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    The Devs should fix the perks immediately.

    Well, I've done exactly that, except my first attempt was a failure. I didn't want to load and try again since there's an option to discuss a possible marriage after a failed attempt, but every time she says it's impossible for us to ever get married. Maybe save scumming would have helped... Right then, gotta look for an early save... doh... :cautious:
    Yeah that's a shame. I think you should be able to have another chance (possibly with her remembering your previous arguments and reacting accordingly) after some months if she is still available.

    Regarding perks I also don't see why they don't implement at least some of the ones that give small bonuses. Shouldn't be too hard I believe, but what do I know? Q
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    Spouse shouldnt die in childbirth if killable companions is disabled

    I think pregnancies should stay random but less frequent. Also death at childbirth is a nice feature imo. Probably will fit better when emergence of new nobles is implemented, which iirc one of the devs said it was planned.
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    Taleworlds, is there a roadmap?

    I agree some sort of roadmap is needed. Even if things get scrapped later down the line, at least we'd know the general direction and what to expect.
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    Executions and Traits

    Signed in for the first time just to put +1 to OP! I want my barbarian character to be hated and feared, but he's no snake. He's not deceiving anyone, and those loyal have nothing to fear, clearly. Even certain enemies from outside the Empire I will release. Just his Empire enemies must die. Ruthless/barbaric/cold-blooded yes. Deceitful? No. The Empire must die, and all the lords along with it. This should strengthen my relationship with other 'Barbaric' clans
    + freaking 1
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    Is it possible to edit the crosshair?

    Yes in first person without crosshair you can get used to it. Probably won't have as much accuracy as with the crosshair on but in singleplayer it feels right, more realistic to not have a precise crosshair. And by the way I got used to the crossbow too and have decent accuracy with it.
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    Are spears and pikes ever going to be fixed?

    In close combat, not in duels. That's why spearmen wear a sidearm. But the duel attempts on this video and conclusions from it is rubbish, because they intentionally avoided quick thrusts to the face. If they used them, they would have to raise their shields, covering their heads and losing sight for a second. And doing so, you have no idea where the next quick thrust will come from.
    There's another video I'll link later when I have time, which is quite interesting and where they do have head protection.
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    Is it possible to edit the crosshair?

    I started playing with the crosshair off and it feels good. You get used to it after a while. The new crosshair is horrendous.
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    Are spears and pikes ever going to be fixed?

    Agree with OP, but not only that.

    5. Remove super long windup for spear attacks. No matter how spear is held in neutral, overarm or underarm, it's ready to strike. Should you press attack button - character should start a thrust immediately!
    6. Especially in two-handed mode, spear is super fast and nimble weapon, thanks to leverage. You can easily thrust 2 times per second in different parts of opponent’s body, keeping them at distance. And leave one directional input (up or down) for extended powerful lunge.


    Agree on that. Spears should be very fast to thrust and not so slow to recharge.

    I think spears weren't so good in duels, thoguh. There's a video by Lindybeige showing that:

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    Coolest feature scrapped, what is the reasoning behind that?

    To be honest, co-op shouldn't be so hard if it were only in battles, and I'd be inmensely happy with that. Like one player plays and the other joins as either a companion or a regular troop. That would be nice.

    Regarding castle building and such, it is indeed a shame. The current mechanics are an improvement over warband, but it is true it lacks something that makes it more attractive. Specially in villages, where you can do absolutely nothing.
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    [Dev responds] No patch for 2 days

    I never played M&B for the great dialogues... :wink:
    Exactly, there was tons of room for improvement there.

    Ever think their holding certain things in reserve so that the game stays fresh as we’re going through the process?
    If you hadn’t noticed, the main focus the last two weeks has been bugs, crashes, and economy. Even these RNGs from the conversations aren’t updating properly. It always lists the same numbers, regardeless if associated skills.

    We’re looking at a skeleton of the building still in many regards, but once the walls go up, everything on the inside starts to develop rather quickly.

    I honestly think some folks need to just find another game for a few and then come back to this one once a couple bigger updates can get implemented. Being disappointed because the updates are fixing problems you don’t experience or care about is indicative that you just have enough going on right now
    I'm not expecting more dialogue options any time soon to be honest. I expected them on early access release. I expected the game to be closer to what warband was and if they held certaing things to keep the game fresh, those things weren't things that were already in the previous game.

    I really hope you're right and devolpment speeds up and they deliver the truly masterful game Bannerlord could be.
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    Waiting for 10 years makes it feel only more hurtful.

    The difference now it that they released the product into public now. While they could have stalled certain development before they can't do it now as much because well... the ghost was let out of the bottle.

    It is easy to target specific things to fix in your spare time and out of fun when you are not bounded by a who knows how big of a backlog of things that has to be done and people aren't breathing down your neck. Most of programmers aren't some home dwelling hermits that work non stop on writing code/fixing bugs.

    Yeah but some fundamental stuff like combat AI? It's been broken for quite a while now, even pushed from a supposedly beta branch to the main one, and it's been fixed by quite a while now too by the enhanced combat AI mod.
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    [Dev responds] No patch for 2 days

    they rebuilt their engine 4 years ago, so the whole 8 years thing is just not true anyway
    Please tell me how building an engine prevents one single person from writing dialogue lines. As far as I'm aware, not every single employee is a programmer that worked on the engine all the time.
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    Heavy Armor?

    C:\Users\*yourUserName*\Documents\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\Configs\engine_config.txt

    Change "cheat_mode = 0" to "cheat_mode = 1" and when you run the game again and open the inventory you'll see al the items on the left, which you can get for free.
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