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  1. [WBMM] Discussion & Suggestions

    Suggestion to remove Aldea Dumar
  2. The M&B MP 'feel' from a veteran

    Remove levels, add ranks instead to make it competetive Remove class system And obviously fix mp combat
  3. Login failed

    So I updated to win10 since I was already supposted to do that and multiplayer is working now, so it's almost ceirtanly an issue with win7
  4. Login failed

    Ye, windows 7, maybe this is an issue for whatever reason.
  5. Login failed

    Same problem for me
  6. [WNL8] Statistics

    wanna start a chain of that
  7. [NC2019] Semi Finals

    [18.11.2019, 18:17] Watly:     Get me a warszaw server and I'll make that home hypocrisy on the admin team is just amazing, whole admin team did make sure we can't win this tourney
  8. [NC2019] Server Booking

    Team you are from?: Poland Teams involved?: Poland&NA Official?: Yes Server Location: US East and Poland Date & Time: today 21:00 GMT E: We got a working server
  9. [NC2019] Semi Finals

    Sunday 21 GMT confirmed.
  10. [NC2019] Quarter Finals

    We propose Thursday 20;30 gmt
  11. [NC2019] Questions & Suggestions

    It's the second time you can't play def. time. Last time we put ourselves at a disadvantage, so you guys could play, this time we won't even be able to fill a team on monday you offered.  It's called a default day for a reason and you should be ready for it. You can't expect us to always be...
  12. [NC2019] Server Booking

    Team you are from?: Poland Teams involved?: Poland and Turkey Official?: yes Server Location: germany Date & Time: today 20 gmt