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  1. Cant see any MP servers

    Have you already tried what I proposed above?
    Its not blocked by anything, and i cant add server to favourites in game, when i cant see any servers in game
  2. Cant see any MP servers

    Adding a server to favorites does let you connect sometimes if the server isn't appearing on your internet list.

    Since you can't add the servers yourself, what you can do is get someone you know to rename their profiles.dat file, launch warband, create a character, and then add the servers you want to play on to the favorites list. Then they can send the newly created profiles.dat file to you, and you can use the character they created to access the servers you want to play on via the favorites list.

    You could also use a hex editor to edit the IP of an existing favorite on a character, but that's more advanced.
    Tried that yesterday, didnt work :sad:
  3. Cant see any MP servers

    Is there a way to manually add favourite server? (And how?) Maybe it will work
  4. Compilation of Solutions for Missing Server List

    none of them helped :sad:
    This is a thread full of possible solutions to the Multiplayer server not populating.The developers are working hard on fixing this issue, but for now we have to rely on user made fixes to help the bug. Now these solutions may or may not work for you, they work for some people but not all.

    Solution 1
    1) from command line digit netsh winsock reset

    2) Restart PC

    3) Start M&B warband and enjoy multiplayer!

    Submitted by Tanfata

    Solution 2
    1) Go to your routers setup page.

    2)Uncheck both block IP flooding and block anonymous connections options

    3) Start M&B Warband Multiplayer.

    Submitted by Manatic

    Solution 3
    1.Launch game as usually go to the point where you get ''stuck'' (retrieving server list.. or connecting to a server)

    2.wait few secs than press ALT+TAB go to start log off and switch user

    3.Log back in in your account go back to game and what a surprise it WORKS

    Submitted by Perkunas

    Solution 4
    1) Find the RGL_config.txt in your Warband Folder and Open it.

    2) Find the max_number_of_connections and change the value from 64 to 20 or so.

    3) Save and Start Warband

    Submitted by the Developers

    Solution 5
    1) Find the RGL_config.txt in your warband Folder and Open it.

    2) Find the use_secure_connection = 1 and change it to 0.

    3) If it's already 0 change it to 1

    4) Save and Start Warband.

    Submitted by the Developers

    Solution 6
    1) Go into Multiplayer.

    2) Host your own game and start Map and spawn.

    3) Quit and press start search.

    Submitted by TreeBeard

    If all else fails
    1) Close down any apps accessing the internet.
    2) Start Warband windowed and go to the MP page where you can click 'Join a server'.
    3) Start Wireshark.
    4) On Window 7 my wireless adaptor is listed a simply "Microsoft", so Start capture on interface: Microsoft (On XP I think it listed the adaptor type)
    5) Click on Join a server.
    You will see a load of coloured entries showing up on the Wireshark screen, this process normally completes in a few seconds.
    6) Click Capture, Stop. File, Saveas, etc.
    You could zip and attach whole log to the bug report, its not very big or look for the "GET /handlerservers.ashx?" one Daegoth requested, right-click and select 'Follow TCP Stream'.

    Props to Nood
    One of the Dev's requested for you to do this and after doing so please post the results at the bug tracker which is located below.

    Here is the bug tracker for this bug:

    If you have a solution and it's currently not in here or if a solution has solved your problem please post here.
    Add a Step by Step instructions for Wireshark​
  5. Cant see any MP servers

    Hi, i was seeking for solutions but couldn't find any that work. As in title, when I want to play multi player there aren't servers. Are all of them dead and closed?
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