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  1. SOD Warlords - Faction Descriptions

    Hey, where's the download link so I cna download this Mod?
  2. Fixed Troop Tree Upgrades (Complete w/ Factions)

    Hey, I was wondering when you get units that you can actually upgrade, becasue so far all i have is muscovite mercs, merc pikeman, and more mercs that can't be upgraded.
  3. Vikingr: Campaign

    Also, for the info to sign up do you really need TeamSpeak or can you use ventrilo? Plus do I just put in my sign-up info here?
  4. Vikingr: Campaign

    SO how do you form a clan? Is there an option on the website to get one setup or would you have to create your own website?
  5. Will you be able to create your own faction in WF&S?

    All I hope is that the storyline is really fun,  and none of that "Go kill a bandit" bull****.
  6. will you buy With fire and sword?

    Wow, when did these forums become hate threads?
  7. SOD v5.0 (vanilla MnB) Open Beta Release !

    Now I want this mod too!! Europe mods fun and all, but now I want this one!!!
  8. Vikingr: Campaign

    Turanien said:
    An update appears in the long grass!

    Kent, Sussex mapped - Wessex is left to form the Kingdom of Wessex, the Saxon's home ground

    Much is subject to change but enjoy nonetheless.

    Just wondering, but do you have a date set on when your going to release this? Also, how the heck do you get ranked up on this site??!!!! IT BOGGLES MY MIND!
  9. Vikingr: Campaign

    Wait, so this is going to be an online multiplayer turn-based campaign, and your looking for people to be some of the leaders? Count me in!
  10. Questions about Mount and Blade: With fire and sword

    Well the best thing they did was allow it so that you can customize your troops and now there's more customization for the castles and towns!
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