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  1. How to Lose Friends and Alienate Countries + Responses

    Hmm, a pudgy fratboy with a lisp and 3lbs of gell in his hair insulting the manhood of actual soldiers.  :lol:  Welcome to America, where everyone's a war hero as long as the ***** is on deck.

    This highlights the mentality of *some* right-wingers who try to locate their inner-masculinity through their politics.  By beating his chest over this nonsense he is projecting strength to his fellow chimps.  He isnt going to consider the budget of the Canadian military in relation to ours,  He isnt going to consider the deficit spending that allows us to continually project power, etc, etc.  All he thinks of is looking slick and talking just tough enough to get some *****.  It's a kind of sad little leisure suit larry version of militarism.  It's militarism as hair gel or deoderant or an astrological sign.

  2. TLD preview

    He's just teasing you. I'm really busy this week. THere is zero chance of a preview monday.  :lol:
  3. TLD preview

    Yeah, great game.

    You are one hard, pipe-hittin' nerd.  I'll have to up my game for the next release.
  4. TLD preview

    Yeah, weve got a nerd here.  :lol:

    Julute Wolfheart is indeed an obscure reference. Good work.  I didnt even use wolfheart and you still got it.
  5. TLD preview

    Yeah, there are rigging tricks, like with the old troll,  but that generates other problems.  We need a new brfedit to know whats possible.  If that doesnt solve the issue, we'll go to rigging tricks.
  6. TLD preview

    Yeah, weve got pagan making cool stuff.

    Community standards are what's most important for modders here and IIRC, mods who post copyrighted music get yanked.  I believe Janus said you couldnt host them at the repository either.  Just fyi for those who might consider it.
  7. TLD preview

    Don't think so.
  8. TLD preview

    I'll look into another preview in a month or so.  Lot's of work to do still.
  9. TLD preview

    We actually used two famous fantasy helm designs for Rhun but the other isnt visible so well leave that for a surprise.  But the rest are Brutus' designs. Once we were doing horned helms he suggested death dealer as an extra/last one.
  10. TLD preview

    Pagan is making some nice original music.
  11. Survival Games?

    Yeah, unreal world is good fun.  A classic that still gets updates.  Not as rapidly as dwarf fortress but..
  12. TLD preview

    Mage246 said:
    Great work AA, looks like the years of waiting are finally about to pay off. I'm so excited!

    BTW, why didn't you post an update on MBx? I'm sure the guys there would love to know about this.

    I did post an update over there, I just didnt sticky it. 
  13. TLD preview

    Glad you like it.  THey did lots of nice work on the graphics set.  I'm still learning the ins and outs of the new scripts and commands but things are moving along.


    A) Rivendell is there as a faction and a map location but its on the other side of the mtns and isnt currently accessible.

    A) Dwarves are in as a placeholders. Most of their gear is done (thanks to Brutus), its just a matter of seeing what is possible when brfedit is out.

    That's probably all I'll answer.  :razz:
  14. The Last Days v2.4 (for .808) ---Next Release Date Unknown!


    This is the ass-end of taleworlds, nobody comes here.  I posted it out in the pioneers guild too.
  15. TLD preview

    It's been awhile so I thought we'd post some screenshots of the next version of The Last Days for M&B v1.011.  In the next version we are expanding the war to include the far north and have added another five factions or so to the previous set.  The older factions are getting facelifts but I'm...
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