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  1. Are servers working?

    Waiting 15+ min for this one, I think we better give it a rest until they fix it
  2. Are servers working?

    Got into another match right this second. Its working but the waiting times are like 5 min for me for the past 2 games which is way above the usual. I'm playing in Europe and captain mode.
  3. Are servers working?

    Longer waiting times for sure but I'm still getting into the servers eventually. Try waiting a few min.
  4. Pole arm heavy archers (Captain Mode)

    The captain mode is extremely unbalanced atm. Battania is being bullied by everyone but khuzait, empire is by far the best faction followed by sturgia and vlandia then khuzait and aserai that is as mentioned still better than battania. Archers will shoot at the only shield unit even though its...
  5. In Progress Movement speed bug in multiplayer ( Captain mode )

    I would report it but I have no idea how to reproduce.
  6. Multiplayer server crashes

    Not that often but still often enough for it to be extremely annoying up to the point I switch games for a while.
  7. In Progress Movement speed bug in multiplayer ( Captain mode )

    This bug has been here since the start as far as I remember. Description: After every death in captain mode ( speed is always good when starting the match ) the movement speed of the soldier you control is sometimes slower. Sometimes its slug speed, sometimes its slug speed x2 but still below...
  8. Statement Regarding Plans For MP Vol.2

    I don't feel like server crashes have been fixed at all. I still get multiple crashes a day when playing just like I did at the start. I truly hope server crashes are among priority tasks because its quite annoying. Other than that I enjoy the game a lot but these crashes are gonna get me a...
  9. teamkilling in captain (pictures)

    +1 on reflective team damage. Reflective team damage would be least troublesome way of dealing with these kind of people.
  10. Map design and balance in Captain mode - Town map is very unbalanced

    While I am sure the developers are working on balancing the factions for MP captain mode there is a big difference when it comes to map design and how it affects the factions. Ideally the two factions matched against each other would have some sort of even ground or some real chance of winning...
  11. game dead lol

    Single player: In my opinion most people don't play SP because save games will get corrupted time and time again so people see no reason to play if their progress will just get reset and also significant late game features are not implemented yet. Multi player: People are absolutely tired of...
  12. Auto kick for team damage would be nice in multiplayer

    From what I've seen here I think by far the best idea is for the team damage to be reflected back, that way nobody gets annoyed by it. There is no need for any voting or explaining to other people as to why someone should be kicked ( while the troll probably tries to convince people he didn't do...
  13. Vote to kick system needed

    You are right, people will abuse it sometimes. I guess everything could be done automatically which would actually be much better
  14. Vote to kick system needed

    I agree, vote to kick should be an option. I'm just coming from a round where 1 player was afk in captain mode all 3 rounds and cost our team the chance of winning.