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    MP Native cRPG

    Can't wait to see some progress like what I saw this week with DTV. You guys can do it!

    I hope for the return of the good old days where clans made everything politic andhated on each others. The admiration I had toward insanely good players and also the satisfaction of being part of a communauty.
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    Resolved Game Crash while loading Multiplayer Mount & Blades game

    I just can't enter the game. The game crashes on launch in the loading screen. It started doing this TODAY (14 may 2020) I downloaded a new patch just before. I believe it comes from the new patch.
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    Class Customization System: Bannerlord vs Warband

    This has been suggested before, a similar system like mordhau is what i think you're thinking about right? It looks decent but i still think a progression system isn't something native should have.

    Despite how much i wouldn't want a cRPG system, i would still prefer it over this current one

    I think otherwise.
    I do believe that progression help a lot to get players to stick to the game. Working to get to a goal is important and even if people complain about it well atleast it give them something to go after. I don't think it has to be something that affect the game much, but it definitely give a sense as to why you keep playing. Im already at +/-600games on skirmish and I continue playingjust because I want to improve, but I can't see any non-competitive player enjoying what we got at the moment for more than 50 games.

    Progression will always be important in a game to make it survive. If they don't use the chances they have to increase their playerbase there won't be any competitive scene. And you know what? this game has the potential to be competitive if they make the good decisions. It is also a big opportunity for them on a business level.
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    Suggestion: server without class-system

    This is my idea off how they could change the Multiplayer experience (except of captain mod)

    I like the factions a lot and think it should stay in the game. But, teams should be able to vote at the start of a game wich faction they choose.
    Representing a faction and playing it constantly with a team is rewarding and you get to be known as a player of that faction from others.

    Each factions could have an inventory of weapons and armors to be bought with gold you acquire by playing (New players get acces to a respectable amount)

    There should be a customisation tab in the lobby to preset your character (just like in mordhau)

    I like the gold per round idea and I think balancing equipment with gold value instead of creating units presets could be better. People could make their own classes with a gold cap and their units once in game would cost a certaint amount depending on how they builded them. Just like what we have in the game right now :smile:

    Make a system where people feel like they're unique in their playstyle and can be recognised by others.
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    Class Customization System: Bannerlord vs Warband

    Thank you mr_nifty. Ill definitely look at that thread
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    Class Customization System: Bannerlord vs Warband

    cRPG is terrible for native. The progression system will only make it new people get rolled over all the time. The warband class system which had a very minimal "progression" was perfect for casual play.

    This is the kind of poll or thread that has been sticking to bannerlord since the start of the game. And TW still believe that not listening to their community is the good way to go

    What about everyone get the ''max level stats'' with the same endgame costumisation?
    Also giving people the feel that they're playing ''their own build'' can stimulate new player to experiment new things and stick longer to the game.
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    Class Customization System: Bannerlord vs Warband

    I would vote for Crpg but eh... not one of these choices seems great
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    The State of Shields in Bannerlord

    I think the damage is fair. People tend to go Mace with the sergeant for the weapon speed and sword with other class for the same reason. TBH if your plan is to **** on infantry shields... sure take axes as a team and it will work fine. It,s just that the meta is still changing a little and people don't play much axes at the moment in party play.
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    The State of Shields in Bannerlord

    Do not buff shields... seriously wtf. They're already pretty tanky.
    If you don't want your shield to be destroyed switch off your shield and go in your 1v1. Get it back when it is better for you. Shields are meant to absorb arrows, tank a 1hit couch and defend yourself out of a bad situations. If your reason is that you can't block once you get your shield destroyed then you just don't get how the game work. You'll have to improve at some point in your dueling block skills.

    If your shield break it is for a balance reasons, not for realism.
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    MP Native Kingdoms [Persistent Kingdoms Successor]

    I never played PK on warband (wich I regret quite a lot now that I know about it) but I have a suggestion if that is possible.
    ->Proximity voicechat
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    Admin abuse in east asia server

    No, you're the one intentionally missing the point. Censorship is censorship. It doesn't matter if the servers are chinese or not. You talk about "dictatorship policies", as though that means anything. I find any kind of censorship disgusting, personally, and this is no different. The difference is that at least I have some kind of intellectual consistancy and realize that the chinese admins censoring things based on subjective preference is no different than anyone else censoring anything else(in a game chat) based on any other subjective preference. There is 0 difference, except the fact that you happen to support one and oppose the other.

    I have the same take as you in those situations. Censorship is censorship no matter what. It always do bad instead of good. If there is racism or whatever else censoring will never help, it will only hide the truth. See how Trump got elected even tho each ****ing websites where banning or censoring people about it... like all the media did not see it coming because they got biased by their own censorship and echochamber.
    **** any sencorship TBH.
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    Is there any posibility to get a teamkiller banned?

    Glad to see moderator take care of that kind of problems. Continue with your good work I like it.
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    SP Other Naked Females

    A man of culture. The savior!
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    Remove the block delay you've added back

    My god... I hope this thread will remind them of those posts you linked that never got into the argument. I also tried it in duel, and, MY GOD it ****ing suck and it is so frustrating. How did they sticked with a clunky mechanic like that?

    Atleast we got to duels each other and that will do good for the game as we'll see better where the problems are.

    You should start a petition against block delay.

    /Signed 9000%
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