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    corona? :(

    We also call it salbutamol in the UK, that’s the drug name. Unless you mean ventolin which is a brand. Relvar Ellipta contains two ingredients, a steroid and a drug of the same class as salbutamol but longer acting.
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    corona? :(

    Oh boy, the drug has some nasty side effects. I wonder if he’ll have liver impairment.
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    corona? :(

    The common cold constantly mutates which is why we never become immune to it. A new vaccine would have to be developed each year, much like for the flu (but the flu actually claims lives). there is no benefit in developing a vaccine for the cold, especially with the pricetag.
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    corona? :(

    Same way the common cold and flu won’t go away.
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    corona? :(

    It’s more complicated than that. Other conservative governments such as that in Poland took it very seriously and installed a lockdown far ahead of schedule. Some governments in power may downplay the pandemic in order to prevent the economy from taking a hit, whilst others are just ignorant and...
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    So although the women's team was paid $34.1 million in salary and game bonuses between 2010 and 2018 as opposed to $26.4 million paid to the men... but they're still not being paid equally? It seems their initial complaint was the fact the men's team seem to be paid a higher base salary and...
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    Stop Suggesting New Features.

    That would be true if Taleworlds were trying to deflect criticism and pretend that things will get better. But I don’t see any indication of that. They are patching things quickly and have said they are still developing the game until full release. I can’t imagine they’re lying, otherwise the...
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    Stop Suggesting New Features.

    like OP has already said, it’s early access. Taleworlds have said that the full release campaign will be much deeper. I agree, the game has many features yet to be added, and even the ones that are currently in the game need polishing. I’d argue that Taleworlds have been ambitious with...
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    Waring factions should not be able to bypass choke point castles to invade enemy territory

    Another option is that there should be harsh penalties for taking a settlement that isn’t directly adjacent to your main territory. for example Caravans and other trade won’t be able to reach the settlement if it’s surrounded by enemy settlements. That way the settlement’s economy/prosperity...
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    I'm tired of peasants with pitchforks stopping my fully plated Knights charge

    Agreed, knights should easily crush a rabble of peasants. Pitch forks braced to receive a charge would extend maybe only 1 metre towards the knights armed with lances three times the length. In history, battles like that of the golden spurs weren’t always the ‘poorly armed peasant vs knight’...
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    Surrender, retreat, and overcoming the enemy without casualties

    Yeah this is something that has bothered me about mount & blade; these total victories/defeats. It’s annoying that as a much smaller party, I often don’t have much of a chance against a much larger party. historically, smaller and more mobile armies - if well commanded - could harass and...
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    corona? :(

    The worst is when people are defending him and saying “that’s not what he said”.
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    What made you happy today?

    I am happy today because I wasn’t running around the hospital like a headless chicken, the number of corona cases has gone down in the hospital and it helps that my colleagues are cheery.
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    corona? :(

    The hospital I work at (UK) has had a decrease in the number of positive cases over the last couple of days. People are still passing away, but more are being safely discharged. I just hope we don’t suddenly see a sharp rise in the number of cases.
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    Castle Models

    They have stated that they will be reusing scenes for various settlements, but will have a unique scene for each settlement at full release. this is all on the early access information.