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    Ne yaptığını bilmeyen lordlar

    Muhtemelen seni kovalamıyor sen uzaklaşınca önceden gitmeye çalıştığı yere tekrar gidiyordur. Ben de olan o.
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    SP Native [WB] Zendar Project (Mod that restores/recreates content from the old versions of Mount and Blade)

    Hey, I'm interested in playing older versions like you mentioned, Warrider, 0.632 , etc. Would you know how to get them working on Windows 10? I have found these links, but they're very old and will not launch on my computer:
    I'm interested in the early versions although I never played them, and would love to know the original story, even if unfinished! I noticed that the mod "Light & Darkness: Heroes of Calradia" has a lot of ancient names and locations, like Constable Hareck and Zendar, would you know just how faithful to the original story this mod is?
    Thank you!
    I'd like to know that as well. I'm restoring some old M&B lore in my mod too so I'd be cool to actually experience the events in the old M&B first to know how they look. Any solutions to play it on win10?
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    SP Medieval 1429: The Hundred Years War

    Is it possible to get the latest vers. source codes of this? Its listed as OSP including the codes but I can't find it anywhere. I'd like to take a look at the quest structures/lines as I really liked some quests. Thanks!
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    Please change the dye colours for the Northern (or Eastern/"southern") empire. They are way too similar.

    Did you ever let the game time pass more than a few months in Warband? There was no way you could tell the difference after enough defections created mixed indistinguishable armies. I was hoping they would find a way force lords to only field troops of the faction they were currently part of but this color scheme is definitely better than nothing, if only they could get the Empire faction cloth to match the shield colors.
    I played over 1200+ hours of Warband (probably half-again as much in WSE-enabled mods, so those aren't counted on my Steam stats) and the one-color banners don't confuse me at all. The sides are colored by factional affiliation, regardless of culture. It is difficult to imagine ways they could make it even easier.

    This was difficult in Warband once lords started defecting, or in mods like Gekokujo where armor designs were similar or the same between factions.

    I've played warband for over 2000 hours. I wasn't talking about defections, yeah defections made a mess but in bannerlord it gets confusing even in early game and its boring seeing every lord in same colours, only problem with warband is the defections but mods solved that with making lords change culture depending on their factions. I was hoping for a similar approach before the release of bannerlord.
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    Lance couching seems useless right now.

    Not to mention the awful animation. Its more like an awkward lance attack rather than lance couching..
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    Should we be able to marry non-nobles like Companions, Merchants & Gang Leaders?

    I will support anything that makes the game more sandboxy.
    Yes. Thats what we need. Anything that will give player more freedom should be possible :grin:
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    Ability to change equipment during sieges

    Ouch! :facepalm: When you missed whole explanation... Anyway I'm sorry you had to explain it a second time.
    Np, I hope it was clear enough :grin:
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    Ability to change equipment during sieges

    This is I believe best approach since combat on horseback with one handed weapon is really pain and not fun at all. But if armors are the same as on the battle tab and only the weapon slots can be changed. Otherwise we have to buy new armor set again which is make no sense.
    No I've explained how that works. All the items will be visible in the siege loadout screen unless you manually replace an item, all the items will be greyed out and will be used in siege. If you want to replace anything you will have to drop the new item to the slot and thats it. No item duplication is needed, If you want to use the sword or any other item from your battle loadout simply dont drop any items to the slots on the siege loadout. Greyed items you see are from the battle load out and will be used in siege as well, That counts for the weapons as well and that way you dont have to use the siege loadout screen if you dont want to. You wont be able to take off the greyed out items from the siege loadout as they are bound to the battle loadout. This is actually a very similar approach to "outfit" designers of some MMORPG games like Star wars the old republic etc.
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    Has telling a lord "Actually, I think you're the one ought to surrender" ever worked?

    They should be the ones to offer negoiating tbh. They should offer money, horses etc if they want to get away and maybe even consider surrendering/changing sides.
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    [Dev responds] No patch for 2 days

    First of all, I have hundreds of hours in Warband. 95% of that in mods of course, becasue the native Warband kinda sucked, it could barely sustain the first playthough before it got boring (if you also played the original M&B as I did, I dont really know how Warband felt for a new player). It seems to me that people forget how underwhelming native Warband was.

    Bannerlord already feels like a bigger improvement over Warband than Warband was over the original (talking pure native here). Maybe that is just because I am not a child and actually understand how game development works, meaning I am able to judge the product based on which features are finished, which are not fully fleshed out and which are purely placeholders.

    Also, if you think the shallow gimmick of poems in Warband was depth, I have a bridge to sell you.
    I said compared to Bannerlord. Yes Warband overall has more depth in the long run. If you really did play Warband then you'd know what I'm talking about and what exactly we lack in bannerlord. You talk as if you are a part of the dev team and act like these things will be improved and added. I hope you're right for the sake of this game. As I said these are hardly the 2 little balance issues as you said. These are core gameplay mechanics Warband had and Bannerlord lacks.
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    [Dev responds] No patch for 2 days

    You complain the game lacks depth, yet you mentioned 2 very minor balance changes (giving lords more diverse traits and giving traits more pronounced effects, and making getting marriage approval harder). Are you serious?
    There's much more than that.I'm sure you haven't played Warband so you really dont know the issue here. Making marriage simply "harder" doesnt solve anything, it needs depth. We could learn poems, dedicate tourney victories, challenge other suitors etc and family affiliations meant something. The families with strong lords were important. There are many many features in Warband that we currently dont have in Bannerlord, every relation point meant something in Warband. So calling them 2 very minor balance changes is not true. These are huge features that creates depth and effects the overall gameplay in the long run. I hope devs implement those features to the game and just dont leave them simplified as they currently are.
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    No sword sisters? No refugee women, nothing. What the hell?!?

    But, like, now I'm kinda interested. What are your feelings on transgender people?
    I don't care about people's gender, its not my business to comment on their gender. They can belong whatever gender they want.

    Seriously this forum is the most toxic one I've ever been to. @Adept congratz on making it more toxic than it ever was. You guys are the reason people go into fights without talking, its unbelievable you guys are able to accuse people on being misogynist just because their ideas for a historical video game is different than you and they want it to be a little more on the accurate side of the history, you guys constantly accuse people which leads me to believe you're actually trolls trying to find some amusement in your sorry lonely lives. Its just pathetic how you dragged whole argument into this.
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    No sword sisters? No refugee women, nothing. What the hell?!?

    Needing men and women be explicitly different seems to be a massive need for you, even in a game set in a fictional culture. This doesn't seem entirely healthy. I suspect the very existence of queer- and transgender people is a big personal problem for you.
    You're clearly the most ****** up person on this forum. Transgender people? Really? The fact that you try to drag this into somewhere I didnt even talk about just shows your intellectual level. Go get a life man, and take your assumptions, idiotic thoughts with you. I said they need to play differently in A GAME just like in WARBAND. The world is ruined because of people like you, youre impossible to talk. The very existence of people with different ideas seem to be a big personal problem for you given your responses towards everybody who has different opinions. Its not healthy.
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    Ability to change equipment during sieges

    Taken from my post to a similar suggestion.


    Something like this could be implemented. The greyed out items are the ones from the battle load out and so you can drop any item to change it for the siege load out. That way there is no need to duplicate the items, the sword here is glowing because it replaced the one from the battle load out. Any changes you make to battle loadout such as armor could be visible in siege load out unless you manually change it.
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    Siege defenders need some love

    I also don't think I've ever seen the AI use the ladder prod to push ladders off the walls. Taking the walls with just ladders should be very costly but right now it just isn't. Letting the AI shove ladders off the walls and shoot ladder carriers on their way to the walls would go a long way to making it very expensive in lives to not bring siege towers.
    I agree with everything. But I've seen, several times actually AI pushing the ladders off the walls and when my soldiers lift it up they push it off again immediately. But they dont do it for all the ladders, just doing it for one or two.
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