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  1. OSP Shaders Grandmasters Shaders - Basic Seasons & Wind effects (Version 1.0 RELEASED)

    Easiest way is to manually replace the grass campaign map texture with the snow one when you hit Winter. Then, reverse it back for the other seasons.
  2. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    No idea for the soldier icon and the last row. ^^ Edit : I figured out that the last row is for the "upgrades"
  3. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    Well, I guess that this video confirms that lords can be killed in battles. You can see Achios in the "death row"
  4. Banners

    And these simple triggers will update lords banner to their current faction. Centers will also have their banner updated     #Eagle     (24, #Updates every lord's banner to their current faction.   [         (try_for_range, ":lord_no", active_npcs_begin, active_npcs_end),            ...
  5. Modding Q&A [For Quick Questions and Answers]

    I 'm wondering if it is possible to  get the amount of a specific agent in a party for instance p_main_party?
  6. OSP Code Combat Perfectly Smooth, Mouse-Enabled Deathcam V1.4

    I don't know if it is the best spot to write this, well anyway, I implemented this death camera kit, it works properly, all smooth. I have also added the TPE source (,182926.0.html) and was wondering how I could add the first kit to the second source...
  7. [WB][M] Samurai: Japan in Flames - DEAD

    Encore bon courage, vraiment hâte ! GL again, hopefully its release ! ;)
  8. [ND3] - Duel Results Thread

    Imperial_Eagle 9 : 2 Theotian Theotian will confirm.
  9. Nditions' European Duelling Tournament III!

    Add me please : Imperial_Eagle Thx
  10. [WB][B] Crusader - Way to expiation

    It's looking great especially the soldier's armors ! I'll be very attentive over all your future activities. Good luck guys ! :D