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    [BEAST#1] Group B

    I would guess you got no response?
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    [BEAST#1] Group G

    Thanks. OP Updated.
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    [BEAST#1] Group H

    Thank you. Updated.
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    [BEAST#1] Group E

    Thank you. Updated...
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    [BEAST#1] Group D

    Guys... any chance we can get match schedules?
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    [BEAST#1] Group D

    Thank you. Updated.
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    Pierd toti banii

    Fiind in Early Access, jocul mai are bug-uri ciudate. E posibil ca un script sa se fi rulat aiurea. Cel mai simplu e sa faci un screenshot si un bug report. De asemenea, afla in ce locatii se intampla si cand ajungi din nou in locatiile alea, salveaza inainte.
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    Conclusion on "Chinese mod abuse" Issue

    There is a mute system implemented in the game at this moment. Any player can mute another player if he finds the other player to be abusing. As such, both sides can use it whenever needed.
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    Tournament in EU [brainstorming]

    Either way, I think it is not a bad idea to discuss it and maybe try it in the near future.
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    Statement Regarding Plans For MP

    Firstly, that is not overpowering unless you learn to play all classes. Two, as an archer, aiming from a horse, even with my previous warband experience, is tough here (though it gives me mobility). While being able to pick up other classes' stuff is nifty, you still need to learn it. And it is...
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    Statement Regarding Plans For MP

    >>---😵---> I think the rock paper scissor thing that I saw in many games is a bit trampled here because of the class system. The moment I hop on a horse as an archer or I pick up a shield with an archer that should't have one changes the dynamic of the game alot. Though, it does need...
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    Sneaky's Shennanigans Episode 2: TK'er goes unpunished!!!

    I think there is enough evidence there for him to get the banhammer.
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    The many issues i see with cavalry in MP

    As an archer player, I find cavalry easier targets than infantry and even other archers (depending on the skill). That is, if I can see them coming. The only problem that I see with them and you pointed out is the sound cue. Yes, you hear them usually too late to do much, especially if they are...
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    This is an open letter, aimed at revealing the China censorship going on right now by the Chinese mods,TW should be report investigate progess

    I made that post to emphasize on what a ban can entail on private servers. It was a bit out of context to be honest (since the bans were given for cheating and/or excessive/repeated trolling) and I was a bit out of the topic but then again I had no other example. The thing is, in my opinion...