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    SP Fantasy The Bones of Ragnvald (Version 2.1 released!) (Now Open Source)

    Have you completely finished development of this mod? There wont be any future updates for warband?
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    Perisno 0.99 - The Main Thread (HF18 - 27.Mar.2020)

    Has Leuven siege scene been fixed?
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    Perisno 0.99 - The Main Thread (HF18 - 27.Mar.2020)

    Today a person in a shop ****ed up while saying persimmon. So Im here. Nice to see this getting dropped off as you and the rest of the team ride off into the sunset. Thanks for all your work  :party:
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    SP Medieval Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A World of Ice and Fire (AWoIaF v7.12 released 19/09/20)

    produno said:
    I spent quite a bit of time yesterday making sure it all works correctly and indeed it does, at least i tried it over and over several different ways for a good amount of time.

    When people say they won, i think they won the battle but Robb is still killed, which is correct.

    I have however added extra text to make it explicit as to why that happens and i have moved Robbs position to make it very slightly easier to save him.

    I also fixed other bugs like his party not being removed and issues when freelancing in his army.

    So are you actually able to save Robb Stark from being killed? Or is it still the same situation: you save him in the interior scene but he dies anyway?
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    Project S

    Dark_Hamlet said:
    The golden age of elves is a distant memory, it's mysteries lost forever, it's culture fading away, it's cities sorrowful splendour.


    arduus said:
    Wonderfully done, Dark_Hamlet, just two things, I am not sure if it was me or not

    1. the rock texture the castle is on looks stretched because of the polygons (at least to me, but it is possible the texture normally looks like that)

    2. The windows Falcons are shooting from (a wonderful idea btw), the ones in the facade don't look really good, some dimension wouldn't hurt

    Thanks for sharing!

    Thanks for the feedback arduus.

    1. Unfortunately the stretched texture is an unintended consequence for the look I was trying to achieve. Any other solutions I can think of would cause the edge to become rounder. I may revisit it in the future though with new ideas.

    2. Could you elaborate?

    Savigo said:
    The siege of Falconwrath looks great, it would be the best siege I've seen so far in any warband mod. You don't fight in one spot, You have to conquer next strategic points. I'm afraid only of reinforcements spawn point, because it takes so much time to get inside the fortress from starting position.

    This is something I'm worried about too and I'll likely place it closer to the gates.

    In my opinion, mossy cobblestone structures dont fit elves at all.
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    SP Medieval 1429: The Hundred Years War

    Khamukkamu said:
    Seek n Destroy said:
    I have worked on a submod for 1429 La Guerre de Cent Ans alongside Khamukkamu and Ettenrocal which we have discontinued to respect the FantasyWarrior's wishes of removing his mod from being distributed but I can't agree that all mods that made use of some parts of it should remove the content. There's dozens of mods that make use of it, some are bigger, some are smaller, some are still active and others are not. It's a big issues to come and ask to remove content they may have been using for years with proper credits and all.

    I hope you won't take it the wrong way that we're still working on a mod based on the Hundred Years War, we're making sure to not use your content.
    I actually got the wrong thread. I wanted to ask about your sub mod, Khamukkamu. Good to know that its still being worked on.
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    SP Medieval 1429: The Hundred Years War

    Is this mod dead?
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    I'm curious, what difficulty you guys like play with?

    Automatic blocking (manual blocking is way too hard)
    Damage to me 1/4 easiest (I started with 1/2 but early game was too frustrating for me)

    There is an old anglo-saxon saying, "Git gud"
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    Possible exploit on the brawls at arenas like Grozny's

    dani26795 said:
    So I am early on this save of mine (my character's only level 8 and it's been around a week in-game) and decided to try some more arena brawling, this time in the Valahir town of Grozny. This arena has a ladder structure in the centre of it and turns out that when you spawn with bow and arrows you begin quite close to it. You can literally climb up to the top and snipe the whole rest of the opponents before they have any chance to reach you. And voilà, you get 1000 aurums for close to no effort. I feel like this was pretty much an exploit, so maybe on next updates this ladder structure should be removed from this arena design. At least I leave it as a sugerence.
    No ones' forcing you to actually exploit such things.

    Also, there is similar exploit in Fountain Hall, a giant stone block that you can jump on.
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    Perisno 0.9 - The Main Thread (HF6 - February 04, 2019, 08:10:15 PM)

    Leonion said:


    Thanks to: KingLeorik, corprus's shader, The Full Invasion Team's horse.
    Love the pauldrons! Thats what alot of new armours been missing IMO. Need to bulk the boys up!
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    Project S

    Dark_Hamlet said:
    Apstinentas said:
    What is this?! What is happening?! Explain yourself!

    The Geldar don't share their secrets easily.

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    Project S

    What is this?! What is happening?! Explain yourself!
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    Perisno 0.9 - The Main Thread (HF6 - February 04, 2019, 08:10:15 PM)

    hipp522 said:
    Apstinentas said:
    Well there shouldn't be anything entertaining about the wargs. It's a realism feature.
    Keeping your troops in formation is the key.

    If Perisno were to have more of them then I would have to find a different mod to play.
    That would be a shame...
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    Ideas how to make Pendor harder

    Plasquar said:
    Automatic. Hmm.
    Gotta take a look if I ever play without a shield tho.
    Its a complete game changer, really. Takes alot of practice to be atleast decent, but keeps you engaged in every fight.
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    Perisno 0.9 - The Main Thread (HF6 - February 04, 2019, 08:10:15 PM)

    Well there shouldn't be anything entertaining about the wargs. It's a realism feature.
    Keeping your troops in formation is the key.
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