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    In Progress Marriage issues

    Nope I'm sorry I think I posted it in the wrong place.
    Thanks for taking care of it!
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    In Progress Marriage issues

    Hi, Several issues will be listed here. 1 - Seems like there is sorting issue in the selectable person when offering hand for marriage: Here are 3 nephews, the sorting seems to be, from top to bottom, based on age asc. 18, 20, 21. selecting only the first one (Mete) works ("Very good"), the...
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    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.3

    When entering a village, your companions now use battle outfits instead of civilian outfits.
    This doesn't work.
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    In Progress Encyclopedia Bug

    same here, b1.3. I have 3 kids in this playthrough, accessing their page show me the page of the same guy from a village.
    Companion pages are also messed up and show me yet again that same villager.
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    Parties added to your army go attacking nearby armies on their way to join your army

    Well actually it is not solved,despite the patch notes saying it is. Army members on their way to join me go chase nearby enemies. The best thing to do is if you can, go catch them on their way to you before they notice enemies.
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    Parties added to your army go attacking nearby armies on their way to join your army

    Seems fixed by 1.3 based on patch note. Is can I mark the thread as fixed myself ? Any moderators ?
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    wife never gets pregnant. days 240 with her maybe from 160 days

    New playthrough, still no kids with Svana, just like a previous playthrough.
    campain.conceive_child doesn't work either eventhough I get the notification she's with a child. the child will never be born
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    Imprisoned Lords Escape Too Easily

    Hoping this is fixed soon as it is quite depressing to defeat a large army while knowing it has no meaningful impact in the war effort as the lords will just form a new army in a matter of days regardless of what you do.

    Beta 1.3 :
    The escape chance of prisoners is reduced by 25% when they are in mobile parties. It is reduced by 50% if they are at the player's settlement.

    A bit better I guess...

    About lords forming new armies in a matter of days :

    They don't form armies in a matter of days, they spawn with free troops unfortunately
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    Lords spawning with troops after defeat ruins the game

    They need to allow you to keep lords as prisoners for way longer... like years. That's the real problem here.
    Yes but that would cause a huge balancing issue though, because you could clear out the entire map of lords quite easily then.
    There should be a min and max imprisonment duration like from 1 week (and not 6 hours like it sometimes happen now) to 1 month.

    That would just put them in a loop of being captured by bandits all the time.

    Just recalled it : when you are engaged by stronger enemies, whether lords or even bandits, you can negociate to get away: enemy troops just leave you be after that. So the ignore behaviour is already implemented, they just need to apply it to defeated lords instead of giving them free troops.

    I've noticed that mercenary lords can also respawn with cavalry or even horse archers, that's totally unfair.
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    Auto resolve isn't worth it and still sucks

    At first I didn't want to start using mods and keep adding new ones, but I've since changed my mind.
    I strongly suggest using this mod by keehuuu :
    I also suggest to edit the config file to set the multiplier to 0.7 or 0.8

    Thanks to this mod, I do still loose units but kind of only recruits, not high tier units anymore.

    It kind of makes sense to loose T1 troops against T1 troops (like looters) eventhough you'd think it makes no sense to loose any units in 100 vs 15 battles lol but still it's a very good mod.
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    Infantry vs Cav (Cav probably overpowered, see vid)

    +1, I think it's related to how collision is handled.
    Cav is just water passing between fingers
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    Imprisoned Lords Escape Too Easily

    It is okay for lords to escape so easily, they have a lot of experience on that. However the main difference between Warbands and Bannerlords imprisonment system is that in Warband a prisoner lord can escape only if they have fully recovered health, but in Bannerlord a prisoner lord can try to escape even with 0% health bar.

    I like how you humanize IA functionalities. I'm kind of OK if they at least had a % chance of escaping when they have 100%, but then only when you have them in your party, not in a dungeon xD
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    No birth for no one in the whole game

    I guess I can't change the status of the thread myself, I wanted to pass it in "in progress" as it has been marked in this thread :
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    Lords spawning with troops after defeat ruins the game

    That would just put them in a loop of being captured by bandits all the time.
    I think imprisoning lords is supposed to be the cooldown timer which stops the waves of freshly spawned lords with troops. I understand your frustration though and do think the current system needs improvement, but I think the main issue here is the mercenary spam. There should be more restrictions or limits to recruiting mercenaries.
    For starters, not every minor faction should be mercenaries and kingdoms shouldn't be allowed to have more than 2 or maybe 3 mercenary factions at a time.

    Sure there is some work reguarding mercenary recruitment too, but a safer workaround to prevent capture by bandits would be to make lords invisible to bandits until they reach kind of the same amount of troops they spawn with.
    That would prevent the IA cheat we're dealing with currently and as of right now I don't see any down side to it.
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    Suggestion. Make training grounds the new main source of training, especially for recruits. Add recruiters and patrols in the game.

    There is a mod that does kind of what you suggest.
    Sometimes I feel like devs should just add mods to the main game :grin:
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