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    Radial menu only to issue orders?

    alright awesome, good to know :)
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    Radial menu only to issue orders?

    This is the worst update ever guys, literally ruined the game for me. I understand you want to appeal to gamepad players and I agree, I think its a great idea, but you should give us the option to switch between the old command menu and this new command wheel one. Please do it ASAP.
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    1.5.3 RIP Horse archers

    Agreed. Horse archers now suck. Archers suck. Spam shock infantry and win. Maybe just make a separate balance for each multiplayer mode? ?Because at this rate you aren't pleasing anyone and just upsetting everyone.
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    Should the class system stay for PVP modes.

    Class system works for captains, maybe skirmish. In the rest of the modes, not so much.
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    Basically this.
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    6 months into EA and devs still do not understand what ruins their game.

    I agree, in a few years time, this game will be probably legendary, in part due to the amazing modding community. But now it's kind of a mess, at least the MP access. I am lenient because it is, after all, early access. But the things needed to solve MP are just very simple fixes. They should...
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    Your combat system is retarded

    Lol the combat is amazing, just gotta git gud
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    Vote Kick Option plz

    Can we get a vote kick option for multiplayer matches? It would be cool if we can kick toxic/non-cooperative players that ruin matches for us from the team.
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    Mounted Warrior

    This class is a complete joke. They are really, really bad. They should maybe get a slight buff, or at least make the infantry of Battania decent enough to be able to afford such a bad cav unit. For now, Battania is just unviable as a faction in MP for the most part.
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    I don't see the point of this class. They are quite useless in a melee, and bad at being a javelin class. Give them the better shields perk, and the improved armor perk, and they might be able to serve as a cannon-fodder front-line class like the other T1's.
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    Berserker used to be awesome, then they got a hard nerf and now the 2-handed warriors are much better, both in terms of armor and damage output, berserkers just don't pack enough punch to justify taking them over the 2h warriors. They used to be fine the way they were before the nerf, really...
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    For some reason, it doesn't stand up to other shock troops in a melee scuffle. I like how they are fast, makes sense since they are practically naked. They need more firepower though, I think, like a glass cannon: dies easily but delivers good punishment. This would make it a viable option and...
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    Statement Regarding Plans For MP Vol.4

    Thanks for the reply @AVRC. Glad to see that you are looking into this. Not on that list you showed, though, is a very important point: do something about Battania. By the way...I did not support that number 10 on the list. Frankly I have no idea how that made it onto the list, lol. Cheers.
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    Statement Regarding Plans For MP Vol.4

    I hope you fix the balance issues in captain's mode with this new ranged mechanic. Archers are literally nonviable now in a competitive environment. New maps sound sweet, good to see some love at last, the only map change to Captain's Mode since launch was the removal of the city map, lol. But...