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    When is TW going to fix blatant cheating?

    Any change on the client side shouldn't be reflected on the server and therefore clients of other players.We have checked the face key of the player in question and didn't see same issue. Which might be due to several different things, they might have changed it seeing this post or maybe a...
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    Need More Info High Ping Spikes-BattleEye fault?

    Hello, you can uninstal BattlEye by running the bat file under "Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\bin\Win64_Shipping_Client\BattlEye". File is named Uninstall_BattlEye.bat. After that, you can still login to lobby but won't be able to play a game. While you are in lobby, please check Warband ping again.
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    Need More Info 1.5.2 Gamemode matchmaking problem

    Hello, if you can login in next 3 hours, I can check the logs. Please PM me when you do. Thanks
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    Need More Info BattleEye Blocks OBS Streaming or video capture

    Hello, Please refer to this post:
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    Solved I am not able to launch the Multiplayer due to battleeye

    Hello, that file shouldn't be there. Could you please delete that file, then update the following dependencies: Edit: To be sure, could you please delete Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\bin folder...
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    Need More Info Cant join multiplayer

    Could you please update after installing?
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    Need More Info Cant join multiplayer

    Hello, that means the file isn't signed. What is your OS version? Also please go over the dependencies listed below and install/update them again:
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    Solved Streamlabs/Battleye trouble since last update !

    Hello, the signer of the file in question is likely not added as trusted source. Could you please contact BattlEye here: They can help you if you provide the details of the source of the file.
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    Need More Info Failed to initialize BattlEye Service: Driver Load Error (1450)

    Hello, could you please check if there is a solution here: If there isn't, please contact BattlEye here:
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    Clan System Questions

    Hello, Sorry but it is not my place anymore to communicate those. I am not working on servers anymore. One thing I can say is though, most of those questions seems to be related to design, so @AVRC would be the correct person. We programmers do what we are told.
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    Why are NA servers still in NY?

    Nope, not those tools. Nothing that will affect players anytime soon. @MArdA TaleWorlds is the correct person for issues I believe.
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    Need More Info couldn't receive login result form server

    Hello, We are having issues with Steam API. We have contacted Steam and waiting for an answer.
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    Why are NA servers still in NY?

    The stuff I work on is not available to players (yet). I won't be able to help as much as before I am afraid.
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    Why are NA servers still in NY?

    Hello, I don't mind you mentioning me but I won't be working on server related stuff for next couple of months so not really my place to communicate. Sorry!
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    Need More Info couldn't receive login result form server

    Thanks we are looking into this issue.