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    Auto-block in singleplayer

    I think it was removed BECAUSE of multiplayer. I'm pretty sure that most of the Auto-Blockers people used to use hooked into the pre-made auto-blocker and just used it for auto-blocking in servers that had it disabled.
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    Resolved Launcher Issue

    Seems to be fixed in the latest patch.
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    Resolved Launcher Issue

    Go Task Manager, check process' as there might be an existing Bannerlord process running in the background
    I did this when I first saw the issue but there isn't another process running. The only way to fix it is to completely close steam and re-open it.
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    Resolved Launcher Issue

    When you close the launcher without starting the game, it still shows the game is being played on steam.
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    Setting up pw scripts problem

    Honestly, take anything people say in the PW community with a grain of salt. While Vornne has been amazing towards the mod, NA (and some eu) have returned this by coming to the forums and trying to start **** with people.
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    [Released] Persistent World Save System (New & Inovative)

    Just wondering, you used a pretty neat system with banning people through MySQL (iirc) before, why not implement that with this as it leads to instant bans/unbans.
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    I think its time....

    He's a horrible person, done some bad things. This and that and this and that. I'm pretty sure we've heard it already. Learn to let go my friend.
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    Persistent World crashing to desktop

    RAM: 2 GB DDR2

    Most likely the main issue. It's 2GB DDR2 (old) and not to mention that if you have windows running thats already using up a GB atleast (most of the time). No way you're going to run the game until you upgrade computers, or RAM.
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    Celestial Roleplay Server

    Wrong Thread.
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    Persistent World 4.5.1 - download and general discussion

    Zebulon11 said:
    Hey trying to run PW on my Mac.. But all the textures come up as white in game... Any fixes?

    Another fix is just to run it with wine instead of the linux version (since the linux version is VERY buggy) and has alot of issues..
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    In search of Callun Luki

    These are all the maps i have, no idea which version of it is better, don't think i ever used it.

    These are map packs btw they have almost ever good map there is i think so you may have to dig for it.
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    [OSP] Punishments Manager (Name Server Addon)

    Your HTTPS link gives a safety error, and gives not found, but when http:// it works.
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    Avalon NA

    Are you serious, peasants back again? So hes going to get bored of the community in 5 minutes.
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    Theres just alts posting good opinions, gg.
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    Take my name off please :razz:
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