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    Persistent World 4.5.1 - download and general discussion

    Mark_Little said:
    Links do not work  :sad:

    Use the alternate link to the mod db page.
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    Apologies about Fall of Rome

    He did host a server, it's just nobody played and everyone says the map available was utter ass.  His snap chat is full of **** like flying planes, I sincerely doubt he has any motivation to split with the donor's money.

    I should've hurried up and finished my other map, I probably will sometime in the next week or two, but we shouldn't jump to conclusions--not responding is one thing, but if he claimed he'd fund the server with the money and he did indeed fund the server with the money, where's the scam?

    edit: iHave since confirmed with Ramaraunt that he was promised undelivered monetary compensation without explanation.
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    Nordous' Sceners Guild

    Wow I just now realized this place exists  :roll:

    I'm working on a Roman sub-mod for PW based off MoR and I'm wondering--how often do y'all usually scrap a significant part of a scene but keep going on it?  Not just give up on but put largely in place then ax.  I figured Roman city arena would fit so many stereotypes so well and yet it was a total waste of space that didn't really jell well with the aesthetic.

    Also, some works in progress:


    P.S.: Is it a sign that my inner artist has died that I realized I could\should line up the Forum and bathouse along the point to look well planned and neat, but then just zipped around the scene dealing with other **** instead?
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    A problem with "server transfer"

    domipoppe said:
    I tried to but it was too messy for me so I rewrote it.
    Imo it's too much effort needed to get it properly running.

    Did the re-write function?  Ever have it working?  And if so, could you be convinced to share it?
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    Persistent Memories

    What's your favourite PW Mod memory? Personally mine is v2, I had just spawned and didn't really understand anything, a tin can rolled up on a saddle horse and started climbing some stairs towards me.  Was pretty obvious what he intended to do and I panicked, as I figured I had nowhere to go up...
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    Bug reports and suggestions - read the first post

    Splintert said:
    Not for him, but mirroring his past responses. Do you think that no one has suggested this in the past?




    Alright I'm stepping up my game. :fruity:
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    A problem with "server transfer"

    Anyone ever get this working?
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    Buff Money Chests

    This is a map-side issue, protculli controlled from other rooms in the castle gating access to the chestroom's my personal favourite quick-fix but other elaborate solutions can make for a fun time.
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    VAE VICTIS (new map)

    It looks great!  I'll take a look when I get a moment, lots going on for Thanksgiving this year  :roll:
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    NEW MAP (work in progress) Carisbrooke_bay

    Antman81 said:
    update 1

    Looking breddy good with the landscaping, strong verticality and texturing.
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    [MAP] Nordic (WIP)

    Dank map, maybe you wanna de-straighten some of those walls tho?  Can look a l'il...

    Stiff  :fruity:
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    Bannerlord Development

    It's been vapourware for 7 years, it's still vapourware now.

    Don't get fooled by UE4 video with imported existing Warband assets.
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    A ruleset actually created by the community

    >Splintert still here
    y doe
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    [V4.5] Golden Age of Yore [MAP]

    As flattering as this is, y'all could really just make your own all-new maps--in my experience it's kind of easier?  And you could implement entire landscapes more to your vision, rather than shoehorning old purpose-built elements into new positions.

    Anyway, ya dun bretty gud  :fruity:  as long as you make it clear this isn't the original version of AoY, iDon't see any reason to get pissy over it.  (My advice, though, would be to ax the spawn room)
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    .sco archive

    If y'all find one of mine let me know and I'll dredge up the .txt's; may add my own .sco's when I get my desktop set up again.
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