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    Trade Skill Leveling

    In the trade tab it is said that it is leveled up by "making a profit from trading and operating caravans," yet I own 6 caravans and I have not gotten any trade skill points from those caravans. Furthermore, workshops should also give skill points in trading.
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    Steward Skills Not Working

    Steward skills such as "Nourish Settlement" and "Bannerlord" are not working at all. I currently have both skills enabled; when I wait at a settlement that I own there is no change in prosperity at all let alone quadruple the rate. With regards to the Bannerlord perk, I have it unlocked and my...
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    Improve Cavalry

    Cavalry has always been my favorite troop in Mount and Blade, and I am starting to prefer infantry over cavalry in Bannerlord ╔═════════════════╗ Issues With Cavalry ╚═════════════════╝ The timing on all attacks performed, aside form couched lancing, is either done too late or too early which...
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    Regiment List

    - Regiment Name : 106th Royal Scots
    - Faction : United Kingdom
    - Class : Skirmisher (Black Watch)
    - Based : NA
    - Thread Link :
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    106th Royal Scots Official Thread

    Official thread for the 106th Royal Scots. Add 106th | African if you are interested. Highlander unit, NA based.
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