu shows up when the ai controlled army decides to enter a settlement.
    Clan banner does not get updated after the clan tier reaches level 2.
    Red water lightings on the Radagos' hideout are known.
    If player changes troop formation classes, the tooltips will be wrong.
    If both parties are wounded and has 0 battle ready untis, wrong encounter menu shows up.
    Some of the crafting pieces' price are higher than the weapon itself.
    Minor Factions does not get a new leader when their leader gets killed
    Some beards/hair won't render on thumbnails
    Looter parties look too old
    Wrong barter option comes up when in a besieged settlement and in a parley.
    Defection persuasion refers to self as clan leader.
    Companion clothing changes colour depending on the map area
    Roguery not leveling up when recruiting looters and sea raiders
    Fur_hat model alpha value is wrong.
    Sitting on log animation is not working properly.
    Production change option is visible when the player is buying a workshop.
    The text colour of the wanderers in the taverns are changing in relation to the town colour.
    Army parties might join battles without their leaders if the player leaves the engagement.
    Sometimes formations standstill and don't attack anymore.
    Companions stuck in a lost castle after enemy captures our castle and declares peace.
    Bribery dialogue does not open when you speak to the lord's hall guard.
    Prison Guards are disappearing when entering and exiting an interior scene in a town.
    Sitting ground idles upper body, playing wrong animations.
    Parties in the hideouts contribute to other bandit parties' combat strength on the campaign map.
    There are two Aserai villages named 'Aiwalitas' in the game.
    Making peace is cheaper than safe passage, this is not the intended design.
    dress_with_overall costume has stretching problems.
    High tier weapons can't be found in towns.
    Trait levelling doesn't work properly
    Encyclopedia sometimes shows wrong information regarding companions.
    Some of the ladies in the encyclopedia has wrong information.
    Player can gift empty barters to other lords
    Notification is missing when prisoner lord/lady escapes from our party
    Sea_bandit_a scene reflects red light on armor and weapons at night.
    If we lose fight in combat tutorial and leave the area our hitpoint wont be recovered.
    Caravans have infinite gold when we re-open trade through conversation.
    Army members sometimes does not help other army's ongoing siege.
    Companions sometimes leave map when sent to quest and disappear.
    Hero parties joins to the enemy parties when attacking looters
    Agent's destination path is set wrong in family feud quest
    Companion's party constantly loses morale except we take him to our army
    The game may rarely crash when giving a settlement to a minor faction.
    The game may rarely crash when loaded a save from a previous version and interact in the world map.
    Releasing captures through “-” icon in the troop interface would cause such lord NPC to disappear.
    The game may rarely crash when talking about mercenary contracts
    The game may rarely crash when entering a town.
    The game may rarely crash when selecting escaping from the battle option.
    The game may rarely crash when creating an army.
    The game may rarely crash when moving around the map.
    The game can crash if a wrong banner key is pasted in the banner editor.
    The game may rarely crash when entering the encounter menu when in a settlement.
    The game can rarely crash randomly in a battle.
    Game crashes if a player goes to a hideout right after leaving a neutral besieged castle wrong menu shows up
    The game may rarely crash when besieging a castle
    The game can crash when quitting the game.
    The game can crash when pasting face code in Character creation.
    The game can crash when quitting the game.
    You may crash according to the income calculations.
    The game can crash when selecting leading an assault option.
    After alt+tab, clicking anywhere on barter screen cancels the barter. This could lead to a crash when you try to start barter again.
    If a quest village is being raided while you are waiting there for a quest, the game may crash.
    The game can crash when the player tries to reopen any text field UIs.
    The game can crash when exiting the game while calling for a UI element
    The game can crash when removing a troop from a party.
    The game can crash when on persuasion
    The game can rarely crash when doing save load operations.
    The game can rarely crash on campaign map because of an out of order tick on conversations.
    The game may crash on party screen while upgrading or transferring troops.
    The game can crash when clicked reset all on character creation.
    The game may crash on The Spy Among Us quest.
    The game can crash after clicking done on the scoreboard after battle.
    The game can crash when a GPU device initializes resources.
    The game can crash when changing graphic settings.
    The game may rarely crash when changing the graphics settings.
    The game can crash after clicking done on the scoreboard after the battle.
    The game can crash when compiling shaders.
    Sometimes in rare cases changing the language of the game several times can crash the game when joining the matchmaker.
    If there is a battle that is not finalized validly, the game might crash on the next conversation.
    The game might rarely crash when the players are defeated in the Locate and Rescue Traveller Tutorial quest
    The game might rarely crash when the players are taking the Army of Poachers quest.
    The game might rarely crash when the player is talking with an army member after a sally out encounter.

    You call this tonnes of problems? This is very minor. The game is very well playable.
  5. Bannerlord is mis-advertised by the devs on Steam (yes, even taking into account Early Access)

    It has tonnes of problems, just look at all the feedback, hundreds of posts each day, concerning Bannerlords problems. And no, they are not minor in comparison to whats available.

    My feedback's been positive. What are these tonnes of problems?
  6. Bannerlord is mis-advertised by the devs on Steam (yes, even taking into account Early Access)

    What's wrong with the game? I'm having fun. Honestly, if current stable version was the full released game I'd still buy it.
    You make it seem like it has tonnes of problems, but in actual fact issues are minor in comparison to what's available.
  7. Thank you Yaga for the trees

    I get fps hit in areas with lots of trees. For example, my fps drops by 10 when I leave the gate in the teamdeathmatch map.
  8. When is Bannerlord playable?

    I see what you're doing but I'll bite.

    Much improved graphics, animations and a more sleek UI. Better character creation and banner design. Better faction dynamics and lore. More detailed campaign map with more towns, castles and villages. Armies. Influence system. Much more NPC's and more immersive towns and villages. More followers. Board games. (Incomplete) perks system. More interesting exp system. Policies. Enhanced encyclopedia. Clan system. Aging and family system. Game speed selection. Formations. Enemy can flee. Greater depth in combat and AI. Siege featuring multiple ladders, catapults and more instead of whole army climbing up one ladder. Enhanced economy.
    I'm sure I'm missing out on a lot more but this is all I have time for. Ta.

    edit: Someone beat me to it. Darn.
  9. Love this game but,

    Currently, the recommended specs is pretty much the minimum specs and the minimum specs is just unplayable.
    Game isn't optimised well enough yet (they keep patching it at the moment) but even when all that is done I'd only expect small improvements and not a huge jump in fps.
  10. When is Bannerlord playable?

    This game is quite boring, go play Bannerpage mod for Warband. This doesn't have half the features.

    This game's already got a lot more features than native Warband does.
  11. When is Bannerlord playable?

    The game is mostly complete (probably 80%). By lacking diplomacy if you mean kingdom management and dialogue then yeah I think that's a work in progress. AI in battles is pretty good but still poor on sieges but this is just about bug fixing and balancing I think. Performance optimisation still needs a lot of work too. Apart from that it's playable.
  12. 🔔 Alpha & Beta Branches Feedback

    I don't understand a thing in the OP. We not geniuses.
  13. Units are not unbalanced AI is

    Oh come on how much detail do you guys need. Load up a battle with 500 men and a mixed force. Once battle loads up go out front and kite the entire enemy cavalry force as they get cut down by your archers. Watch as 25 men pursue you in a giant circle ignoring the entire army.

    Maybe don't kite the entire enemy army? You are one soldier not a god.
  14. What small Quality of Life improvements would you want TW to implement?

    A lot of these can be implemented in mods.
    For example, I can't see TW implementing a companions take gear from loot feature. It's clunky. In warband, mods did that.
  15. Basic features first, fancier ones and balancing later

    Can't agree. Balance was and still is an issue and devs should keep addressing it. Features are there, they just need polishing. Why do you assume devs will only be working on one thing at a time? I'm sure there are people working on different things.
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