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    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Developer Blog 14 - Destructible Merlons

    I have been playing M&B since 0.7xx and have been through the phase. M&B Warbands was a great success. It's proven to be a good platform for DLCs (paid mods). Bannerlord will be better with what we have seen so far. We are getting a sweet deal here, guys. M&B doesn't answer to a big publisher and as long as Warband and other DLCs make them enough profit to keep them going, they will continue to make Bannerlord.

    Though, it wouldn't hurt if Taleworlds decide to switch to a proven success model though, like EU4 and CKII ... they made the base game with functionality and improve upon it gradually: I owned both game at the beginning and it looks and plays RADICALLY different and better now.
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    Civilization : Beyond Earth

    I'm waiting for the expansions of C:BE. They did outstanding jobs with G&K and BNW, so I hope they will do the same to C: BE. The new tech web and upgrade paths, with not-so unique units and buildings, lack of sci-fi descirptions are not making BE very appealing atm.
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    SP Fantasy [WB] Gothic: Conquest - A Gothic 3 Based Fantasy Mod

    Those updates are amazing, I'm looking forward for more of this beautiful creation  :smile:
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    Comments: 3.0 Released

    Good news on Xmas! Great addition to the joy! Thank you, Phlpp!  :mrgreen:
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    Vietnamese weapons

    A small note on the "Leaf Hat", it actually is a misconception.
    I think it's mainly due to the low quality of the black & white photograph in 19th century that it looks like paper or leaf in the modern eyes. A poorly reconstruction of such hats used in ceremony in Vietnamese modern times also contributed to the confusion as well.
    In fact, the helmet was made of steel and beautifully decorated with bronze.
    A recent contribution of said helmet to the state museum (it was kept as a family heirloom for generations) which belonged to a provincial guard surprised due to the details of decoration and the materials of the helmet.
    I will try to find the picture to show it here.
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    Comments: 3.0 Released
    Surrealbeliefs is having on-going Gekokujo LP series with nearly ~4,000 views per episode!
    Congrat on having your beautiful work is so popular as ever, phlpp!  :mrgreen:

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    If you're a general/king how will you equip and organise your foot-soldiers?

    Equipments (that soldiers can carry up to 30 kgs, or they would be carried by supplytrain/wagon)
    1. bow & arrows or crossbow & bolts or throwing spears
    2. polearm: swordstaff or halberd
    3. side-weapon: 1-hand axe or warhammer or mace
    4. chainmail hauberk & gamberson, plus plate armors (according to the combat condition, the soldiers will wear the suitable armors)
    5. shield
    6. rations, basic weapon & armor maintainance and medical aid gears: bandages, sterilization (powder or strong alcohol), sewing kits, basic tools (sharpening stones, glues, etc.)

    The organization will emphasize on trainning soldiers to be able to understand how to use all/most of the weapons mentioned above, plus wilderness survival (swimming, fishing, hunting, etc.), scouting, basic weapon and armor repair, basic medical aid skills;
    Lowest rank of officer will also study the small teamwork and leadership skill (of 5-10 men), how to relay information accross the battlefields, basic reading and writing skills, communicate skills (include basic language) between different ethnic groups and cultural group
    Promotion will be based on merits rather than relationship (which, suprisingly, only the Mongol and Sassanid did before modern history)
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    Youtube gamers and livestreamers: discussion, recommendations, etc.

    My current favourite is Shenryyr2, since he plays EU IV all the time, and he's really good at it, his joke is mildly entertaining at best, but it lighten up the mood of watching a strategy-focus such as EU IV.
    The second is Surrealbeliefs, he spent alot of times researching and talking about history on Rome 2 LP (which I liked) but R2TW is so boring, things might change on the release of EB II or later patches/mods on R2.
    Quill18 sometimes do previews of unreleashed games, which is pretty cool, plus he wore horned helm + chain mail to do a LP on CK2 release! He is not very good at playing the game though
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    Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord - Purchase question

    Crille said:
    The people who delve on the forums of a game regularly are usually 110% bias for the company as well as the game itself.
    One example that comes to mind is the ESO forums where the vast majority was for a sub fee (in its standard form and amount aka ''Wow''), even though the rest of the internet facepalmed itself at hearing this.

    That said.. I'm really looking forward more announcements!
    I'm a lurker in taleworlds, twcenter, paradoxplaza for years and I have followed CK2, EU IV, R2:TW from the earliest announcement; when they offered pre-order R2 from Steam I said "SEGA, go f*** urself !"; on the other hand, I bought EU IV right from the start after watched all the previews and dev dairies: they offered what-you-see-is-what-you-get appoarch while CA has been sugarcoating all of their stuffs so much that it stinks.
    Talewords? our beloved Devs have always giving us nothing prior-release information on Warbands and Napoleon (unless few pictures and leaked infos here and there) and all those are excellent and good for me.
    So yes, they will get my pre-order money
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    Comments: 3.0 Released

    phlpp said:
    QuailLover said:
    You might like this, if you decide to expand one vs one duels.,284720.0.html

    If I recall the code is on page 3, but later pages may have updates.
    yeah i mentioned i was going to integrate that at some point. i might even make a toned down version of that part of the npc companion and lord AI! possibly tied to their weaponmaster skill, of course -- can't have george or marisa suddenly doing backflips and taking down ashigaru left and right, now can we?
    IMHO, please don't implement it too much (limited it dueling and such), rescuing Lord from prison is already very hard (on Hard Combat AI and 100% Dmg, it's really tough for Lords to live long enough for me to kill all the guards since in Japan we don't use shields)
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    News:a chinese game copying M&B is around the corner

    I'm suprised that they didn't do it sooner, but oh well, I guess M&B is not popular enough to general public to be stolen sooner :roll:
    They have stolen Facebook, Y!m, twitter, youtube, Amazon, Ebay; supressed Google and Microsoft to "protect" their clones of search engine, video sharing site and games, cloning and copying everything, etc.
    M&B is not really an exceptional case here.
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    Europa Universalis IV released!

    If you wanted to Westernize, get the Stability Idea is a good idea* , especially with expansive colonial Eastern empires which I wished I had planned Stability Idea from the start
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    Comments: 3.0 Released

    If phlpp ever considers making Ninja into Gekokujo, I'd suggested avoid giving them "light/cloth" and throwing weapons; since M&B mechanic would hardly favour the type of "troop" without armor and the throwing mechanic is really bad.
    Furthermore, if ninjas ever considered jumping a fully equiped samurai with 1 or 2 of his companions, wearing dark clothing and using short swords and throwing stars are very bad ideas!
    I think PoP's Scorpion Assassin is a good model to portray Ninja in Gekokujo: Medium-armored and insanely fast, equipped with really fast custom one-handled weapon and carrrying very few throwing knifes with high damages.
    P.s: you can also consider giving elite ninjas few primitive grenades, I think Napoleon is now open-source and they have a really good grenade script  :grin:
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    Comments: 3.0 Released

    The sound and smoke effect are amazing and it is a tremendous improvement over old ones, it surely will add immerse feeling to the battlefield now.
    Will the new <Clan> Skirmisher Unit lines will have specific mixed guns/bows ratio for each clan like you described before?
    This is exciting!
    And to see the mod is all built by one man, it's really amazing as well!
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    Rome II: Total War

    I doubt it, they will have to sell enough DLCs first before giving players any modding capacity
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