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    Whats up with the years and years of later peacetime ?

    I mean what date in-game? At a certain point, the refugee clans start to build up to the point where two kingdoms are sitting at like 18,000 strength and real damned gun-shy about going to war with each other because they have super-long borders with each other. That means a whole bunch of...
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    Minor clans

    No, the fief changes hands when they adopt a new employer and when they are between employers it stays with the old faction.
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    Do devs even play this game??

    This is a fairly trivial bug to get worked up over and I can totally see the dev on a test run missing it, since maybe he doesn't bother locking food or other itmes, since he isn't worried about accidentally selling them.
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    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.4

    As a single case? That's just getting ****ed by dice. You need a lot more trials to start to see if the numbers are coming up weighted in some way. Getting ****ed by dice just happens sometimes, even when nothing is imbalanced. 🤷‍♂️ Bro, the herd penalty is worse, but the Scouting perks and a...
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    My dissapointment grows. Game still feels barren.

    What? The majority of players never even received a fief in Warband, 39% according to Steam achievements.
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    How to make castles matter

    And yet, they did anyway. Why was it that the English were able to move thousands of men around the French countryside for months? Either French border fortifications weren't doing the job of stopping their supply caravans or the armies were able to subsist off local area forage. How were the...
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    Better Control of Caravans and Companions

    It actually increases your profit, because the upgraded caravan's map speed is higher. Don't worry, someone else checked and recorded the results: (if it doesn't take the timestamp, just go to about 10:20 for the final numbers)
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    How did you liked the mechanism of being King/Emperor

    Just have a pile of money and clan tier.
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    Troop aesthetics after the armor rework

    It's not historically inaccurate.
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    Whats up with the years and years of later peacetime ?

    How far in are you talking? I noticed peace going on for longer around 1104 but not quite years long.
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    How Could the Dev Team Make Night Time More Interesting?

    Penalties to archery accuracy and battle speed for mounted units.
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    Companion/Noble Finances

    They are not getting a pass. It is just operating within a buffer of 5-10K denars that your companion has:
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    Companion/Noble Finances

    They don't, especially once fief-less.
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    My dissapointment grows. Game still feels barren.

    They are talking about the specific Warband game mechanic, called Right to Rule. It was just a stat you built up. And Alexander probably wasn't assassinated but the one (dubious) claim we have regarding his assassination was poison by his (Macedonian Greek) cupbearer, not to a blade. You could...
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    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.4

    "Extortion by Deserters" in Empire villages (maybe Empire-controlled, I can't recall now) provides 1-5 Imperial Heavy Horsemen per deserter party.