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  1. Harsher punishment for noobs who rq

    well thats pretty harsh what if someone had to leave and only had like 30 min to play and then back to school or work. or other unexpected things happen at home. its better to have a competitive and a casual matchmaking. like csgo or something like that.
  2. Archers in 1.5

    hey ya'll i think archery is ok right now. i played a match against a whole team of archers and got my bottom beat. I honestly think cav needs a buff against archers, the whole cav is weak against infin. but strong against archers is totally not right. when i see a archer off in the distance i piss my... playing as cav. so much for a knights armor if you can easily get your horse shot up.
  3. Reporting system

    Hey came back to see what you guys thoughts and it was great lmao and Revverie thats why Parking was awesome.
  4. Reporting system

    im new stfu im not used to forums people dont do that here lol also beta really boring joke everyone has said it already after this ill like to see more people make epic jokes about the name. this time really duces gonna play another game cause im muted and well the fun was straight sucked out of the game for me.
  5. Reporting system

    whatever dude
  6. Reporting system

    canton in my belief you are a racist. i have no proof everyone but canton is racist. this is a good point im trying to make and is perfect for this forum that anyone could report people for being racist for anything. saying "racist" slurs doesnt make people actually a racist really. what if the guy was racist one day but the next he is not a racist and learned his lesson but its too late he is banned censored canceled and removed from the internet. he has no say no repeal and well he is F*****d. the game will eventually become boring and not enjoyable. the best part of lets say mw2 multiplayer was of the chat in the lobbies back in the day. i know a totally different game but a good point. well duces canton and everyone
  7. Reporting system

    canton no problem its all good

    yes revolution fear spear lmao good one we must philosophize canton ok see ya have a good one
  8. Reporting system

    Canton then change it back to the verse name instead of just quran and yes in a debate u can make people look foooled its a debate. but we are not in a debate though its just the forum, so chilled pills dude and also take some white pilles wink wink

    make it more easier for me bruhhhh lmao

    i noticed that was in the quran in a sec bruhh lol im dead bro
  9. Reporting system

    you wrote quran what bruh you put AL hujurat then changed it to quran lmao bruhhhh
  10. Reporting system

    Canton did u change the surha verse or maybe it was a hadith hmmmmmm?

    FearSpear thats harsh

    Canton is going and making his posts more juicy to make me look like a racist he changed the posts so much from the original, the conversation we had in the forum lmao yes proving my points.
  11. Reporting system

    i have been studying islam for about two years wink wink so i know some daming surah verses best not to go there my friend im a great debater.

    that sounded harsh but ya im pretty good and i know my stuff. philosophy 101 lol
  12. Reporting system

    lol im not racist im im christian watch soco films also actsapologetics bro it will help you a lot not joking you seem like a cool dude also quran verses arent really credible. which quran should i read from i know at least 30 of them.
  13. Reporting system

    canton the white knight fighting racism throughout the world. you are a true hero my boy. i hope you become a legendary epic gammer who makes dolla dolla billz for sitting and playing video games
  14. Reporting system

    ya now im thinking u are the troll Canton if i had a crown of being the troll king i would give it to you and resign

    yes Canton the true legendary troll award will go to you i am to weak to compete

    if im not getting unmuted well at least i tried now i will hate TW forever. lol
  15. Reporting system

    Canton is literally the troll goddess lets cancel him
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