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    Gaining Right to Rule

    I usually get right to rule from treaties and factions dying off, i dont usually bother with the speeches but i am a master bard for that sweet sweet music money
  2. andristan

    Dying very easily with this mod

    my problem was not wearing a helmet and getting a javelin in the face, had to replace my crown for the battles at least, was a sad day
  3. andristan

    The future for the Brytenwalda team

    congrats guys, You guys definitely deserve this! Also, gonna be a day one buy!
  4. andristan

    religious problem / instant, unexplainable conversion from Christianity to Pagan

    in my experience, that happens when you build a church, monastery in a village, when the population is already dominant for the faith. the way i always looked at it, it is just a rumor and probably not true, but thats just me
  5. andristan

    Editing companion personalities

    he's perfect just the way he is
  6. andristan

    Loot from castles / sieges

    loot as in stuff? or as in money? as far as i have ever seen, you dont get stuff from a taking a castle, just money, and only if you are in charge of the siege
  7. andristan

    religious problem / instant, unexplainable conversion from Christianity to Pagan

    does it say when entering the town "Rumors spread that the christian faith is just a veil and the population worships the old gods" or something like that?
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    События в игре [Spoilers!]

    i dont believe there is a quest involving those guys
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    Well, these backgrounds are all wrong.

    well those terms did exist, seeing as they were used in Roman times, but there was a difference between the two, the tax system of rome was replaced by a rent system more based on a Germanic tribal model. But then the Roman tax model disappeared from most of western europe during this time, only hanging around in italy and parts of spain.
    Also, there was a difference between "unfree peasant" and slave, again coming down from Rome, though enforced by the Germanic successor kingdoms as well, the "servus" or slave and the "mancipia" being the unfree peasant. unfree peasants were like serfs, that is had their own house, provided their own food, worked the lord's land, whereas slaves were slaves, mostly didnt work the land, more body servants and household retainer types.
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    Companion Names

    mihael ap cadwalladr was my name, when i won a contest and thats why its in the game :grin:
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    Marriage as a king problems?

    i have always married outside my kingdom and when it happened to me, I just went to a normal feast that was thrown and the noble just started on the wedding dialogue. but since he is in your kingdom, that will be harder.
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    thats very interesting, and kinda creepy too
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    The future for the Brytenwalda team

    Thank you for the best mod I ever played in pretty much any game. Good luck on your next project, and if it is BL, then, good for you!
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    Thanks f0r all y0ur hard w0rk!
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    How did you named your kingdom?

    My kingdom generally goes through a series of names as it grows and becomes more powerful, generally starting as Comitatu Hiberniae littoris as I start out on the West side of Britain, facing the irish sea, then changes to ducatus Britanniae, and finally Imperium Britanniae. I almost always play as Romano-British
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