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    Class restriction [Vote]

    Clan/Team: Coackroaches of Malta Do you want to impose a class restriction? Yes If a class restriction is imposed, which restriction do you prefer? 2
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    Preferred Game Mode [Vote]

    Clan/Team: CockRoaches of Malta Which is your preferred Game Mode? Best of Three
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    We know signups are already closed, but I think we got one more spot. Coackroaches of Malta
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    [WBMM] Unban Appeals

    Since we talked about it on Discord, this has been cleared up for now. Thanks for your constructive criticism this time.
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    [WBMM] Unban Appeals

    1.) Already a few admins approved the first ban and even told you that. 2.) You should've made an unban appeal for the first BAN, not after you decided to banevade. 3.) I already tried to solve the situation with you, but instead of discusing on a constructive level, you started insulting...
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    SODT #1 June 6, 2020 - Completed

    Name: Ascarion Steam: Main Class: Inf Region: EU
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    [WBMM] Discussion & Suggestions

    can we have some active playing admins? 90% of the current admin Team is inactive.
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    [W6C] Warband 6-aSide Cup Sign-Up Thread [Groups Announced]

    Its not like that the "proofs" can be easily manipulated... lmao I'd rather play in a smaller legit community than in a lil bigger community which opens doors for cheaters. Its so unlikely to catch a cheater, and If you already got one, they deserve to be banned forever imho. Its already dead...
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    [WNL8] General Discussion

    I agree, no need to prove
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    [WNL8] General Discussion

    LGN bois always scary
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    [WNL8] General Discussion

    What if cheats are not shown as a tab, but in the task manager or as an hidden process?
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    [WNL8] General Discussion

    Maybe he didnt have gold package ... xD
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    [WNL8] General Discussion

    its the pAcKeTlOsS man, how cant u see it -.- its trying to catch your packets for compensation
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    [WNL8] Statistics

    either DivA or DivB, but not split up in both xD
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    [WNL8] Promotion Week | Deadline: 08/03

    god oneil got this