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    [Warband] Torneo 1v1 organizzato da "Bannerlord Italia" [Iscrizioni]

    ...Ciao @Fenriz , contatta SongsOfWar su Steam:...

    ...il torneo dovrebbe iniziare alle 17:00 fino alle 21:00, il server non mi ricordo ma ha un nome italiano lo dovresti riconoscere facilmente...
    ...se non trovi SongOfWar prova a contattare altri utenti sempre via Steam...

    ...io mi colleghero' stasera dopo le 20:00, spero di beccare sia te che Asti... :wink:

    Jabbone io purtroppo prima delle 21 la sera non riesco
  2. Astinus

    Waiting for 10 years makes it feel only more hurtful.

    Your first 4 points summarize quite well what Bannerlord is lacking in feelings: yeah, battle might be awesome but their outcome is not.
    At this point Bannerlord is little more than just a Warband reskin... I don't have many hopes for the EA but maybe people are right and they will start adding content soon (and at least fix perks sooner)
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    If you want to have a class actually played in competitive play you need to give them access to shields.

    It's not really rocket science
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    Are perks broken for everyone?

    Asking for a friend
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    Login failed

    Probably TW login server exploded due to traffic
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    Dev Blog 15/03/18

    Those this mean we won't also have TDM nor DM and that sieges will be the only "fun" mode?

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    Floris Evolved (Sub Mod - Released)

    Hello, just started again to play a bit of WB single player and I was willing to test this very well regarded mod.

    The issue I got so fare is that troops name are preceded by a code (like I1 for swadian recruits), I assume this is to clearly show the tier and the type, but I don't like it. Is there a way to disable it?
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    S.M.A.R.D. Points (SP)

    Scar said:
    I think we are pretty much done with All Time now. If you have anything regarding the NC Dream Teams I'm still happy to look into it though. :smile:
    Thoughts on adding Harlequin as all time ranger? While he stopped playing years ago, back then he was one of the top rangers of the game and he also had tournament success being part of the 22nd dream team and had a good run in the Nations Cup he attended (the 2011 one, we basically only lost to the teams who will end the tournament 1st and 2nd, and we even took a game from France)
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    S.M.A.R.D. Points (SP)

    Andreadegge said:
    The changes that I will do is taking back Niragar as Ranger,because he's amazing in that role,instead of Zelon.
    Zelon has an incredible aim,but a good Ranger is not based only on his aim,but also by the way it can survive as an infantryman in situations that require it, in finding the perfect shooting position.
    I can say the same things about Guera,but I don't want to become too much rude :razz:

    I second that: Fortesque had the chance to play with all of them while I mostly played with just Zelon, so he's a better judge on this question. I put Zelon name only to make him evalutate by someone else.

    Also Fortesque is the guy who can make clarity on the other roles, are Rat, Duken and Crash listed as their proper class? If I remember correctly Duken was better fitted as infatry, as was Crash while Rat used to play as a ranger. But I stopped playing way before they hit their prime, so maybe I misremember
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    S.M.A.R.D. Points (SP)

    Scar said:
    Oh my bad then, sorry mate. :wink: I really appreciate the suggestions anyway, I myself want these lists to be as good as possible. And obviously I can't have every information about every player, so keep them coming.

    Regarding Crash, Loy and Memnone - I got told Loy was a great infantry, and Crash was actually playing ranger as his main class. Does anyone else have some info regarding that?

    Fine, I'll ask about roles to make clarity
  11. Astinus

    S.M.A.R.D. Points (SP)

    Sorry if I sounded pissed off, it wasn't my intention: I just liked the idea of a top and a dream team list and I wanted to be sure it was as truthfully as possible.

    Both Memnone and Trisfald are old guard, who played only as AB and Italian team so it isn't surprising neither you nor Fortesque don't see them. If you still have contact with Crusader, you can ask him

    EDIT: you should have switched Loy with Memnone, not Crash  :wink:
  12. Astinus

    S.M.A.R.D. Points (SP)

    I stopped playing Warband a couple of years ago, so I'm surely not enough in touch with the competitive scene to comment the top 30 lists (even if I think LordWilly and Harlequin, the former for infantry the latter for ranger should be taken into consideration, especially if other old glories like Lezard are listed).

    However, the Italian dream team is quite a mess.

    As Captain it should have Yukuai, who was the moral leader and overall inspiration force behind our best run at a World Cup, or Harlequin, who was the tactical commander.

    Infantry should see Loy swapped out to make room for Memnone: on his prime he was on par with Fenriz, just a step behind Willy

    The presence of Turambar is a joke: while he was a funny guy, he never took the game seriously and he has never been part of a competitive line up. He has nothing to do with a Dream Team, Trisfald should be there instead.

    Also Zelon might be a worth candidate to the ranger list but I never had the chance to see neither Fortesque nor Niragar on their prime so I can't really compare them.

    I also have some issue with some role assignation, but since it might be my memory failing I need to check it with my teammate first
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    I MAY need help with Ital/y/ians

    What kind of help do you need?
    Are you asking for advices on your stay in Rome or for someone who's going to take you out of jail if you eventually got arrested?  :razz:

    Generally speaking, in Italy you won't find many english speakers, but here in Rome you should have an easier time, especially if you plan to stick aroung the most touristic areas where most people should be able to understand, if not speak, at least some basic english.

    When are you planning to visit Rome?
  14. Astinus

    Total War: Attillia

    Shogun 2 had a very nice multyplayer aspect, I really enjoyed it.

    On the other end though he had the dullest single player of the whole series. Having the same type of army was good in the multy but boring there, also the fact they chose to cut away the typical semi random characters and generals devolpment really killed it for me.

    I'm not going to give money to CA or SEGA this time
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