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  1. The new Subversion.

    The sight of 200 of their dead comrades scared them off. :grin:
  2. The new Subversion.

    I've noticed that sometimes in tournaments, companions who are in the tournament don't do anything, just sit in the corner doing absolutely nothing.

    Free kill of course, but I'm not sure that is meant to happen.

    Oh, and can someone tell me the current conditions for a weapon or armour to break? I know that horses used to become lame after it "dies" in battle, but they don't do that anymore (I don't lose a spirited destier all the time).
  3. The new Subversion.

    I just visited a Templar castle (after a tournament), and are the Templar ladies that ... loose with their clothing? I mean, I'm sure it's a feast and all ... but nothing but a two piece?
  4. The new Subversion.

    I would think that it is possible, given that the F&S stuff is based off the M&B original engine, however, it would be a fair bit of work, and might conflict with existing scripting.

    Although I am all for more trading options. It might just be difficult to code.
  5. The new Subversion.

    I think arrow refilling was definitely something that needed to be removed. Simply because, with a large bag of arrows, with 68 arrows, you are doing it wrong if you use up all those arrows. I normally bait the enemy with a few arrows, and lead them into my lines of bowmen and crossbowmen, and then switch to sword and charge.

    I think the idea for a fortress for each rebel faction is a good idea. Like the Welsh rebels getting a fortress, Prussians, etc, because it would be easier to remove them from the game, as well as make peace with them, if you accidently killed a few of them.
  6. The new Subversion.

    I think the minimap is removed, because I don't see it in battle either.

    Also, the counter at the bottom of the screen, and battle won screen, is gone as well.

    I've started a new game, straight into battle, with different characters, but still the same.
  7. The new Subversion.

    Anyway getting no taxation from fiefs after you take them over. I got bored, use the cheatmenu to instantly conquer a castle, but when I check my budget screen, no tax. Who's going to pay for my army of bowmen?  :shock:
  8. The new Subversion.

    Oh, and another thing that I've noticed is that Corsica and Sardinia is empty. It leaves an empty feeling in the middle of the map. Are there plans to add anything to those little islands (I know that would be a map revision and that is definitely not save game material, but since the next revision isn't...).

    If so, Corsica can be added under the control of Rome (which is was until 1293~ AD). Sardinia should be independent, but since there are enough factions as is, perhaps under the control of Rome of Sicily? Although the difficulty in that would be adding in fiefs for those cities. And it might be possible to squeeze Venice in, under the control of Genoa (as a fief, rather than a city).

    Last question for now, is it possible to change the success rate for recruiting prisoners? I find is highly amusing that I have a few Welsh bowmen fighting alongside some Sea Raiders fighting for the English...
  9. The new Subversion.

    Are there going to be new units in this next update? I was peeking at the troops.txt file, and there are units like the Scottish Highlander (283) and Danish Axeman (285). I really like the idea of faction unique units, it makes it interesting and worthwhile to try to collect them all.

    And what about slavers? I would have thought slavers would still make it in this update.

    And this might be a bug that was fixed in rev7, but some Tundra Bandits contained Taiga Bandits. Naming issue?
  10. The new Subversion.

    This might be a bug, might not be, but sometimes, in tournaments, I send up with absolutely no armour in the tournament. This also happens if my companions as well, they have no armour.
  11. The new Subversion.

    Hi guys,

    I've been watching this thread for a while, and I have a question.

    Is there a list, besides the troops.txt file, with a full troop tree (with the in-game names), and the mercenaries, like Genoa crossbowmen, etc.
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