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    I've been scammed by developers

    Because there is no response to these posts - and this post in particular which is a pretty serious accusation - from the Devs or the moderators darling. Chill out before you give yourself a migraine.
    Neither devs nor the moderation have much reason to respond to ridiculous and completely baseless claims like that. If they did it every time one like that popped up, they would have to stop the development of both Bannerlord and that space game they are working on, and mods wouldnt have time to take care of actually problematic posts.

    Either way, not worth anybody's time.
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    I've been scammed by developers

    Kinda shows how little the developers browse their own forums these days that posts like these are left up. There is no love lost between TW and myself, but if anything it proves that TW aren't around anymore.
    How exactly does it show anything? People have always been complaining about something and coming up with more or less justified critique of TW. But I don't see how that is supposed to indicate whether they browse the forum or not.

    TW is not responsible for moderating the forum, if that's what you mean. That's the job of the forum administration and moderators. And it's not like such threads necessarily break the rules, as long as they don't attack devs on a personal level.
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    I've been scammed by developers

    Google TL of what they said:
    Playing games for 25 years. They usually always worked. There was little to complain about. But now, it's become normal. Release unfinished games. To finish them later. lol A BMW is cool, but when you've paid for it and it doesn't drive because something is broken or missing. What is that?? lol It's the same here. And as I said. The trend by too many false investors, in games. Those who want to cash in quickly are bad for the whole industry. You can no longer buy a game for fun. It is better to watch a lot of videos beforehand. And buy it weeks later when everything works out.

    The game works for 99% of people who bought it. Just like with cars and really ANYTHING else in the world, there will be defective units that dont work. Also, the issue in this case appears to come from issues with the drivers for the particular GPU that the OP is using. So the game was just fine, but a new GPU driver messed things up. Hardly TW's fault in this instance.

    I dont have any issues with calling out problems with Bannerlord where gthey are warranted, and god knows there's lots of issues. But calling this a scam is either stupid or disingenuous.
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    I've been scammed by developers

    Can't return it on Steam? You have a 2h of playtime window to do so. And no, technical issues are not a scam.
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    Having Going Turkish Name

    Can someone please tell me what "Having Going" - the Athletics perk that boosts persuasion - is called in the dev's native language (I think Turkish)?

    I'm probably the only person who cares but I'm unclear what the flavor of the perk is supposed to be in English. It's clear that the perk makes you better at persuasion, but "Having going" isn't a common phrase. It's close to both "Have going" as in to deceive (like a politician) and "Having a go" as in pointed banter (like Brits are famous for). I just want to know whether a character with that perk is intended to be deceitful, clever, quick in conversation, etc.
    My assumption was always that it's intended to be like "have it going on", like, well... Stacy's Mom....
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    How much work it takes?

    Why Taleworlds don't address this easy to add features when everybody is asking for it and it is so obvious they are needed.
    Vanilla game is unplayable for me due to the stupidity of travelling half map to ask something to a mercenary.
    One word. Priorities.

    You might think these things are very important, but TW disagrees. So they have other, more pressing things they have to work on before they can implement these features.
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    What's your experience with being a foot soldier?

    Why should I actually use my feet to move around like some kind of peasant? It's mount&blade for Christ's sake, not sword and sandal!

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    Reading the Console Reviews coming in is simply mind boggling

    "How dare those console peasants enjoy a game that I've spent a better part of last 6 months spreading vitriol about!" - someone on this forum, probably.
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    Back to top 10 played games in Steam

    and yet there's currently less than 250 players in multiplayer..... (0.7% of current players)

    does anyone see there might be a problem??
    Almost 250 people dont know how to occupy their time with something that is actually fun. Indeed, it is a problem.
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    High tier armor prices still too high

    Not particularly long into a campaign you can sit on tens of millions of denars and nothing to spend it on. Kiting out your merry band of funsters in the top gear is pretty much the only big money sink in the late-ish game.
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    Companion Wages are Way Too High

    Those costs become completely and utterly negligible by midgame. I dont really see this as an actual issue tbh. Especially since companions arent just soldiers, they are officers and leaders in their own right, it makes perfect sense that they would be better paid than some soldiers.
    If anything, it's regular troops that don't get paid enough.
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    How many cavalry units on consoles?

    I think the "real" combat limit is actually 2000, to account for cavalry counting double, but you can only ever get 1000 soldiers to spawn at once. So regardless of if you have infantry or cavalry, you will only ever get 1000 troops at once.

    In other words, in vanilla on PC you get as much cavalry in a battle as you get infantry, so I see no reason why it should be different on console.
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    Do you think the forums will be alot more active on & after full release?

    I would actually expect more people who already bought into Bannerlord during EA to come back to the forum rather than completely brand new buyers to find their way here.
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    Probably still wont use it, and rather rely on the nexus. But we'll see how things shake out.
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