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  1. [HB] - Honour Bound

    Just don't tell Amara.
  2. Statement Regarding Plans For MP

    Thanks for the response. Are you able to give any insight into differences between the map editor currently used by the devs and the one being made available for players, and what area is still being worked towards? As someone who was heavily involved in the administration of the NA warband...
  3. Statement Regarding Plans For MP

    I appreciate the increased dev communications. With that said, I saw that the mod tools were one of the listed high priorities from the developers. Any idea on the actual time frame on the map editor? Thanks
  4. [BSL] Bannerlord Skirmish League(EA)*Old Guard Wins!* (NA)

    Rcc will have more than double the tks but still win.
  5. [PETITION] Rollback/Disable Quit Penalty Indefinitely

    Well thank you for confirming at least that Taleworlds views the scene editor as part of the same package as the modding tools. Given Taleworlds' prior statement that the modding tools wouldn't be ready till end of EA, this at least confirms that the scene editor will not be available for some...
  6. [PETITION] Rollback/Disable Quit Penalty Indefinitely

    Any chance of Taleworlds finally responding to inquiries about the map editor, or should we continue to expect the silent treatment? Wouldn't it be perfect for the mythical alpha branch that you mentioned?
  7. [PETITION] DON'T Rollback/Disable Quit Penalty

    No reason solo players should be treated like second class citizens. Yes it sucks that there are no private servers and that Taleworlds foolishly refuses to release the map editor. Still, planned matches between the 2-3 clans that do them is no excuse for destroying the solo player experience...
  8. [PETITION] Rollback/Disable Quit Penalty Indefinitely

    I stand with Callum. Taleworlds made the right call. No reason solo players should be second class citizens.
  9. BWT Discussion *NEW* $120.00 Prize! NA

    Should have put some type of force majeure language into those VK contracts. Imagine paying hundreds of dollars in player salaries for matches that can't even happen. Oof.
  10. BWT Discussion *NEW* $120.00 Prize! NA

    That clan name never appears in this thread. Change the tag to KV then. The rest should work.
  11. BWT Discussion *NEW* $120.00 Prize! NA

    I would like to register my team: The Knights Of Vlandia. I'm sure you will have no issue with that? Clan Name: Knights of Vlandia Clan Tags: KV Clan Leader's Steam: Ebdanian Admiral Main Roster of 6: Ebdanian Admiral Ghaern Rhade Blacktide Dbd Mad Dawg Three Substitute Players: Aura Snoop...
  12. BWT Discussion *NEW* $120.00 Prize! NA

    Game does not presently allow for smooth tournaments for reasons already put forth (e.g. no mirror factions or private servers). The mandated times are also a joke and would never work. While I understand that you want the scene to start having tournaments with prize pools given your decision...
  13. To the all knowing mexxico

    Being a developer who is known to mingle among the people and impart great wisdom, would you mind conveying such knowledge with respect to some of the main questions held by the multiplayer community? 1) When will the map editor be made available to players? 2) Are the developers satisfied with...
  14. Spawn area should kill you for camping it

    Or just make better maps where there are no protected spawns that have any utility.