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    Warband Revival League Announcement & Signups

    Name: Amalaric Nationality: German Steam: Preferred Class: Inf, (2nd Cav)
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    Embracing Clans and Expanding Semi-Competitive Potential

    Would be awesome, if they consider that and implement it.
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    Patch Notes e1.2.0 & Beta e1.3.0

    After the patch, you constantly play the same map in multiplayer? Anyone else having the same issue?
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    [Clan] Hyrule Knights [Hyrule]

    Danke euch :smile:
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    [Clan] Hyrule Knights [Hyrule]

    :grin:Danke euch allen. Euch auch viel Erfolg & Glück! :grin:
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    Bannerlord Clan list

    Clan name: Hyrule Knights Clan tag: Hyrule Clan region: [EU] Clan's TW thread or TW group link: International Thread / German Thread Contact's info (links to TW & Steam profiles): Amalaric: ...
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    [Clan] Hyrule Knights [Hyrule]

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    [Clan] Hyrule Knights [Hyrule]

    Hyrule Knights is a German speaking Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord Clan. The Clan contains primarily members from the Clans Gothia and PGC, of the game Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword, who have been playing together since 2012 & 2013. We are interested to play competitive. If you have questions...
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    [Clan] Hyrule Knights [Hyrule]

    Hyrule Knights ist ein deutschsprachiger Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord Clan. Der Clan besteht hauptsächlich aus Mitgliedern von den Clans Gothia und PGC, aus dem Spiel Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword, die schon seit 2012 & 2013 zusammenspielen. Wir sind interessiert kompetitiv zu spielen. Bei...
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    [NC2019] Team Rosters & Substitutions

    Change my name from Squire_Amalaric to Vanguard_Amalaric , thanks  :D in Germany 2
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    [WSC2] Groupstage: Week 5 - Deadline 5th of August

    Rhodos 8 - 7 Fallen Pride gg
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    [WSC2] Groupstage: Week 4 - Deadline 29th of July

    Rhodos 12 - 2 TCB gg We played on WSC2_CCC_FR3
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    [WSC2] Team Rosters & Substitutions

    Team Name: Rhodos Name of player(s): Walex Addition or Removal: Addition He said to me he did not play for Senate yet.