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    Path of Exile

    Once open beta kicks in, all characters created from there on out will carry over to the final release, right?
  2. Ahri

    Screenshot Mega Thread

    Tralfaz said:
    The **** is that?

    A seizure bound to happen
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    Screenshot Mega Thread

  4. Ahri

    Screenshot Mega Thread

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    Dark Souls

    Vermillion_Hawk said:
    To be honest invaders shouldn't really be getting annoyed over the so-called "gank squads". You lose nothing but a little time when you invade, and it doesn't hurt anything but your pride when you end up losing. Additionally, you have the choice to end your stay in the host's world at any time - the only tool at the host's disposal is a disconnect.

    I don't know what the quotation marks are about as gank squads are set up specifically to grief invaders by camping around their hotspots all day. It's all legitimate play of course and is something to take into account when you invade, but it does get extremely annoying as you'll find yourself invading these same clowns over and over again, so instead of opting out repeatedly you should simply grief the poo poo out of them instead -- preferably in the dirtiest ways imaginable. It is a comedy goldmine.
  6. Ahri

    Dark Souls

    I always found it fun to bait gank squad hosts into attacking the smithy in Anor Londo. Often times I'd just end up cornering myself but it's hilarious once you meet a host dumb enough to bite. It's pretty dirty but I shed no tear for the ganking community. The death threats are an added bonus. :roll:
  7. Ahri

    What are you playing right now?

    Dark Age of Camelot for the nostalgia.
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    Assassins Creed III - trailer released.

    Orchid said:
    Ahri said:
    My sequence 7 save just disappeared. :cry:
    Ran into a similar issue with Revelations twice. As far as I know there's no other solution than to start over again...

    I just went ahead and uninstalled it. Fun game but there's no way I'm replaying that intro again this year.

    On the topic of Uplay -- it's a piece of **** and should be optional, not enforced. It wiped my Conviction save at least once back in the day, and it's obviously not going to stop. I think it feeds on anguish and grief.
  9. Ahri

    Assassins Creed III - trailer released.

    My sequence 7 save just disappeared. :cry:
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    Screenshot Mega Thread

    Sir Prince said:
    What are you using to make those .gifs?


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    Screenshot Mega Thread

  12. Ahri

    Screenshot Mega Thread

    Orchid said:
    Sir Prince said:
    He's using one of the numerous ESB graphics mods.
    Of course, I use one myself as well(this one). But my Skyrim screenshots are nowhere near as succulent as his.

    I'm running Skyrim at a custom 2560x1440 resolution, and that countered with hi-res texture packs, injected SMAA, SSAO/SSIL ENBs and lightning mods make Skyrim a beautiful place -- and thank you for the compliment earlier. :wink: Check out my Flickr for the originals if you want.
  13. Ahri

    Screenshot Mega Thread

    Sir Prince said:
    He's using one of the numerous ESB graphics mods.

    True, but also downsampled from 1440p which gives it some extra clarity.

    e: for content
    Gotta go fast
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    Screenshot Mega Thread

    Darker Nights can suck a d**k. Anyway...


    e: broken link

    Kevlar said:

    How is it?
  15. Ahri

    Screenshot Mega Thread

    I can't get enough of Skyrim. :oops:

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