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    Fix smithing and add the Sutton-Hoo helmet

    Literally pointless to do this, ever heard of the boy who cried wolf?
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    Taleworlds, this is false advertising and you know it

    Why is this thread is still going?
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    EA info from steam

    Still no duel on launch? This must be a inside joke or something :unsure:
    Bannerlord's combat diminishes most of the competitive value Warband had making duels dubious of relevance.
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    Won't be able to get the game due to economical recession in Australia, could I ask someone take some pictures for me to see?

    Happened just one time ..I have my own video thread ..someone asked something about FPS difference about a video card similar with mine and I had a video about that ..that’s all
    "But have you seen the EPIC giveaway I'm doing at my channel doe?"
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    Need more blood

    Why do old people hate blood tho.... you cant talk about younger folks because i remember beeing younger, we loved gory games :grin:
    Because age rating.
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    Need more blood

    The games needs to be sellable to a wide age variety. Adding gore is not advisable for this case. That's what mods are for:smile:.
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    Aserai troops

    yes they used skirmishers a lot but in wars with romans and persians they used heavy infantry
    The aserai are based on preislamic arabs. The Rashidun army didn't utilize heavy infantry until late 7th century
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    Aserai troops

    Pre-Islamic Arabs relied more on light skirmishes and light cavalry. Hardly any heavy infantry where ever used.
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    Need optimizing for old CPUs

    The developers promised that the optimization will be the last stage before the release of the Early Access. You can't complain about it before that.
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    Sale for Beta players ?

    Ofcourse, the elite players that sacrificed themselves to play the FREE beta should be entitled to a discount.
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    Banned for spam?

    A screenshot would help with the context aswell.
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    Hunting: The feature more of us know we want than I'd realized

    Not a bad Idea at all, can work aswell for poaching or just mainly hunting to sell hide and flesh for profit.
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    Speculating Delay, Lengthy Read

    We know that this decision may raise some concerns in regards to what that means for the release of Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, however, we want to make it clear that we have thoroughly planned for this eventuality and are confident that we will still meet our goal of releasing the game on 31/03/20.[QOUTE]
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    [MODDING IDEAS] What setting interests you the most among these (Singleplayer)?

    Other than overhaul mods, I'm really curious whether there will be graphical enhancement mod, like 4k textures.
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