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    High tier armor prices still too high

    What else are we going to do with the money in game? Not like there's anything to spend it on/with besides that. If money was hard to gain, I can see it being a larger issue but with how they set things up, you can top-up your companions in no time and still have time to accumulate more before the next tier unlocks.
    But then, if the gear stuff wasn't so grossly inflated, would we have such amount of money in game to begin with ?
    Blacksmithing and looting feels like they make for the overwhelming majority of anyone's revenue.
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    I have some questions about Bloc

    Shame, there was a pretty interesting thread here, and then it suddenly devolved in a war of ego trip that highjacked the initial subject.
    Maybe compare the size of your dicks in private messages ?
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    All the information I brought back from Gamescom (Banners, bug fixes, futur of the game, UI changes, new crafting parts in forge, consoles, etc)

    I like banner to make the battles look better and to give a morale boost, but I don't like to have banners in SP that give magical buffs to troops. There are already to0 many perks that do that.
    Units should have high accuracy because they have good equipment and a lot of experience, not because their captain gives a magical bonus, for all we know he is just assigned to the formation so you can't even RP that this particular captain has been training with the units for a long time. Same goes for banners and other skills related to battle efficiency.
    Higher accuracy doesn't bother me, I can buy "the guys are able to concentrate better because of high morale/motivation" or something.
    Higher resistance to getting hit, though, is a bit harder to believe.
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    Will TW do a No Mans Sky thing?

    Doubt it. What made NMS famous as a turnaround was that they delivered massive amount of improvement on a constant basis. The original game was barebone, but they filled it rather quickly.
    TaleWorlds, on the contrary, has been incredibly slow since the beginning despite being literally ten times bigger.

    Unless they reorganize themselves and end up multiplying their speed of delivery, they will simply be too sluggish for that.
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    For the sake of all that is Holy, can you not have a better system for finding Lords?

    I would prefer that we have to ask to friends/relatives/etc. to get the location of a lord. Would be better than some magical system. Maybe keeping the current system for getting partial information with a high roguery skill.

    That being said, my main problem with it, is rather that lords actually teleport when not leading an army. So yeah, sometimes even the informations obtained by the pedia are just useless, because you go to the city where the lord is supposed to be, except he isn't seen anywhere, and somehow jump around from town to town.
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    If TW releases features such as: criminal empire & naval system as DLC's will you purchase them?

    I won't buy a DLC until the game is finished and holds its promises. If you do, you're an idiot eager to be ripped off.
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    Damage/protection conception: the elephant in the room

    The change to armor are a step in the good direction, but still pretty meh. The formula is still needlessly convoluted for something that could be both much more straightforward and easily balanced. This weird separation between blunt and non-blunt damage, where "blunt" is actually used as "armor piercing" and works in several layers, is both unintuitive and giving strange results.

    I'll keep using my homemade mod, thank you.
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    Why ? and how do we get this fixed

    Epic and GOG only get the "stable" version (i.e. not the beta ones).
    We'll have to wait until the 1.8 is out of beta.
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    Statement regarding Singleplayer IV

    Oh I'm devastated ? /s

    You can guess I was aware of the changes and discussed it with @Duh_TaleWorlds before that thread. We both like the new calculations(at least it's better than before) and I think you guys will like it too.
    I hope so, but honestly I don't understand how the first formula existed in the first place. It's incredibly convoluted and unintuitive to, in the end, give most unsatisfactory results. I really don't get why you didn't just go for a much simpler and easy-to-grasp one that would have simply done the job better.

    So I admit I'm a bit wary of what the minds that thought the initial version was good, to the point of resisting any change for two years, will end up chosing.
    Though I'd be happy to be proved wrong.
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    High level armor feels so worthless.

    That kinda language serves no purpose, there's no need to disrespect the devs to this degree, no wonder they don't give a **** about your input.
    I understand getting frustrated after not being listened to, but you have no authority over them, get off your high horse.
    I would prefer you didn't post if you're gonna speak like that, you certainly don't represent the interest of the rest of the playerbase with that ****ty attitude
    I don't really understand why you're singling out this poster. His post is actually rather matter-of-fact and not insulting. There were a lot of much more aggressive and insulting posts that would have deserved your comment, but not really this one.
    Consider me puzzled :?:
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    Injured troops shouldn't always survive until recovery

    Injured troops and heroes always fully recover, after a certain period of time has passed. I propose that injured troops should still have a chance to die, affected by the Surgeon's medicine skill, post-battle.
    It's already included in the system, just the other way around - any character killed can be considered "wounded" instead due to the surgeon medicine skill. Your suggestion would just make a double check rather than a single one.
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    After 2 years of a successful EA launch I just want to say "Thanks!"

    Honest thanks to Talesworld for having developped a game that, for all its faults, is massively moddable.
    The EA has been absolutely baffling in the lack of progress, and the game is sadly only a shadow of what it should be. But at least, modders will be able to finish it.
    It might be a somewhat backhanded compliment, but it's also a true, sincere one.
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    Weapons, Armor and the Hit to Kill Ratio

    What others suggest is much more straightforward and what these devs may be capable of at this point; tweak the number values of armor/weapons (or match what Warband had at a minimum) so they make some common sense.
    You don't even need that. You can just adjust the damage reduction formula, it's literally a 20-mn work (I've personally done it, it's not an exageration) and it makes battles much more enjoyable.
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    Elden ring is thrash, please release a new update

    Like you said yourself, they are trying to give experienced souls players something good also, yes it might mess with your muscle memory. But isn't the whole point of souls like to be a challenge? I think they did a great job at doing it in order to give people familiar to the genre a new challenge.
    And as I said in two previous posts :
    1) Yes, the idea itself is good to add variety, some measure of unpredictability and force people to learn new ways to deal with foes.
    2) They went overboard with Elden Ring, to the point of the game stopping to be fun to just become frustrating. As someone on Reddit said, I have the feeling that the bosses are the ones having fun in a fight, unleashing all their combo and abilities while I'm feeling restricted to dodge and run after them.

    There is a rhythm, a dance in previous DS bosses. Elden Ring is so intent on baiting and tricking that there is no rhythm to the fights.
    The "not fighting a powerful foe" is very debatable. Bosses like Artorias and General Radahn are characters that share very much alike and both feel extremely powerful when fighting but are both said in the games to be in their weak form.
    Artorias was fun. Radahn is a pretty original fight, but horrible to play. Between the heatseeking arrows that two-shot, the ridiculous spam attacks (and the ridiculous horse-to-rider ratio, but at least that one is funny) for something so large, the usual camera gore when fighting large enemy (a long-time problem of the serie) and the instakill meteor, the neverending first phase followed by quick death and replay from the start, I really didn't find anything fun in it.

    Many dark souls bosses also don't feel powerful, but it doesn't mean it takes away from the experience. Yes, i have to say the combos bosses do in elden ring can sometimes be very baity when they have a very slow windup, but it doesn't mean they are hard and frustrating. Frustration is part of the genre and is something you should be accustomed to now if you play souls like games.
    Frustration, like difficulty, is a tool to reach fun. It's part of the process to feel achievement and satisfaction when you overcome the obstacle.
    But Elden Ring bosses are so artificial and unfair (not all, but too many of them) that when I win, I don't feel "I managed to kill him, AHAH I SUCCEEDED !" but more "that was such bullsh*t, what a relief it's over".

    Like I already said, I precisely feels that they became so famous for games being "difficult and frustrating" that they ended up making this the focus instead of just a mean.

    Just like dark souls it's all about learning the patterns and if you can't add the small windup the bosses have in elden ring to it, then it's a problem for you because i am completely fine being able to do it.

    To each their own in the end.
    Obviously each person is entitled to their taste. But "I'm find with it so there is no problem" is a dumb argument, especially as Dark Souls are famous for having widely different experiences between people (and even widely different experience during subsequent runs). The problems I listed are not just "there are too many attacks with delays" (though there are), but a more general design philosophy that seeps into much more than just this aspect.
    You're fine with it, great, doesn't mean your opinion is universal (nor is mine) nor that there isn't any valid criticisms pertaining to said design philosophy.
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    Elden ring is thrash, please release a new update

    The bosses are made to KILL the player. FromSoftware has not designed as far as i know a system where bosses will adjust their attacks or patterns according to the build the player has taken. A boss will not run away from a player and only shoot because the player is a melee build.
    You seem to not understand my point, so let me spell it for you.
    The boss movesets is tailored to counter the habits/muscle memory/usual tactics of players. It's basically taking notes of what players used in previous titles, and inserting specific counters to it, and incorporating "traps" in the movesets that will make the player think he has to act one way, just to punish him for it. It includes ****tons of delayed attack, input reading, AoE, extremely long combo, variable combo, jumping out of reach and so on.
    Obviously, some measure of it is beneficial, to provide for challenge, unexpected outcomes and variety. The problem with Elden Ring, is that it's so ubiquitous that it breaks the fourth wall and immersion, and push the game toward being just frustrating and not rewarding. When fighting a boss in Dark Souls, I had the feeling of facing some powerful foe. When fighting a boss in Elden Ring, it feels like trying to guess what the designer tried to trick and bait my reactions and which ones would be punished. That's too meta to be enjoyable.

    (there is also the problem of bosses being ridiculous health sponges and dealing too much damage, but that's a different problem of tuning and not design here ; Midir was strongly criticized about it, but nearly everything in Elden Ring is worse)

    All the "git gud", "are you sure you played the game" and other are just juvenile attempts at "my d*ck is bigger !" contest. You'll not impress anyone over 20 with it, so if you disagree (which you have full rights about), spare me the schoolyard banter and use actual arguments instead, thanks.
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