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    EU Native Duel Open Warband 1 Handed Tournament 2021

    Ingame name: Aras
    Steam Link: Warband ID: 4049981
  2. Aras

    EU Native Battle Open European Groupfighting Tournament [2v2]

    Team name: Double Trouble
    Tag: DT
    Players in your team: Aras, AralZ
    Captains steam link:
  3. Aras

    EU Native Battle Open Announcement of a new Warband Tournament; WRT (=Warband Revival Tournament) hosted by RonnyJonny

    It was a little referendum to see what the people would think. It's his tourney and thus it's his decision to keep them banned. Plus unbanning certain individuals would just have a negative side effect rather than a positive, after all, going through 7 weeks of recordings is not very enjoyable for both parties.
  4. Aras

    EU Native Duel Completed 1 Handed Champion Duel Tournament | 26.05

    Player Name: Aras

    Steam (Link required): https://steamcommunity.com/id/aras42069/

    ID: 4049981

    community down sad rn
  5. Aras

    EU Native Battle In-progress European Infantry League!

    I thought you said deadline was for tmw tuesday. On that note Dog owners and Dog slayers will play tuesday will post results
  6. Aras

    EU Native Battle In-progress European Infantry League!

    Dog owners default over Nerd Squad
  7. Aras

    EU Native Battle Completed [Carnage Fantasy League] Player Sign-Ups

    Name: Aras
    Nationality: Icelandic
    Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/aras42069/
    Prefered Class: Cav/inf
    Past Teams / Experience: None
  8. Aras

    EU Native Battle In-progress European Infantry League!

    Dog owners and Nerdsquad can't until monday can we get an extension?
  9. Aras

    EU Native Battle In-progress European Infantry League!

    Damn Grimoald's ass just got even wider
  10. Aras

    EU Native Battle In-progress European Infantry League!

    Team name: dog owners
    Tag: n/a
    Players in your team: Aras, AralZ, Roman
    Captains steam link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/aras42069/
  11. Aras

    [W5D] Division B (Standings and Fixtures)

    Fake caravan vs Fenertas 20:00 bst today
  12. Aras


    One of the brothers has to be filthy.. what a dissapointment man
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