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    Resolved Buying Viking Conquest (when owning Warband on "Taleworlds")

    Hi, I want to buy Viking Conquest. I own Warband already (not the steam version but from taleworlds website). When I want to purchase Viking it says it is for steam. So I hesitate...
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    What version?

    affirmative  :mrgreen:
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    What version?

    any other way to d/l the mod from another source?
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    What version?

    What version of the game do I need for this mod?
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    TLD (The Last Days, LOTR mod) for M&B 1.011 Info

    Is this a newer version of the old LOTR mod?
    Or is it a completely new mod?
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    Sword of Damocles for Warband or Mount&Blade?

    Which one should I play? Which one is more stable and more fun? Which one has more features?
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    What version is most stable?

    I have 4.1. Just started. Should I download 4.55B or does that one still have many bugs?
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    Best mod?

    Faderulith said:
    I've played a lot of them and i can assure you that you will not find better mod. Ed of discussion.

    Which one do you mean? Second Age?
    Sword of Damocles is a good mod. You can control your own faction with castles and towns.
    But be sure to read some guide as you will have limited time to complete the game...
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    TONS of graphic issues

    I have the same problem.
    Hopefully Armagan will read one of these posts...
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    TONS of graphic issues

    I, on the other hand refuse to play on dx 7.
    I'm waiting for a patch i suppose...
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    TONS of graphic issues

    I have the same problem.
    I'm using a ATI graphics card.
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    Warband Texture wrong

    The map doesn't show terrain. It shows the sky. In cities many texture just appear red... There are many people with the same problem!
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    funky graphics?

    mrpain said:
    I know this is still technicaly a beta graphics look like this on the map screen:


    I got Warbands from this legit?

    I have the exact same problem. Also some textures are just red...
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    Upgrade troop and marechal

    You don't have to fight the Swadians.
    Just renounce your oath first. Then build up your own empire.
    Only when you're strong enough attack the Swadians, and keep their lords as prisoners.
    That way the get less and less mobile armies. It's a good way to defeat them.
    But don't keep the nobles in your party. Drop them off at a castle (preferably with prisoner towers)...
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    The Roman Invasion

    Lag? What lag?
    There's a lack of lag AFAIK...
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