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    NC19 Belgium & The Netherlands The horns of Allejoppa will sound one last time

    In-Game Name: Attila
    Steam Name: Attila
    Classes: Archer
    Clan: Te slecht voor clans
    Kleine introductie over jezelf of opmerkingen of mooie foto's of youtube filmpjes die je wilt posten of een mooie selfie of weet ik veel wat(Je bent verplicht hier iets te posten of je application wordt rejected): Te Mans voor een filmpje
    Nationaliteit NL
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    [WIS] Team Rosters & Substitutions

    Confirmed I left AI
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    [WIS] Free Agents

    Name: Attila
    Nationality: Netherlands
    Preferred Class: Archer
    Past Teams: Irish Rebels, Wonwokie, Aesir
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    NC2018 Belgium & The Netherlands

    In-Game Name: Attila
    Steam Name: IR_Attila
    Classes: Archer
    Clan: IR/RR
    Kleine introductie over jezelf of opmerkingen of mooie foto's of youtube filmpjes die je wilt posten of een mooie selfie: donder op
    Nationaliteit Nederland
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    BeNe measure contest

    Ik doe mee zal wel gehaat worden wanneer ik win maarja dat risico moet ik maar nemen!!
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    Thank you.

    Goodluck buddy in the army!!
    I must say playing with you was always a pleasure back in the day with Wonwokie!!
    And ofcourse their where more moments when we played together on this **** game xD
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    [WSC2] Signups & Introduction - Prizepool 500€ and growing!

    Name: Attila
    Past Teams: Wonwokie,IR,FTW
    Nationality: Netherlands
    Preferred Class: Archer
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    Native Fantasy League [NFL] Sign ups!

    Main Class:Archer
    Second Class:Inf
    Interested in leading a team?: (Yes/No) No
    Would you mind/Do you want to call for your team even if you aren't the captain?: (Yes/No) No I dont mind

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    [WNL6] Free Agents

    Can you remove me from the free agents list I am playing with FTW thank you.
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    [WNL6] Free Agents

    Name: Attila
    Past Teams: Wonwokie,Irish Rebels and Tilde Turtles
    Steam:http: //
    Preferred Class: Archer
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    [EC5] Group F

    Ye sorry we will play at 19:30 bst tonight
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    [EC5] Group F
    gg Dof
    Irish Rebels 2-0 Defenders of Faith
    Server played on WMT_Holland_2
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    [EC5] Team Rosters & Substitutions

    Irish Rebels Roster.
    REMOVE:  Sphere 112892
    ADD:        Asediado 1597988
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    [EC5] Team Rosters & Substitutions

    Can you add Viktor-1100955
    to the Irish Rebels team thank you.
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    [EC5] European Championship Fives - Signups

    Team Name: Irish Rebels
    Team Tag: IR
    Team Location: EU
    Contact 1: Attila
    Contact 2: Raptorjesus
    Team Banner:


    Attila   108859
    Blade   1070170
    Raptorjesus  999499
    CarpeDiem  52822
    Majesty        101733 1257615
    Nici              1038490
    Sphere        112892

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