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    I don't think this is why they do it. People rambo because it is an efficient use of lives, more efficient than using your troops as intended. A player can spend 1 life to rack up 10 kills whereas a single Ai troop is unlikely to ever achieve that many on it's own. 1 life for 10 kills is more efficient than 10 lives for 10 kills, and that's how people who rambo see their ai troops, as extra lives since there are unlimited respawns as long as you have units on the field that you can spawn into. So the strategy is to preserve your troops (extra lives) and go off on your own to accumulate kills while you are only risking the 1 life. It simply will not go away until the mechanic disappears entirely.
    People rambo because it's more efficient, yes, but also because the factions are woefully imbalanced. Mex isn't wrong when he told you good luck trying to beat Sturgia with Aserai without effective mamuluke play. There is a difference though; not to call them out too much but I've seen VoV rambo in pub matchups plenty of times when they didn't need to, say the inverse of that matchup; they're Sturgia and the opponents are Aserai. A simple zerg rush of inf would easily defeat Aserai, especially on a map like hillfort, in a random pub match where the random pubs aren't trying to rambo or counter rambo and just take a terrible selection of already inferior troops and try to make it work. Instead of easily winning that way VoV will still rambo and just make the match take 15-20 mins longer than it should, which is dumb. From their PoV I guess it's because there is no point in playing anything else but cavalry in "competitive" captain right now until unit class limits are enforced in the next event so why bother practicing anything but cav but yeah that's where a lot of the toxicity stems from. And again not just gonna single out VoV for that because I've seen it from other teams and plenty of random pub players on the stronger faction side in a pub match, just VoV do it so frequently that I'm using them for the example.
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    Captain Mode needs your help!

    Captain mode is not meant to be a competitive mode. There is nothing competitive about bots killing bots. It certainly is a nice gamemode for casual play but attempting to make this more competitive is delusional..

    (P.S. doesn't mean you can't post feedback to generally improve massive bugs ofc)
    Is captain as competitive as skirmish? No. Can captain still be a competitive game mode? Yes, as long as TW does not remove rambo play. Captain currently functions as extra lives skirmish mode. In tournament/event "competitive" play there could be an adoption of rules that make skirmish tournaments like BEAST function well by implementing a class limit on cavalry and creating an equitable distribution of matches when teams from different regions go head to head. The last season of Captain League featured Bo5s and Bo7s in the playoffs and needs to shift toward Bo4s with extended overtime in the event of a 2-2 where both sides play an additional game in their home ping region and the tie is broken by rounds won with play continuing until there is a clear winner. Ling is aware of these changes and their potential impact to create a better version of the game mode that again, will not be as competitive as skirmish given the existence of the braindead AI but will still likely function as skirmish with additional lives.
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    Remove Cav From Siege

    Lmao, stop being such a ridiculous fanboy. Cavalry is OP in this game and multiple threads during BL lifespan confirm that fact. You can't counter cavalry with current class system, when you are forced to play with pre-made classes and majority of time you will play as a peasant unit, which doesn't have spears or other counter-cav weapons (besides Battanian one, idk, haven't played that corpse for half a year). That's not because of the individual skill, but because of a abysmal gamedesign. Nothing stopping you from playing Bannerlord, but please, don't expect others to accept this vision. Just accept the fact, that ignoring accomplishments of Warband made Bannerlord unplayable, unbalanced and killed all the fun in this "game". That is why that "game" is dead (please don't tell me about ~150 players and active clans, in comparison yesterday on 2 a.m.!!!!! around 400 players played NW)
    There are many things wrong with the game for sure that WB had. Private servers, spectator mode, change weapons command for AI, better class system, etc. The point is not that I don't believe those things need to come; it's that endless crybaby circle jerk threads like this need to stop. This is what the game is giving you right now. TW will either improve their product in the future or lose business to the first studio that skins what worked with this and competently fix what does not. In the interim please stop spamming tired things like this because again you are completely free to play WB!
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    Remove Cav From Siege

    Well no thats the whole point of people complaining about cavalry. A monkey riding a horse can get kills on cavalry, because its the easiest thing in the world, especially on public servers because of the chaos.

    Cav is not a support unit. A support doesnt get 80% of kills in every single gamemode. A carry does.

    NOTHING should be overpowered, this is a video game, this is not real life. This is not a simulation, its not a historical re-telling of events, this is a game people play to have fun. If the game is not fun, the game is a failure. The way cavalry works now is not fun, therefore it should be balanced. How hard is it to understand this.

    Have you ever played a video game before and not run into an OP unit or character? Even the most balanced games have OP things within them, this is a ridiculous attempt at argumentation.

    The fact that cav can and often does carry does not change the fact that it is a support unit whose job is to counter opposing cavalry and help your infantry win fights. It does everything archer does in a more efficient way because you have a mobility and reach advantage. Yes you can often garner many kills doing this but that doesn't change the fundamental role of the unit which is always to support the main fights when even or up. In casual modes like captain tdm and siege it functions the same way though in siege and tdm killing opposing cav is less important because the battlefield is far less contained and fights are all over, though it is exceptionally easy to kill most cav playing those latter two modes.

    Do you know how incredibly easy it is to kill the people who take light cav and spam x? 90% of them have no concept of how to move, turn, block, thrust, or stab correctly and because they are casual game modes it takes almost 0 effort yourself to get light cavalry and counter it. Yes the game isn't rock-paper-scissors you're not always going to win as inf with a spear because the hitbox isn't consistent enough on either horse rear nor rider's head. Doesn't mean you can't still one shot cav with a pike that isn't even braced or brace 8 ft away in the wrong direction and get a miraculous one shot because of said inconsistent hitboxes. If you don't find non-competitive casual gamemodes fun either stick to comp skirmish with class limits, play single player or play something else. How difficult to understand is that?
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    Remove Cav From Siege

    All I'm hearing are a bunch of excuses from people who refuse to learn cav, to which I will say once more, no one is forcing you to play if you don't find that fun. Killing cavalry as cavalry is the best defense against it in the game currently. If you don't believe that you don't have enough hours in the game and should probably play more before coming up with these ludicrous statements. I really do not give two ****s how much WB experience you have if you cannot process that simple fact you will remain a noob in this game.
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    Remove Cav From Siege

    Lol, i’ll beat you in a ft7 in my sleep. The only time i die to cav is when they backstab. Why is a captain player defending cav being op. Didn’t you learn your lesson when skirmish teams punished you in your safe zone? Despite having 2-3 dedicated cav players btw. It’s probably because the only way you can get kills in real multiplayer is running around with cav and backstabbing people. You’ve been literally insulting everyone since your first entry and called people that complain about cav “noobs”. That’s most of the player since beta btw. But ofc, captain mode players are the best of the best and devs should only listen to what they say and ignore everyone else.
    Imagine hiding behind an alt account and labeling someone talking about playing cav in game modes akin to skirmish a "captain" player then routinely putting words in my mouth that are just your limited understanding and hatred of something you don't play. Yes a DM/RM team won extra lives skirmish what a surprise the best players in the game are the best players in the game. Yawn. AG didn't play that team and likely would've had better results than everyone else if we had. We did play XYZ and were better on cav and worse on inf in our 2-2 8 rounds to 8 rounds draw. That was the only time all season we drew an opponent with an even score and not one in our favor; we also lost 0 matches until having to play KoV in playoffs at 3/5 games in EU with NA W ping and we never played our 4 best cav in one game at the same time. AG flat out would've beaten that APE team in playoffs either 3-0 or 3-1 despite "superior players" on APE since APE's cav was worse than XYZ's who was worse than us, including me. APE somehow got 3-0ed in NA to KoV in Battania despite KoV on record saying they had no idea how to play that matchup and losing it twice in 3-0s to us. If KoV had their best two cav players for the semi against APE they would have won that but Ling unilaterally set the match a time convenient for him and ****ed KoV in the process. Let's not pretend like the APE team that entered "punished" anyone with a regular season full of forfeit wins (had more rounds lost than rounds won in actual matches until like a week before playoffs) and let's not pretend like APE was anywhere close to DM/RM who of course should and did win. You need to move on and let go of the idiotic "no players who play captain can be good" mindset. Again I don't know why you cannot comprehend there are various skill levels for players who play captain just as there are for skirmish so lumping an entire giant community of players together like that is pretty retarded, which is about your brand

    I'll go 4-1 on inf all the time in EU at 180 ping or NA E at ~90 and choose to play cav more often because it's more efficient. If NA W had a skirmish scene I would play that and it doesn't exist.
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    Remove Cav From Siege

    TDM: Casual game mode centered around team fighting and scoring points via kills and assists. Siege: casual game mode centered around team fighting and scoring points via kills and assists around a centralized location.
    Cav: Support unit, exists, most efficient way to garner kills and assists since it has mobility advantage. Loose horses sometimes will stand still, weapons including shields, spears and polearms exist all over the battle field for any class to pick up while the horse still offers the non-cav classes 1/2 riding speed which is more than enough to kill other cav/ assist/kill inf with stab/bump stab in engagements.
    Big brain chads: take cav kill fast win dumb casual game
    Noobs like askey: wait that makes too much sense that's not how you're supposed to play
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    Remove Cav From Siege

    I just pasted a bunch of messages clearly showing you acting toxic, I showed you examples that you typed - no one else, of you massaging your own ego. Clearly stating that everyone else were noobs. I pasted several discussions that are recent showing that most other people simply do not have the same opinion as you (most of these members have been around longer than us), that cav is in fact OP and should be nerfed, or controlled on certain game modes. You go on and on and then point out one sentence, out of all the toxic rubbish that you posted and expect everyone to applaud you and agree with you...and to top it off after calling people "noobs", "salty", "tilted", "morons", "lizard brains", "retards", "idiots" you're saying I'm responsible for the toxic atmosphere..... are you serious?
    Do you want me to create a thread of all the replies calling me ****? How do you actually not comprehend it's a two way street? Yes I weighed in saying that I'm tired of people creating useless threads like spamming the same bull**** without substance or acknowledgement that there are actual counters that exist. Then you attacked me. Do you think I thought I would be applauded for saying things like this? Are you actually slow?
    Yes people who don't adapt to something when it's clear what the reality is and would rather just complain endlessly about it instead of adapting or not playing are noobs, sorry to be the bearer of bad news. If you don't want to play cav that's on you but that's where the game is right now, plain and simple. I'm not a TW dev, I didn't create the "brokenness" with this game that isn't fulfilling your satisfaction. Sorry you hate being told how it is.

    Skirm is the only competitive game mode and cav is controlled via class limits on there. Siege and TDM are casual game modes. What is your actual problem?

    And again learn to read context. I called a small handful of captain players "retards" because they legitimately believed they were better players than a combined DM/RM team. I was illustrating that the vast majority of "captain" players do not share that mentality that they are miles better than the best two skirm teams on the planet. When I'm speaking about cav in siege and tdm it's from my own experience playing there, it's easy to play cav and kill other cav there. Yes sometimes as inf you will die to cav, it's a noncompetitive, casual game mode, you will have idiots spamming X on light cav at all times. Positioning, weapon type and taking cav yourself are viable counters that don't work with 100% accuracy just like anything else but they exist and are options better than just merely complaining 100x a day every day that the casual game modes with 0 stakes have a problem.
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    Remove Cav From Siege

    No I'm not talking about that....oh it was me that created the toxic atmosphere ...oh okay.

    [AG] Heir of Aenarion said:

    Goddamn people who complain about cav being removed are such noobs..... So many salty archers that sit and camp all game who are tilted when any skilled cav come and wrecks their team in literally any game mode.

    Nothing is preventing players from playing Warband,....yet so many players would rather complain than actually get better.
    Buddy literally go back to the start of the conversation or look at the replies. I cannot help you here, you need to figure it out on your own. Common problem for you it seems given the nature of the thread. If you want to continue this useless banter just dm me it'll save time and we can stop spamming the thread
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    Remove Cav From Siege

    The majority of what you typed is pure toxicity, constantly massaging your ego and happily slagging others off.

    ....and after all that you draw our attention to one sentence. Maybe people chose not to listen because you're acting like an asshat?
    Lol I don't even feel bad for saying you cannot read if you don't understand you are the one who created a toxic atmosphere. Classic
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    Remove Cav From Siege

    Yes i agree, cav was definitely op in medieval sieges and you had cav climbing up the stairs and running around like bunch of fools without getting punished. In fact, medieval sieges consisted of defenders going mostly cav and attacking attackers at their spawn, this is so true. Also i agree that captain mode teaches you cav skills like bump hits and bump couching, not just pressing x. This is why all captain mode players are very skilled and gud. Even warband vets would look like bunch of scrubs compared to captain players since captain mode is the highest level of competition.
    If you're playing archer or infantry and get killed by a cav taking 10 seconds to walk backwards up a long staircase then you deserve to die, plain and simple.
    So weird that "good" "warband" players like yourself die very easily in siege and tdm still to "captain" players like me all the time. Sad!
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    Remove Cav From Siege

    Now you are coming along telling us that everyone just sucks and has to get better. On top of that you believe that some members here cannot read. You haven’t heard the bell ringing did you?
    A more sensible change would be siege limiting the amount of cavalry each side can field at one time, yet that would require TW to code it in so it might as well be impossible.
    ^ this sentence I wrote is what I'm talking about. It is abundantly clear you morons cannot read because this is a better solution for casual gamemodes like siege and tdm than anything your lizard brains have come up with. I'm not just saying get gud. Wake up, cav is supposed to be OP as it was in medieval combat. Oh No BuT iN WaRBaND CaV wAS moRE BAlaNCeD. This isn't warband. There are counters, most notably learning to play cav yourself since you understand it is the best class in the game currently. If that doesn't appeal to you no one is forcing you to play.

    Can you teach me how to fight backstabbing cav while dueling with 2 other people or how to chamber cav Ms. captain mode player? I know you're very skilled at the game and probably the best player just like all the other captain mode players. Everyone is here a noob and don't know how to fight cav except you. Plz teach me how to get gud at the game
    Ah yes another guy hiding behind an alt account demeaning people who learned from captain. Like 5 retards from captain had this mentality and idiots like you somehow think it applies to the entire community. It is very easy to learn cav skills in captain that apply directly to every other gamemode since current captain is just skirmish with extra lives and 0 unit caps on cav. Since when are you supposed to win cav assisted 1v3s anyway lol the delusion is strong here. If you want to talk about the lack of chambering in this game compared to warband that is a more valid point and one I would suggest you guys stick with instead of endlessly complaining without offering solutions or actually pinging the devs. Again for all the **** something like the CL discord gets there is a direct line to the devs there so at least you can watch them ignore you in real time
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    Remove Cav From Siege

    Yeah, no. Your insightful answer is everyone is a nub. Anyway, you don't bring much to the discussion, so I think Ive said everything I need to say.
    I legitimately believe you cannot read. Sad!
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    who is the best duelist NA?

    can you explain that more?

    you mean just turning with your hits right?
    Settings-->gameplay-->control attack direction--> by inverse attack direction
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    Remove Cav From Siege

    So everyone in this thread are needlessly complaining and are nubs. Along with everyone in these threads;

    In this thread its pointed out by a moderator that the developers have identified that cav are too impactful (which we know they will increase the cost of them);

    But all these people are just nubs and know nothing about anything. Even though this subject is brought up again and again, perhaps its because there is some truth to it. Or maybe they are just nubs that can't compare to your elite skillz.
    Already gave a more insightful answer than anything you have come up with. Again it is far easier to complain about something than actually improving your play to the point where it isn't an issue; it literally only is an issue for people who don't have the technical skills to defend against it or play it themselves. No one is forcing anyone else to play and yet they continue to do so. Plenty of others have left. TW being aware of an "issue" ≠ TW making a change. Increasing the cost on cav won't stop bad players from getting destroyed by good cav. Siege is a causal gamemode, even the proposed siege "league" will not be competitive because it is a casual gamemode with wonky mechanics, generally bad maps, and a major advantage for the defenders always if the sides were close to being equal in skill.
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